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Ereri amv~bad Romance by Lady Gaga ( read description )
There is yaoi in this video if you don't like it don't watch it and don't report if you don't like it this video is for people who do Have a great day guys
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Ymir×historia yumikuri ( read description )
I'm sorry I've been gone for so long and I hope this video was worth the wait hopefully I can get back on schedule this does have some Yuri so if you do think like don't watch I hope you enjoy this
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Sasha×connie ( read description )
Like all other ship videos don't like don't watch . Sorry it's been so long since I've uploaded. Hope you enjoy .
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Levi amv bleeding out imagine dragons
Includes no name pics and chibi levi pics None of the pictures are mine Made with power director Enjoy have a good day
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Armin arlert amv~loser like me
Here is a armin amv I'm sorry it's really short these amc take forever to make Enjoy and yet again have a good day
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Mikasa Ackerman amv~fight song
https://youtu.be/bkgPhSapcic link to there first video Enjoy your day
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Notice~why I haven't been uploading
School yay. Can I dig a hole,climb in, and never get out?
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Shshkshkhskhskhskhskhs I sorry guys but I J-hope yall have a good day
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Bts edit ( read description )
Hi sorry this took so long I hope you enjoy especially you jozaria Song used forever young Artists bts ( Kim namjoon,kim seokjin,min yonngi,jung hosek,park jimin,Kim taehyung,jeon jungkook)
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Notice ( read description )
I'm sorry guys I haven't uploaded in a long time and I have no vid ideas so please leave some in the comment section as well as some ideas on what to call you guys instead of my little family I J-hope you had a good day
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fairy tail comp pt.2 (read description)
I hope you enjoy this small and short video I may make a bts comp sometime next week so I can feed yall with videos
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Jungkook ff ( read description )
Hi was up i hope you had a great day sorry this video is so short it took forever this episode not that interesting but it is necessary I will never making others for the other members Btw you guys are awesome and amazing and yeah have a great day Music : bts young forever Music: bts butterfly Btw some parts of the song where cut of
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fairy tail comp ( read description )
Hello something new a different anime so what you think and yep I just uploaded two days in a row are you proud or naw any way have a great day. I'm your hope I'm your angel J-hope~ jung hoseok ( J-hope ) don't judge me love of bts pls I had to let you guys know since there is future bts uploads
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Eren jeager~demons imagine dragons
None of the pics are mine Have fun Have a good day
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Haji zoe~trouble maker amv
Sorry I didn't upload yesterday I was super busy but I hope you enjoy this my fellow weeks have a great day guys
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