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Zombie - the cranberries // cover (let's ignore my crappy pse)
Pse'd this, kinda For those who don't know pse is ASL but with a different syntax :3
Views: 1847 Hannah M
She Lit A Fire - Lord Huron // Cover
Yeah hope you enjoy, no videos for a week probably as I'm going away on holiday to a place with bad WiFi. But yeah hope you enjoy this - see you soon!
Views: 222 Hannah M
All songs in heathers except 2 bc I forgot
Sorry for my bad belting lmao
Views: 6 Hannah M
Make You Feel My Love - Adele // Cover
Sorry its trashy but I love the song and yeah. No one can add up to Adele but I didn't wanna stay in my lane so woo. Enjoy friends ❤
Views: 115 Hannah M
She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 // Cover
Sorry for my mess up part way through, and the fact i looked up maybe twice during the whole thing xD. This is for someone, as most songs on this account are. Yeah ❤ woooo!
Views: 86 Hannah M
Settle Your Mind // Original Song
Just a little sad song thing I wrote when I felt down, hope you enjoy it ❤
Views: 91 Hannah M
It's Time - Imagine Dragons // Cover
Yeah enjoy peoples :-)
Views: 33 Hannah M
Creep - Radiohead // Cover
I luv this songo. Enjoy :3
Views: 34 Hannah M
If Only, If Only - Holes // Trashy Acoustic Cover
Yeah this is a cute thing so woo enjoy maybe idk bye humans xD
Views: 81 Hannah M
Not Today - Twenty One Pilots // Cover
Sorry I don't have the 'o' thingie on my keyboard xD
Views: 64 Hannah M
Edelweiss - Sound Of Music // Cover
Sorry about the hair, and the fact I'm constantly in this jumper xD Also my ridiculous smile is because of how many takes, I finally got it right xD
Views: 17 Hannah M
Wow, ok dork. Also happy b-day
Update: its 'meeladeyah' Another update: it was the kittens who pooped, maybe the big cat also pooped
Views: 36 Hannah M
Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People // Cover
Sorry about the beginning? XD
Views: 9 Hannah M
KRYSTAN RYAN CREDIT Let's ignore how FLAT my 'burn' is ok babs tyty
Views: 8 Hannah M
You'll be back - Hamilton ~ Fem Cover
Mood honestly xD
Views: 12 Hannah M
Build me up buttercup - the foundations (dodie esque though)
This is ki/kiiro and he says hi *nods*
Views: 17 Hannah M
I won't tell you // Original
First/second draft. Little messy. Enjoy :3
Views: 21 Hannah M
Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Ray // Cover
Yeh woo here's my Italy tripp
Views: 37 Hannah M
I have nothing (except insomnia) - Whitney Houston
Its 4am. My parents are asleep. I'm loud. What is my lif,,,, what,,,?? In the distance,, sirens,
Views: 12 Hannah M
Need me - Original
Views: 7 Hannah M
Tee Shirt - Birdy // Cover
I'm learning Arabic; its hard to remember words
Views: 10 Hannah M
Someone Like You - Paulo Nutini // Cover
Sorry about the pain notes. I was tryna be quieter so couldnt do it justice. Meh
Views: 18 Hannah M
Reminder - Mumford and sons // cover
Kinda crappy accoustic i just needed to sing here u go wear headphones pls :-)
Views: 5 Hannah M
Something good - from an awful angle SofM
I'm considering doing a vlog-thing about me, does anyone want that or does no one care abt my personal life lmao
Views: 6 Hannah M
Viva La Vida - Cold play // Cover
Heh the time stamp.
Views: 13 Hannah M

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