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6x3 Meme! [100 subscriber special!!!] (Flipaclip)
TYSM FOR 100 SUBS! I worked really hard on this! it took weeks since I'm a horrible animator rn, original by glithy
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Quiz: What FNaF Animatronic are you?
I hope you enjoy this quiz. I might do more, but for now this is for you. Song used - Never be Alone (FNAF4 Song) - Shadrow
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Here comes a Thought - WoF Darkstalker & Moonwatcher AMV/PMV MAP (CLOSED) (6/18)
I'm sorry I had to close this MAP. Nobody was joining and I am not expecting anyone else to join. I may open this again if I get some of my friends to do the parts but it's unlikely. ------------------------------------- This is my first MAP! I am so exited to do this :D Read the rules please! Rules: -This is an AMV/PMV map, but please don't make it too still if you choose PMV! -Try to lipsync. -Use scenes from book 6 please! -don't use any of your own OCs! -Put Mindreaders! In your comment to prove you read the rules! -You may have more than 1 part, but you must finish your first part before you can! (3 parts max) -I will check your channel for animation. -If I don't answer in 2 days, you probably don't have the part :( -Don't add a watermark to your part. -Don't add music to your part! -Good luck! Part 1- Artist in the woods (done) Part 2- Ender the Nightwing (done) Part 3- Eliadora DRAGON (done) Part 4- Cranky hummer(no wip) Part 5- tinhornsnow 59 (no wip) Part 6- none Part 7- none Part 8- none Part 9- Ash Bae (no wip) Part 10- jammer 55v33 (done) Part 11- none Part 12- none Part 13- none Part 14- none Part 15- none Part 16- none Part 17- none Part 18- none Outro- (me) Song- Here comes a Thought (Cover by Caleb Hyles) Editor- Kinemaster This is just for fun because I really wanted to make a MAP. I can't make profit from this, I can't in my country. (100% for fun!)
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All eyes on me [meme] Wings of Fire : Queen Scarlet (spoilers?) (Flipaclip)
Took me about 3 days ":) enjoy!!!
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Steven Universe MV: Fly Away - Lapis Lazuli
YEET THANKS FOR 200 SUBS no this isn't a special but I'm working on a Halloween special. I will do more of these :)
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☁💗How to easily make FLUFFY SLIME!💗☁ Easy tutorial! MBH Slime Tutorial
Recipe: Add 1/2 cup glue. Add the same amount as glue with shaving cream and foaming soap! (1/2 cup) Mix! Now add a rounded tablespoon of Corn starch! Add 1 or 2 pumps of lotion! Mix! Add your food coloring! (Optional) Add your borax mixture a teaspoon at a time, make sure you don't add too much! When it's clumped together, take it out and continue until it's slime! Add lotion to make it more stretchy! You can add more lotion if your slime dries out. Borax mixture recipe: Get 1/2 cup hot water. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of Borax. Mix until well dissolved. Man this is cringe I'm sorry
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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger | Wings of Fire (Meme)
ITS DONE! I actually finished something I'm proud of! This is amazing! :o This is a 65 sub special, ish. -v-
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HELP! Female platy swimming up and down on glass after being nipped!
I recently introduced a male black platy into my tank, and he nipped the platys' stomachs, but mainly the female's. We took him out asap and brought him back. We got 2 more guppies to replace him, but the female platy started swimming up and down. She hasn't been eating for ages either. Is she gonna die? Please help me!
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I FELL.... (Animal Jam Glitch)
Views: 59 MBH004
Poke her face - WOF meme
My first animation meme! :D I hope you like it! Animator - Flipaclip Editor - VivaVideo Also sorry for the intro thumbnail, I guess my intro is too long xD *pokes u*
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Alone AJMV Alan Walker
Hey guys! I made an AJMV today, and this took me longer be use it had a video clip. I love how it turned out. Song is by Alan walker, Apps used are AJPW and VivaVideo. Play wild!
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Grrls (Animation Meme) (75 subscriber special!) (Flipaclip)
My 4th animation meme! Thank you so much for 75 subscribers! :DDDDDDDDD Should I do more animation memes? Comment below! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
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E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E {Meme} Wings of Fire
What have I done with my life? Seriously go get me a pizza
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The Fox and the Kitkat
Well I'm done
Views: 95 MBH004
Person tries to scam me on Animal Jam (THEY DID SCAM ME)
They scammed the spike after
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BaTIM Comic - Boop
This took a day to make, so I hope you like it :D
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and then I saw her face
I'm a believer
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Layer test
Just testing some features :D
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Flamingo - Original animation Meme
:D my first animation meme! (Well my first one I created XD) It was just a side project, but I liked it so much I turned it into one! Please credit me if you make one of these memes :D Original song: Kero Kero Bonito- Flamingo
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Ok so I was lazy and this was like a 5 minute video sooooo don't complain Copyright thingy I don't means harm to you chill people
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Steven universe Minis unboxing and review ✔
I like this a lot :')
Views: 34 MBH004
I have decorated "appondale"
Well this was random
Views: 62 MBH004
Windows Malware Prank
I made this to prank my dad -v- I made this with notepad, all you need to do is some simple steps. Just search up windows virus prank tutorial on YouTube! It's very easy
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Hotto Dogu AJMV
I AM BACK ON ANIMAL JAM!!! Only I'm playing on my tablet! If you would like to try it download Puffin - Web browser. It allows animal jam and it's not very laggy! :D My username - MBH004
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Lipsync test
Views: 80 MBH004
Shrimp attacked by guppies! :(
The shrimp was 100% healthy. I had three shrimp and because of them now all of them are gone. Don't do this combo! (The shrimp are Red Cherries) And yes I have a light it just doesnt show on camera so I added a filter and used flashlight
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Intro for Shimer4aj / Echo the demon
I hope you enjoy this!
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AJMV Faded by Alan Walker
Hey guys! Today I'm doing a proper AJMV! I used VivaVideo to make it. This song is not by me. It is by Alan Walker. I really recommend using it. Sorry about the watermark at the beginning and end. I can't do anything about that. Please like, share, and subscribe! Play Wild!
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Ticking meme (Flipaclip) (backstory) (read desc!)
This is old and I stopped working on it. Guess the backstory in the comments!
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Stressed Out AJMV
Song: Stressed out Twenty øne Piløts I hope you enjoy this! This song is not mine, all credit goes to The Original Creators. Apps used: Animal jam play wild Vivavideo Camera
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Hashimi being Hashimi
Views: 32 MBH004
Very random thing
Random test I did on flipaclip, tried to not copy and paste but I did qwq :Not edited:
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It's Halloween! Whos ready to get that candy?
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Glory doesn't like spicy chips Wings of Fire (cringe) (old
EDIT: I made this long time ago so it looks horrible. Super cringy. I'm better at drawing now. (Spoiler Alert!!) The reason clay likes the chips is because... (Pause for time for you to not read) He's immune to fire! Bam! My first Wings of Fire animatic! Yaaay! Request videos in comments!
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Jasper is  s h o o k
I need to make more of these... S h o o k
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Tunnel town Fox bunny (animal jam)
Noot :3
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Time lapse meme (Flipaclip)
Something I put together in my free time Enjoy
Views: 78 MBH004
I just wanna thank everyone for being patient as I got ideas. You have no idea how long it takes to do an audio edited animation. You need the animation, audio, and the editing to get the animation to fit the audio. I told you. THANK YOU FOR 50 SUBS I KNOW ITS LATE BUT WOW OMG THANK YOU THIS IS HALFWAY TO MY GOAL 100 THANK YOU 50 WOWZA Okay I went a bit crazy there but Thank You! I know it's late but please forgive me. ●-● Audio clip from FGTeev Video: https://youtu.be/3Rp2Ysxnov0
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Phantom *For Artist Cat*
Phantom is one of Artist cat's O.Cs. enjoy.
Views: 38 MBH004
New intro :OOOO
Took me days to make lol I will use this! xD
Views: 51 MBH004
Wolf speedpaint (glitchy)
I'm extremely sorry for the glitching. Until my recorder (mobizen) gets updated, you'll have to deal with the glitches.
Views: 45 MBH004

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