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My conversation with BEN
Everyone seems to talk to him so I had a nice chat with the creepypasta BEN drowned!
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If I had Ghirahim's number...
There will be a funny sequel but I am texting with Ghirahim from legend of Zelda skyward sword, lol I know!
Views: 35 Haley Hill
Me and Fi speak
Fi from legend of Zelda skyward sword goes a bit crazy upon hearing about my conversation with Ghirahim...
Views: 12 Haley Hill
Swordigo let's play: part one Master's dead
Me and my mom play Swordigo, my mom does some voice-acting as do I and we... Well... Talk... I do the actual playing but it is still fun!
Views: 2 Haley Hill
Fairy Nightea
A speedpaint of my OC Nightea, but as a fairy,
Views: 0 Haley Hill
A message to my viewers...
Something you will enjoy if you like texting stories!
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If Hunter (from spider riders) texted Zelda,
Its a cute conversation between Hunter the spider rider and Zelda the princess of hyrule
Views: 8 Haley Hill
Nightea is my OC that kinda wants to kill Slenderman... This is her when she was younger and she witnessed her mother get killed by Slenderman and another OC Mightalin,
Views: 3 Haley Hill
Talking to myself...
I am talking to myself, literally I am texting with myself... Lol
Views: 3 Haley Hill
Together Nightcore version
So... If you watched together... And you like it and Nightcore... Than this is the Nightcore version, so... Go on watch it!
Views: 17 Haley Hill
Hi the one with the name "fantasy princess" is me I do NOT own most of the photos but there are some that I do own, and I don't know who owns the picture that aren't mine!
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A video with a hero, a villian and a young girl whom needs her hero, It kinda reminds me of legend of Zelda, there is some voice-acting and the video is not so good, but if you have a sense of humor you might start laughing... So... LOL I guess! Edit: Hey guys! Fantasy here with some special news, I am making a book based off of this animation! Story Of Courage, so I hope you guys read my book sometime, also these three characters now have names, and another animation will be coming soon, course all I am doing is the writing, Hero: Ryan Damsel in distress: Malia Villain: Zalion The book will be so much better and the final battle will be so much better in the book, By the way the next animation won't be animated by me so it won't be as badly animated,
Views: 29 Haley Hill

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