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Buying a Fjord Horse ~ Star Stable Online
So happy that you guys appreciate me.I love you. I am sorry that I edit this now but in old ages I was stupid,a little girl.
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The power of the Danish Warmblood Horse ~ Star Stable Online
OMG....The Danish Warmblood is very powerfull
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Buying my Danish Warmblood ~ Star Stable Online
This horse is so fast,sexy and beautiful!
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The Winter Has Arrived in Jorvik~Star Stable Online
The winter has arrived in Jorvik :D
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The Killer Whitefish ~ Star Stable Online
To catch the Killer WhiteFish in Harvest Counties!
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Finding the Midsummer Treasure ~ Star Stable Online Day 1 [SSO]
Hope this helped you to find the Midsummer Treasure!
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~ Star Stable - Halloween Ghost Hunt 2016 part 1. [SSO]
Happy Halloween Dragons! This hunt was so much fun and stay tuned for part 2!! The songs used in this video: Halloween at Freddy's Song by TryHardNinja Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Rap by JT Machinima - "We Don't Bite" And in the weekend before Halloween will appear a spooky story.With a happy end...Maybe...Gheehee. And a short story about my country: Our people have something with Halloween.Want to know why?Cause they think it is a Satan Holiday and my opinion is:No.no it isn't.I think that having fun has nothing to do with Religion. Don't forget going trick or treat. This Halloween I am gonna be a little girl that was tortured and now her soul walks around the world searching for the one that did this to her.Hehe.
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Opening and discovering Epona!!! ~ Star Stable Online
Sorry that I didn't upload any videos,but I was so busy with learning at math,theses,tests and projects!But now in every weekend you should have 4 videos!If you want to be a part of the Dragon family,subscribe and if you want to support me Like, We are DragonGirls!
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The Mr.Evil ~ Star Stable Online
I catch The Monster! :D Mr.K.Trout tell me I am the best Fisherman :D
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Pony Championship~Star Stable Online
Ok this is my first video! I play Star Stable so much! Please:Sorry because i don't have sound but.... Yeap my name is Antonia Dragongirl in Star Stable!! Loveeee!!! :D
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FP transformation!!!!
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Racing in tolt ~ Star Stable Online
Song: Benny Hill Theme Well.If in sso appeared a new walk,let's have fun with it :D ☼☼☼
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Valentine's day quest ~ Star Stable Online
Hello Dragongirls!I am back with another video. This one is the Valentine's day quest and I hope you like it! The original video was made on wednesday and thursday but I have some problems with my Sony Vegas because it is so full of "style" to render this video yesterday failed and now I waited to render this video like 4 hours. I wish you a Happy Valentine's day and I hope you really liked this video.You really support and appreciate my work.I really hope in future we'll be a lot of Dragongirls! Please share this video to become a Dragongirl and like my videos because this means you really care about me. Once again share this video to be more Dragongirls because we split love and sweetness The songs used in this video are: Hinkik - Explorers [Creative Commons] A Symphonic Metal Tribute To Steven Universe I hope you like my videos because for you guys I have to wait 4-5 hours.And I will even accept 10 hours just for you guys!
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Alicia Online
It's amazing
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New Intro
Heey guys!!I am so sorry that I didn't posted in these 8 months or 9.I really don't know.And I am so sorry that I couldn't make what I actually wanted to do this year.It is almost over and I am so sorry.I hope u understand that I have school and it will be only a video once a week I think in weekend or so.Hope u understand.Yes.yes.I had a some time to party the SSo Birthday.I am so sorry that school started. The song of the intro is : Galvanize : Chemical brothers.
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The New Race~SSO
These are some round with the new race!! Hope you enjoyed!! Here you have the music:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZC4zMZoHSQ&index=53&list=PLQlneIuV7tm91MTwtmUvjJRzYfWGZLn9F (Spektrem - Shine "Eyes in the sky gazing far into the night)
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Jorvik Stable's Championship ~ Star Stable Online
I make for you a remake for this championship,and sorry for my bigger or smaller fail at the fence! Byee! Your Sweet Antonia!
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Finding Midsummer Treasure ~ Star Stable Online Day 2 [SSO]
Hope this helped you to fing,the music is at the end of the video :)
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Valedale Championship ~ Star Stable Online (Remake)
Sorry Guys for my bigger fail :( See ya!
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the new race with the new Update ~ Star Stable Online
Rider:Antonia Dragongirl Horse:Wildblood... I think this is an evil race :)))
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Finding the Midsummer Treasure ~ Star Stable Online Day 4 [SSO]
If you want to check the music is listed in the video,at the end!
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Welcome Love Dancer ~ Star Stable Online
I am so happy because Dancer it's in my family now!
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New plans for this new gorgeous year ~ Star Stable Online
Song: Moonlight Sonata (Liquid Dubstep Remix)
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Level 17 ~ Star Stable Online
Happy Valentine's Day
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Star Stable Online ~ SmokeRuby's first championships [Jorvik,Golden Hills and Fort Pinta]
The first Music: Sayonara Maxwell ~ Five Nights at Freddy's The second Music: Die in a Fire ~ Five Nights at Freddy's The third Music: Sayonara Maxwell ~ Five Nights at Freddy's (Female cover)
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My new horse ~ American Quarter Horse (RavenBlood) [SSo}
Hey guys,sorry because I don't have sound!But T-day I've buyed RavenBlood,my new Quarter :333
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Violet Flowergarden Contest -  Hanging On
So...I've entered this contest,just for fun :3 Hope you like it.
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My new intro
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Welcome Dark Soul ~ Star Stable Online
It's a Dark Soul...A Night Fury...
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Buying one of the newest horses ~ Star Stable Online [SSO]
Sorry because I didn't upload any videos.Maybe your question is "Why?".Bcs I've maked a banquet with my teacher and some teammates for 3 days.and...yeah...When I was coming home I stayed 2 weeks without making videoa bcs I was just so tired.And here you have it,a new video. The music it's 'Immortals" by Fall out boy.Hope you liked the video and see you' next time.
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Finding the Midsummer Treasure ~ Star Stable Online Day 7 [SSO]
The music is listed in the video,at the end,hope you like it
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Golden Hills Championship ~ Star Stable Online ~ Special ~ Reindeer
I make this video with Reindeer,Angel Star,my favorite Boy! Love,your sweet Antonia!
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Welcome Winter Soul ~ Star Stable Online
Yay! My Fjord Horse...
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The Famous Valedale Track ~ Shortcuts ~ Star Stable Online
I hope this shortcuts can help you :*
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My first win with Raven!!
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