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All sloths in toca life
All sloths are found in toca life but there is a sloth snake hidden in one of these toca life games can you find the real sloth snake? (Note if you found just a poster of sloth snake you are grounded)
Views: 1828 Leon Yin
Gachaverse teaser
Every gacha tuber makes Gachaverse so I have decided that I will make Gachaverse teaser to show everyone that I am now making Gachaverse. I will still do gacha studio videos
Views: 6 Leon Yin
Don’t go to save from.net!
This website tricks you every time you want to listen!
Views: 8 Leon Yin
Help me find the mascot of flush force
I have been trying to find the mascot for years and still can’t find him, I buyed many flush force toilets around Walmart and still cannot find hi. After I unboxed it
Views: 5 Leon Yin
Views: 141 Leon Yin
Painting time (ft Rita)
Views: 1 Leon Yin
I am not sure if I am making gacha studio (read in the description!)
If you are interested in gacha studio comment down below if you think I will make gacha studio video
Views: 3 Leon Yin
Movable action set (comes in each package)
Idk where is these toys from but they are very rare to get while you are trying to find it
Views: 0 Leon Yin
Putting the unikitty set in my shelf 😔😔😔
This is all the unikitty characters
Views: 6 Leon Yin
Push down!
Oh no!
Views: 0 Leon Yin
Toca nature!
If you like nature then you should watch this!
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Help me!
I lost 2 subscribers and leaves us to 7 subscribers! Please subscribe me! If you don’t subscribe me i will track you down or worst I will leave youtube! Please subscribe me now!
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Welcome to my channel
If you are new that means subscribe to me
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Glitch spotted (read in the description)
This game is suppose to be switch zoo I found a glitch. if you subscribe to me I will give a hint how to glitch this game
Views: 2 Leon Yin
The yeti is here!
I have my brother who is a yeti we don’t know why but he is coming back to haunt you
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Gachaverse battle teaser
Inspired by total drama. My series of Gachaverse battle will be coming out this Friday The backstory of ours is we got teleported in the portal and we are kinda like meteors falling. We’re not actually on the sky we are actually falling into a island called gacha island
Views: 4 Leon Yin
Subscribe to me I have no subscribers yet!
Help me get a lot of subscribers
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A special announcement
Happy thanksgiving everyone. So I am at my cousins house and I got Toby the cute doggo
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Update news
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Total argument
Views: 1 Leon Yin
Meg is fisticuffs
Views: 2 Leon Yin
Gachaverse preview
Oh my goodness! We have crash landed in the gacha island! Gacha lakes are creating little waves 🌊 in the gacha island I have already guided all of us to somewhere! We are still alive not dead!
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Do not subscribe to him
Don’t put your freaking hand on this user
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Fnag voices
Views: 2 Leon Yin
Right be side of the petrified or dead scartar I see a hair sticking out of the pile of all diamonds I will probably be loodvigg
Views: 3 Leon Yin
Parody and memes #3: NANI?!
Wait this series is not over! There still more to go!
Views: 3 Leon Yin
43 chars bundle (read in the description!)
43 chars noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Views: 9 Leon Yin

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