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Funny Rude Talking Parrot - Funny Cockatoo
Funny talking parrot made everybody laugh in mini-zoo with his rude words.
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Giant Cute Snail Is Eating From The Spoon - Funny Achatina snail
African land snail (Achatina) is eating a bread soup from the spoon. Snails are very tender pets who love to sit on hands. And they are also aristocratical pets - as you see they eat soup with a spoon. So you can take these lovely creations of nature to restaurant with you. Snails Achatina fulica - are very funny pets.
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How Pigeons Met My GoPro
In this video, shot on GoPro, crowd of pigeons is eating bread just in front of GoPro's lens.
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The positive response to the flood - Funny flood
When your city is sinking in flood - the main is not fall into panic. Take these people as an example!
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Top 10 Fail Tattoos With Animals - Funny Tattoo
LoL - Top 10 Epic Fail Tattoos With Animals
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The Funniest Fish Ever - Funny But Ugly and Scary Fish
This is the funniest fish world wide! I filmed this fish in the pet-shop. I couldn't stop laughing. She or he was alone in her/his aquarium - so poor but so ugly. lol Poor goldfish!!! What have genetic engineers done to you?! :) Well, watch this video and whilst laughing with this funny, cute, ugly, scary fish think about those awful guys, who made such terrible things with this poor creature.
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Two Pooches Puppies Play On The Beach - Funny Dogs
Two cute mongrel puppies are playing on the river beach. They are so wonderful, happy and careless... They need only one thing, perhaps, - man's love. Sad...
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Funny Couple Falling in the Street
A romantic pair of lovers falling in the street. They are so blinded by love, that do not look where they are going. Some would say that they are drunk with vodka. But they are drunk with love!
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How to take a free bus ride (or trolleybus ride) - Funny extreme ride - How to pass for free
This is a way to take a free trolleybus ride. The young man latched on to the trolley bus and passed it for free.
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Kinetic Sand - Sand that is Always Wet!
If you are looking for a great toy for indoor play you will definitely like this video about Kinetic Sand. Kinetic sand is ideal for children. After playing with it there is no dirt remains in the house. I have this on my desk at work and everyone that walks past has to spend a minute playing with this amazing kinetic sand.
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How To Do A Magic Trick With A Rainbow Loom Band - Demo and Tutorial
This is an easy but really great magic trick with a rainbow loom band. All you have to have for this trick is a rubber band (from rainbow loom band kit). Just take the rubber band of brighter colors. Then follow our video instructions and find out how to do this magic rainbow loom band trick. So shock your friends with this easy trick! Good luck!
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Funny Moments Olympic Games 2012 in London - Diving Funny Snapshots
This video is gethered the most funny moments of diving in Olympic Games 2012. Just look at the faces of these divers! LOL So funny grimaces!
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Hands Up Series by Paul Ribke photographer - modern photos facepalm
This is a series of photos by Paul Ribke, where instead of the head is hand. Hands show hand gestures. Gestures correspond to the image of the people. Modern photos - Hands Up Series by Paul Ribke (Germany) -- facepalm
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Pet Crow Walking Outside and Taking a Bath
Our funny pet crow likes to walk outside. She is very curious, so she is trying to find out what is in our pack.
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Man or Woman or What? Men with makeup - transvestite
You think you know how to distinguish a girl from a guy? Do not be so sure! Take a closer look at your girlfriend. Men with makeup (transvestite)
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Skunks vs Crow - Crow Is Stealing Skunks' Food
In this video very funny skunks are eating and crow is stealing their food. Even more - crow is pulling them, by pinching skunks' tails with beak.
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Mix of EURO 2012 Funny Crazy Dance at fanzone in Kyiv
During European Championship 2012 it was a great fun in Kiev's fan zone. UEFA admits that Kiev's fan zone was the best in Europe. And this video - The mix of EURO 2012 Funny Crazy Dance - is a proof. Almost million of people and everyone is happy - no fights, scandals... Just football and good humor!
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Funny Football Fan - a Man In Age beats huge ball and ball beats him (EURO 2012)
Funny old football fan fights with a huge football ball. But he defeats - ball beats his head and old man loses his paper crown. Sadly and funny at once. It was happening in Kiev fan zone (the best fan zone in the world) just before final match of EURO 2012.
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Angry Deer Attacks Woman in Zoo
Angry Deer Attacks Woman in Zoo. It happened in a small private zoo. Thank God, deer was not out from the cage. But owners let it out time after time.
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Funny Bunny - Funny Rabbit Wants Pizza
Funny Bunny - Funny Rabbit Wants Pizza. But she did not know how to get it out of the box. Funny Bunny Funny Rabbit Rabbit joke Rabbit jokes Bunny joke Bunny jokes Bunny at home Rabbit at home
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Funny Concert For One Person - funny stage, odd band and lonely listener
This amazing funny concert I saw when I was walking in park. Firstable the band's music almost kill me lol. Secondable - the scene design was absolutely awesome. And in addition happy lonely listener was standing just in front in the wild odd stadium.
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Very Cute Wolf - Funny Wolves
These two lovely wolves live in a private zoo. They are almost completely tamed. Their behavior is much closer to a pet's, not wild animals. These wolves are very similar to dogs.
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How fans on EURO 2012 took a free bus ride - Funny extreme ride - How to pass for free
It was too many fans after match England - Ukraine that wanted to get home as soon as possible. So they found great way to take bus for free. Crazy fans in Kyiv (Ukraine) on EURO 2012.
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EURO 2012 FUNNY greek woman dancing at fanzone in Kyiv
Greek fan (very funny woman) is dancing at fanzone on European Football Championship 2012 in Kyiv (Kiev). EURO 2012 funny greek woman dancing at fanzone in Ukraine
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Alternative Version of Final EURO 2012 Italy vs Spain at fan zone in Kyiv
Before final match of EURO 2012 fans of Spain and Italy were playing their own match - fooSball. Guess who won?
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Famous women with beards and mustaches - Hairy woman - beard and mustache
This is a very realistic photomontage. Famous funny women with beards and mustaches.
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EURO 2012 FUNNY way to hide from the rain - rain in Donetsk at fanzone
EURO 2012 FUNNY accident with rain in Donetsk at fanzone. Fan hides from the rain during the match France vs Ukraine. Funny umbrella - plastic bag on head.
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EURO 2012 FUNNY Balls-Killers at fanzone in Kyiv
Big fotball balls were falling on fans in fan zone in Kyiv on Euro 2012. They were very heavy. VERY heavy. So this drink, that made this advertisement, made a big mistake. Court is waiting, almost sure. Because of that balls everybody cried of fear and everybody's beer was out of bottles and glasses. Oh, and my cam got out of use. So - balls-killers made destruction in Ukrainian fanzone. Enjoy it.
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Best Talking Dog Ever - Funny Dog - Dog Says
We were trying to repeat Mishka's success. Anyway our talking dog says "I love you" to famous husky. Our dog is talented but not in talking. For example she plays guitar. Here is a proof - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4R3h7l-RWo
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Funny Kid - Dad Walks His Child on a Leash Like a Dog - Funny Dad
Who knows, maybe dad mixed up his kid with his dog? Maybe dog went to kindergarden and daddy took his kid on a walk on a leash? Whatever - this video is so funny, that could not stop laughing every time i watched it and when i filmed it. The best way your kid would never be lost.
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Animals Predictions Of Final of EURO 2012 - Oracles Dog, Snail, Rabbit and Canary Choose a Winner
Oracles Dog, Snail, Rabbit and Canary - Animals Predictions Of Final of EURO 2012. We already know who will win EURO 2012. Our Oracle-pets made their predictions. All of them predict that Italy will win. So Spain will lose the final match of EURO 2012 (Italy vs Spain). Thus the European Cup will win Italian team.
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Dad Plays Golf Not With Golf Club But With His Son - Funny Kid
This is maybe the most funny way to play golf. You don't need to spend money on expensive golf clubs. Just take your little son and kick the golf ball with him. Because - what for you gave him a birth then? lol Enjoy this funny video about parent's love and care... But not about kid - about golf. lol
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EURO 2012 Funny Fan Of England With His Dog Rooney In Fan Zone In Kiev Ukraine
On Kiev's Independant Square (fan zone of EURO 2012 location) I saw a funny fan of England walking with his dog. Dog was without a leash but very kind. He called dog Rooney. LOL That's what I call FAN of Football!
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EURO 2012 Football Hooligans Dropped Smoke Bomb In Fan Zone In Kyiv (Ukraine)
In Fan Zone In Kyiv (Ukraine) on EURO 2012 (England vs Ukraine match) happend an accident - Football Hooligans threw a Smoke Bomb. Probably it was a gift for english fans from ukrainians OR english hools dropped it as a sign malevolence. Димова шашку у фан-зоні на Хрещатику Дымовая шашка в фан-зоне на Крещатике
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Epic Fail Parkour - Parkour losser hurt child - 2012
It was a contest of parkour. But there were only losers who were falling all the time. But the most interesting thing happened at the end, when one of them fell on little boy and his balloon bursted. 2012
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EURO 2012 Predictor Of Championship Funtik The Pig Fan Zone Kyiv Ukraine - Хряк Фунтик
In a day when Portugal and Spain played (27/06/2012) we came to see the main mascot of Ukrainian part of EURO 2012 - Funtik the Pig. This pig is a predictor of score in matches. That day he choosed Portugal, but Spain won. Anyway, pig Funtik is a wonderful talisman in fan zone in Kyiv (Ukraine) and on this video he plays football with his bowl. Це - Хряк Фунтік, який весь чемпіонат EURO 2012 прожив в Київській фан-зоні. Головне його завдання - прогнозувати результати матчів. Нажаль, хряк більше разів помилився, ніж вгадав переможця. Яка доля очікує його після чемпіонату - ніхто не знає.
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Best Talking Dog Ever Wants Her Snacks
Our cute dog came back home after walking in the rain, and asked me to give her tasty snacks.
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DIY My Bottle - How To Make "My Bottle" Bottle Out of a Bottle + bonus
My Bottle became a very popular accessory. The main question - WHY?! We decided to create a DIY alternative for this useless stuff. This video is kind of prank or joke, so don't take it serious. Or take... as you wish! :)
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Glamour Pink Series Portraits by Scott Scheidly - Pope John Paul II, Stalin, Kim Jong-il, Hitler
Scott Scheidly - Glamour Pink Series Portraits: 1. Pope John Paul II 2. Joseph Stalin 3. Kim Jong-il 4. Adolf Hitler
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UFO Over Kyiv - in EURO 2012 Fan Zone - НЛО в Києві
Strange misterious flying object (probably UFO) was flying during final match of EURO 2012 (Spain vs Italy) over fan zone in Kiev. UFO was wishing victory to Italian team because it was with red and green colours. НЛО в Києві
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Funny Tattoos With Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber on tattoo
Funny Tattoos With Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber on tattoo
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Funny Bunny - Trick: The Fastest Rabbit
Funny Rabbit demonstrates the difficult trick: The Fastest Bunny Funny Bunny Funny Rabbit Rabbit trick Rabbit tricks Bunny trick Bunny tricks Bunny at home Rabbit at home
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