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LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE BANGERS LIKE MONEY ASMR, TEENAGE WHITE GIRL DYING OF SPICY PEPPER, AND VIDEOS OF MY REPTILES EATING ONCE A YEAR!!! (i feed them more often than this dw) Thankfully it stopped burning a half hour or so later... Yuck why is teenage skin so stupid :/
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Pet Fish 3D Animation
I made this in 3DS Max in grade 11. If you liked it, please give this video a like! I imported the bussiness man, and the fish from external sources, but all the materials and other parts were created by me. I also arranged the sound, credits are given at the end to their respected creators.
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D. sessilifolia Snap Tentacles
My hand is pretty shaky 0_0 Demonstrating how neat and fast the "snap tentacles" of Drosera sessilifolia are. Many sundew species can take up to an hour to fold over the prey they've got, but some few- including this kind -can pull prey in within seconds! The tentacles went back to normal within a day. Video copyright to me.
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Coral Ghost Corn Snake
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Willow’s Home Makeover
I made a video of my Leopard Gecko Willow’s reaction to her home renovations :)
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Western Toad Tongue Slo-Mo
Our male Western Toad, Silver, eating mealworms with his Fire-Bellied-Toad friends. It's really cool (if a bit gross) to watch his tongue catch a worm in slow motion! Enjoy!
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It doesn’t work. I’m sure this is the video everyone has wanted to see, right...? RIGHT?! Anyways...its tough shit. And for anyone who has dirty money, a good way to clean it is to put it in your jeans pocket then put it through the laundry and dryer. My brother’s done it plenty of times and it works wonders. Smells great and feels good too ;)
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Feeding my Leopard Geckos
Feeding my Leopard Geckos, Honey (black eyes) and Willow (spotted one). Honey is sort of retarded so I have to keep her from attacking Willow when there's food around (cause she's like half-blind) so that's why I was poking them with the tweezers.
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Silly Corn Snek
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Warning- sound at start of video is LOUD so turn your volume down. Some extreme hail from a storm that passed through my neighborhood just a half hour ago. It lasted about 20 minutes or so, the worst of it only lasting a few minutes. We were lucky a big ball of ice didn't fly through any of the windows, considering how much hail was hitting them.
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Speedpaint 04
I own this art, please do not steal/copy/etc without explicit permission from me beforehand. Happy Mother's Day 2015! I wanted to draw something nice as a gift for Mother's day for my mom this year. It was printed off as a poster. I apologize for the flashing images; I will often zoom in and out while drawing to see if it looks good from further away. Also, I realized that I wanted to make this into a speedpaint after already starting it somewhat. Finished Version: http://shelilla.deviantart.com/art/Tiptoe-through-the-Tulips-532282903
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Just Cause 3 is the best game 2k18
Can I get an amen E3 JC4 better have this Oh yeah and my snickering/nose laughing sounds gross I apologize.
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Fruit Trifle Food Timelapse
Made this the other day with family, it was pretty fun and I thought it'd be cool to make it into a video like this :)
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