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[ElsNA]Event Dungeon "Wally Land" (CN:alane)
Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to Wally Land, or, for those who dont know, a killer version of Disney Land! Today's Performance is by the Anniversary Eve: alane! watch as she gets her ass kicked in the gauntlet! This video was brought to you by: inspiration.
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[Els NA] Psychic Storm Bug (LP:ShinNanaya)
Unknown trigger. All I know is that you need to spam Psychic Storm a bunch of times before it even bothers to show up. Altera Plains cause I was running Altera dungeons for El Mission and I had a story quest there.
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[BORING/FILLER]Random Elsword stuff 2
part two of my mini series. Part 1(warning-boring):http://youtu.be/zTzdcBuAOw0 this one is more dynamic then jus checking hotkeys LOL
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[ElsNA] Richie Mines: KoG, what did you this time?
The ALL NEW Richie Mines, everyone! :D
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[BORING]Random Elsword stuff 1/2
found this randomly on my files while sorting out screenshots. This is evidence of early 2013 Elsword. Part 2/2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LMG-Bwg8V0 and yes,this IS as boring as shit.
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[ElsNA] Event Dungeon "Ariels Nightmare" (CN:alane)
For all you non-NAers, This is what shit we have to deal with! This is 2014 Halloween Dungeon: Ariels Nightmare.
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alane and her laggy computer
I cant play golf it cause I get ungodly levels of lag like this
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