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Gucci Beaner roasted me?!
Sup, it's me. So um, I found a video from Gucci Beaner called "FURRIES TAKE OVER" I didn't know what to expect, so I looked on that video. Aannd this happend. I'm not going to write the full story, but you can go look and react. Ok, that's all for now, bye! 8 year old boi: Gucci Beaner Video that pissed me off: FURRIES TAKE OVER Backround music: OMFG hello
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Wonderland [Animation meme]
Sup guys, it's me, again! Now with a Wonderland meme! ( I got nothing else to say) Hope ya'll enjoy it, and I'll see ya soon! (Previous one was deleted because it didn't had music. In this one some of the lines are not supposted to be in place where they are now. So I uh, I didn't see it in the first time, so I copied those slides. When the video was ready, I saw it. THOSE LINES. I got a little terified (dunno why) but you know what? My lazy butt (to be nice) said: "Nah, I won't change it. It's too late." So uh, yeah, that's why lines are off in some slides. Anyway hope you enjoye it. Bye!)
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Hot milk [Animation meme]
Sup guys! I did Hot Milk meme today! I worked really hard on it, because the music wouldn't be with animation - slides were faster than music, then music was faster than slides. So yeah, it was hard. Ok, I'm gonna go now, see ya later! Why that depressing meme? Because it's Monday. School. I have to study so I don't have time on animating.. sad story.. So, my OC has the same personality as me. We kinda hide devil inside us, so everyone thinks we are always nice and kind. But inside we are angry, sometimes upset and so on. Ok, I have to study now. See ya later!
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Something's not right [Animation meme]
Sup, it's me! Now with Something's not right meme! That's all for now, hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see ya soon! (If you didn't understand what is happening in the video, Imma tell you: That female human betrayed my OC (Emm), my OC hurted her, so that human tried for revenge. But she ended dead, because my OC killed her.)
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First "animation"
This is the first Flipaclip "animation" I've made, please don't hate it, I just started with Flipaclip. Thank you for understanding.
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I'd love to change the world [animation MEME]
Sup, it's me again. Yeah, I did animate on Flipaclip. But now with a music! Yaaay! {OC: Emm}. Why did I animate on Flipaclip even when I said I won't? Because I can't find any animating program... this animated video took me like 2 days to complete it whole. So many details had to be in there, so that's why it took that long. And so many details weren't there though! But, enjoy anyway! See ya later! ;3
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A message for ya'll
So, as I said in video I have no subs, just kidding (I have one subscriber, I dunno who he/she is but I love him/her because he/she subscribed). So.. yeah, I'm looking for good and free animating program on laptop. I have one program on laptop tho, but it's hard to make animation on that, because that program was made on fan arts.. (it's Firealpaca btw) so I said to myself that someone can help me with finding new program. Ok, enough for now, bye!
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BINCH meme [WARNING; it's pretty cringy]
Hey guys! Yes, I'm still alive. Long time no see, right? I'm sorry that I didn't make any animations, I was busy and when I tried to animate in FlipaClip, I started to rage because of FlipaClip's stupidity. Today I made you a doodled meme to show you that I'm still alive (lol) I got inspired by; Sleepykinq Music; (I'll add it later) Original meme; (I'll add it later too) Okay, I think that's all, see ya next time!
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Feel it still [Animation meme]
Sup, it's me! Aaand now with Feel it still meme! Yaay! I hope you'll enjoy it, and I'll see ya soon. Bye! Original made by: Girlforgamer Cooljuice Original song: Feel it still
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