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(Open!) Animation Collab/Map: Semi-Automatic (28/32 )(Anyone Can Join!)
Anybody, no matter how good at animating can participate in this map! It would be awesome if you made your animation horizontal or square and not vertical by the way. Also it doesn't matter if you have a watermark on your animation! You have as much time as you want to make your animation, but I would prefer you to take a minimum of one month to do so. You can post it, send it to me on YouTube, or even both. There are also NO BACKUPS cause I don't want anyone to animate something only to never post it. You can only have two parts! If you decide to quit than just message me and I'll re-open that spot. This isn't a dirty song so I wouldn't expect you to, but please don't make anything sexual, kissing is fine (I don't know why it would have anything to do with the song but it's still okay). Oh! And keep gore to a minimum please. Blood tears, black years, someone bleeding, their arm/any other part of their body but head falling off is fine. No suicide though!- Unless they're saved afterwards. Lastly, and most importantly, have fun! Maps like these where created to bring multiple animators, young or old, under-rated and over-rated, together! I hope you enjoy and try not be stressed while taking part in this fun little collaboration :D Full song: https://youtu.be/v07GkdeqEi8 Intro Part 1: Mine Part 2: Mine Part 3: Guts n cuts Part 4: Guts n cuts Part 6: Pockett_Noob Part 7: Pockett_Noob Part 8: Mr. Potato Part 9: Lucky Quartz & Jason&Co Part 10: SuperMangle Muffin Part 11: SuperMangle Muffin Part 12: Emmerson Animates Part 13: Emmerson Animates Part 14: Skippbeatz Part 15: tin todder Part 16: fairypills Part 17: fairypills Part 18: Part 19: Part 20: Lertas Adult Series Part 21: Part 22: Lucky Quartz & Jason&Co Part 23: Angel Fox Part 24: tin todder Part 25: Angel Fox Part 26: Part 27: Part 28: Social Suicide Part 29: Junior Monthra Part 30: Junior Monthra Part 31: Celina Nieves Part 32: Celina Nieves Part 33: Social Suicide Credits
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Pokémon Evolution ~Meme
This only took 8 hours!!! I'm super happy with how this turned out :3
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Doggy Dance ~Meme (Gift For Rizetz)
FlipaClip - Doggy Dance ~Meme (Gift For Rizetz)
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