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Hanji just texted me...
So.. Hanji just texted me and she saw my Windex.. And I told her to give my Windex... So just watch it and like and subscribe.. Thank you..
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Me and Eren texting?! ( First video)
This is an app called Texting story. you can search it on App Store to download.. And please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video I uploaded.. I hope you enjoyed this! ❤️❤️❤️
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Emergency Brat. (He's so drunk)
Eren is drunk. And he is annoying. .:Like and subscribe for more videos or comment down below if you have suggestions:.
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Eren is freaking texting me..
Hello guys how are you doing? This is my second video and I hope you enjoyed it.. Please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and don't forget to subscribe!! ❤️❤️❤️ ( Search in App Store: Texting story)
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Survey Corps Group Chat
Hanji made a group chat and they are so annoying.. They are making memes.. I hope you enjoy this.. Please leave a like and subscribe.. I love you all
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Survey Corps Group Chat 2
So.. It’s the birthday of Jean and everyone got awake when the brat (Eren) started the chat. I was trying to sleep but they were chatting and there are so many mentions so I can’t resist. +Give a thumbs up and subscribe for more.+ Heℹ︎chou ♥︎Loves♥︎YouAll。
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Survey Corps Group Chat 3
It’s still F L O W E R C R O W N S Q U A D. Love you all. ~Rivai ;o
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Kenny and Me. .__.
Ahem, Ahem.. “KENNNYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAHHH!!!” Love you all. ~Rivai ;o
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Mikasa texted me and I have no idea why.
So yeah, you the title right? I really have no idea on why she texted me. I thought she will ask me why did I beat up Eren this morning again. But if you wanna know what’ll happen, just watch ‘til the end, Brat. -Levi Heichou Ackerman {Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more.}
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