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-Speedpaint-Christmas Couple-
I just drew this cause I got bored. And I sped up the music by like x4 so it wasn’t so boring. I found it pretty funny cause it sounds like horrible nightcore. Okay. Anyways Merry Christmas children and have a happy new year. AKANE OUTTTT Music: I’m fine By BTS
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-SpeedPaint-Jacksucksatlife-Becky and Jack-
I was bored okay..? So yeah. If you liked the video than...Uh like it I guess?? Anyways AKANE OUT. (Song is Blood, Sweat and tears by BTS)
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D .va-Overwatch-Speedpaint
Request from a friend. Yeet. I totally didn’t just expect the request cause I was running out of ideas....heheh...Nono no what are you talking abouttttt.... okay bai AKANE OUTTTT (Oh and thx for the new subs appreciate it man...an woman) Song: Serendipity By Jimin (BTS) Friend’s acc: https://instagram.com/kaboodle_edits?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=mo8rub75kkrl
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Trying To Animate
God this stuff sucks. Eh meh. It’s like rlly late and I wanna sleep but I’m one of those people who need to finish their art before they sleep so I’m probably gonna stay up. Okay good night. AKANE OUT Song: ....wait I don’t have a song. Sound effect: Crickets (why am I even bothering again?)
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Fear: Darkness
This is like a series now. Anyways, OMG HOW DID I GET SO MANY SUBS IN JUST LIKE A FEW DAYS. I am so thankful to those people who found my channel. Thanksss so muchhhhhhh. AKANE OUTTA HERE YO Song: Dimple By BTS
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Fear: Forgotten
HELLO BOIS. I AM BACK. Is it just me or does the shadow thing look kinda like Koro-Sensei...but like really scary Koro-sensei. Okay that aside. Thanks for watching and... AKANE OUT Song: Epiphany By Jin (BTS)
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First Anime: Fairy Tail-Speedpaint
Omggggggggg. Thanks so much for the subs. I am so amazed!!! Anyways. Thanks for watching my stuuuuff. Fairy tail was the first ever anime I watched, surprisingly. Then after that it was sailor moon, Naruto... you know the classics. Then I somehow went to Yuri! On ice. I ship it. Literally. Okay bai. AKANE OUT YO Somg: Boomerang By Girls Generation
First Time Drawing With A Mouse!!!!~Speed Art Erza Scarlet~
I forgot to record at first but as you can see i copied this of the internet so the credit doesn't go to me! Leave a like and subscribe if you liked the video! love you guys! ;p
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Speed art on IPad Pro!
Reference used! Requested by my mum so yeah enjoy Mum! Like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already and enjoy!!
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Christmas Card-Speedpaint
This is what I was gonna give my friends as a Christmas card. So plz don’t steal it and say it’s yours causeeee it’s not bruh. Okay it’s a bit late cause I got copy writed once and I didn’t even realize... Okay I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 2019 will be better! AKANE OUTTTTTT Song: Best of me By BTS
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-Christmas Speedpaint-
HELLO. I can't draw fireplaces. Okay hope you enjoy this small drawing. Anyways. MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE. Song: All my love for you By Girls Generation (SPED UP CAUSE YOUTUBE DOESN'T LIKE THE ORIGINAL VERSION)
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-Speed art-Lucinda-Aphmau
This is a short one (I mean all of them are short tho). Meh whatever. Here you go. Lucinda from Aphmau. This is from Emerald secret. Aphmau: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChallengeAcceptedInc Song: Fake Love By BTS
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-Yandere Simulator-Amai-Speedpaint-
A speedpaint of Amai! I’m pretty happy with it what do you think? Anywaysssss. Like the video if you...like it? Okay soooooo.... AKANE OUTTUUUUU Song: Magic shop by BTS (Don’t judge me for my liking of BTS. Plz) So yeah speedpaint. I’m pretty happy with it what do you think? Anyways. Like the video if you enjoyed the video...? AKANE OUTTTUUU Song: Magic Shop By BTS (don’t judge Imma ARMY)
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Fear: Betrayal
Sooo should I make this a series? Idk. What is your fear? Let me know in the comments. Mines loneliness and being alone. I’m so tireddddd. Goodbye AKANE OUT Song: Singularity By V (BTS)
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Getting distracted
Hellooooooooo.....I attempted to do a Animatic. (Is that what you call them? Idk) Anyway, this took me 2 days and a night so yeah... I have school so I didn't make it too long. If you enjoy the video please leave a like and Subscribe. AKANE OUT.
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New Phone Background-Speedpaint
So this is my new phone background hehehehehhe. Yes I love my pillow and food. Sleep is essential for Akane and her bed is her natural habitat. AKANE OUT Song: Apanman By BTS
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