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Thankyou so much for 200 Subscribers!
Okiii.... THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR 200 AHHHHHHHHHHH- I redrew the OC I made from 100 subs soo... this shall be our tradition uwu. Well... this drawing took me about 2 hours or so... and I’m still dead from my cold. 👌🏻 Akane out owo Song: BOY WITH LUV BY BTS FT HASLEY NEW SONGGGG YEEEET
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So um. I just had my bday party so I was away for a few days... but I’m actually really proud of this... you know what that means... TIME TO CHANGE SHIT UP AND START TO HATE IT AGAIN AHAHAHAHAH ToT Akane out. Song: MIC MIC BUNGEE- mic drop By BTS ft Steve Aoki I don’t own this song okay. It belongs to the gods.
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100+ Subs Video
Wow. How did this even happen....... WOW. Okay thank you so much for 100+ subs I’m really happy! I feel like I should do something for u guys so I’m trying to post as much as I can for this week but...there’s no saying about it. THANKYOU A K A N E. O U T. Song: Magic shop By BTS
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Don’t take advantage of my forgiveness: Speedpaint + Rant
EDGY ALARM RANT ALARM IM BEING SALTY ALARM. Okay. I haven’t been posting too much lately cause I’m just not in the mood and maybe partly because of this too. Andddd......school. K. If you don’t like edgy things then............. don’t watch this- no mute it and watch it. ;) K akane outtttttt. Songs: I’m fine, Save Me, Best of me By BTS
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Drawing Request-Speedpaint
Okay so big thanks to Grace for this request. I was running outta ideas to keep you guys entertained. See I’m being honest. Okay this is Grace’s OC from GachaLife. I think it’s really cute! She has a cool channel and this is the link to her OC vid: https://youtu.be/v0_OrukzmUI The people who know me irl will be so confused from this Grace person. Yes my irl name is not Akane. It’s Grace. What a coincidence. So if you want me to draw something for ya then sure. It’s free. Just not anything gory and keep it PG 13 plz. AKANE OUT Song: Run By BTS
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Okiii I’m done. Imma go have dinner now baiiii. Akane out Song: Faded By Alan walker
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Thanks for 150 Subs! FANART contest!! (Closed) Read description and pinned comment!
Omgggggg thankyou so much!! It can be a drawing or an edit! Rules are: -No bases -No tracing -No 18+ -No Gore -No stealing other people’s work Prizes: First place: Collab, Thigh up full coloured shaded drawing, shoutout, I’ll sub to you ;) Second Place: Shoutout, Shoulder up full coloured shaded drawing, art swap (If you want to) Third place: Shoutout, Headshot full coloured non shaded drawing Fourth place (If there is one): Shoutout, Full colour shaded edit Anyone who joins will get featured in my video showing the people who joined! Have fun! It’s due on 5th of May! I changed the date so people can have more time to do it! Use the hashtag: #ICantDrawSquad150Contest My instagram: xXAkaneCantDrawXx Thankyou again for 150 subscribers it means so much to me!! And as you saw I will be away for 2 weeks because of my school trip so I will be excited to see what people have made when I get back! Akane OUT Song: Butterfly By BTS
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Contest results!!!!
OMG CONGRATS TO DA WINNEEERRRSSSSS For the prizes and things please contact me on IG: My acc is @xxakanecantdrawxx Okay.. so. Yea. School starts tmr so I won’t be posting in a while.. hope ya guys understand ;-; 👌🏻 Akane OUT Song: Faster car By Loving Caliber
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#WolfieFanart #WolfyAlly_PlayzFanart
Okayyyy so. I just joined this for fun. uwu.okiiii. I haven’t posted in so long cause I’ve been having an art block. TvT baiii Akane out Song: Crown and Nap of the star By TXT
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Drawing Collab Swap!-Speedpaint-Read Description
Okayyy so I have met a very nice girl. Her art is amazing and you should check out her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1SPDjCa5i3TTqAWN05VWw Okay anyways. This is a drawing swap meaning that the drawing I requested will be on her channel sometime later! Go to her channel and say ‘YOU’RE A CUTE MUFFIN’ Okay anyways AKANE OUTTT Song: Answer: Love myself By BTS (You guys should love yourself too!!!)
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THANKS FOR 100 SUBS!!! & #NekoFanartContest
Dang I just have too much time on my hands nowadays.... do you hear my sarcasm. I freaking finished my maths testtssssss yasssssss. I think I flunked it.... TvT. Okay now onto History, Mandarin, English and Geo.... Stressed out exam week Akane out. Music: Boombayah and Ddu-du dud-du By Blackpink. I do not own this music. It belongs to the creator.
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Congrats Angel!!1!1!11 I love your channel (Notice me Senpai). COUGH IM DOING TOO MANY FANART CONTESTS. ITS JUST THAT THEYRE ALL MY SENPAIS WAHHHHHH. AKANE OUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT Song: First Burn By A shit ton of people I don’t own this song but Hamilton is fabulous.
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Aphmau: Emerald Secret FANART Speedpaint
Okiii. I’ve been watching aphmau ever since I was a kid sooo.... the memories. TvT Okay tired akane out Song: Lie By Jimin CAUGHT IN A LIEEE~~~~~~ I don’t own this song btw
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Jesus Christ. My style is changing so much omg... hope you guys don’t mind ^^” anyways... this drawing was more for me to vent as I draw to relieve stress and vennttttt. So somethings happened on IG sooo... yeah. Not gonna mention what happened but yea... I’m okay now 👍🏻 I have a science test on Friday sooo... wish meh luck ToT Akane outtt Time spent: 3 hours 48 minutes Song: Wolves By Selena Gomez and Marshmellow & Faster car By Loving Caliber
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Okiii damn this drawing was a fuss in itself from switching apps. Hmmm I might just ditch ibis Paint and change to Procreate cause it’s much better to use for my type of art 👌🏻 oki this took me a total of 5 hours and 6 mins 👍🏻 Next video will be the 300 sub special uwuwuwuuwuwu C yaaaa Akane OUT Spng: Bubble tea by Dark cat
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HELLLOOOO I HAVE CLIMBED OUT OF THE DEPTHS OF HELL. NOW I WILL GET PULLED BACK IN FOR 2 WEEKS OR SO CAUSE THE DEVIL ASSIGNMENTS ARENT LETTING ME GOOOOOOOO- I did this drawing for fun just to relieve stress -w- okiiii baaiii Time taken: 2 hours 46 mins Akane outtttt Song: Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly (Running out of songssssss)
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Speedpaint! For a contest uwu
Okay this is for Ariimaw’s 100k contest uwu. God this took me like 11 hours no kidding and I still don’t like it. Sighhh I’ve been dead for a few days and I’ll be dead for a another. 👍🏻 see yaaaaa Song I chose: Loneyly Island By Panda eyes (Search them up their songs are so good)
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D .va-Overwatch-Speedpaint
Request from a friend. Yeet. I totally didn’t just expect the request cause I was running out of ideas....heheh...Nono no what are you talking abouttttt.... okay bai AKANE OUTTTT (Oh and thx for the new subs appreciate it man...an woman) Song: Serendipity By Jimin (BTS) Friend’s acc: https://instagram.com/kaboodle_edits?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=mo8rub75kkrl
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300+ Sub Special
AAAAA THANK YOU FOR 300 SUBS AAAAAAA Sorry for not uploading that much now cause I just feel like there’s nothing good enough to upload 😂 it’s just a bunch of commission work and art trades form IG I might upload some of my edits cause they’re actually okay lmaoo oki c yaaaa! I uploaded twice in a day are you bros proud- AKANE OUT. Song: Without Me By Halsey
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Art contest entry #CheshireSmileContest
OKAY I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. I enjoy your series so please continue is my man. Okay that’s it. Bai. AKANE OUT Song: Euphoria By Jungkook (BTS) I just had to finish it cause his voice was so beautiful
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For a dtiys: bored af
Watch me play ibis Paint X via Omlet Arcade!
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#MissinqEmmasFanartcontest & #smallfrycreative
OKI. I hope ya like it! Stuff I use: Apple pen, iPad Pro, Ibis Paint & iMovie. xD Time: 1 hour 36 mins Btw I drew this for Emma but I also wanted to enter for small fry cause..... She's so fabulous. Go sub to her. I’ve been dead these few days cause....TESTS. REEEE STILL MORE TESTSTSTTSTTSTSTSTTSTSS. Wish me luck. Brain dead akane out. Song: Save Me and Run by BTS I do not own these songs. Obviously
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Fear: Betrayal
Sooo should I make this a series? Idk. What is your fear? Let me know in the comments. Mines loneliness and being alone. I’m so tireddddd. Goodbye AKANE OUT Song: Singularity By V (BTS)
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Drawing Request!!: Speedpaint
YO YO YO. I like this one. I’m gonna do a story time after this soooo it might take a while. And it’s test week this week so wish meh luck. Baiii! Requested by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrLHBGwgY40XHRomNjD3t6A Akane outuuu Song: IDOLLLLLLL BY BTSSSSSSSS
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#SwrlzFanArt300 100 Sub Special Wish: Entering their art contest
Literally. Drew this in like 40 mins. Did I fulfill your wish my friend. Ahaha. No music. Sorry. I need to sleep now. G NIGHT CHILDREN AKANE OUT
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Gacha Edit: Request June
Okay welp. Here’s just a filler video before my 300 sub- O MAN IM NEARLY AT 350 AAAAAA THANK YOUUUUU. QwQ Akane outtttt Song: Lovely By Billie Eilish
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Art contest entry #EvurinXJazreel
Ye. Song: Not Alone By Girls Generation
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Fear: Forgotten
HELLO BOIS. I AM BACK. Is it just me or does the shadow thing look kinda like Koro-Sensei...but like really scary Koro-sensei. Okay that aside. Thanks for watching and... AKANE OUT Song: Epiphany By Jin (BTS)
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Getting distracted
Hellooooooooo.....I attempted to do a Animatic. (Is that what you call them? Idk) Anyway, this took me 2 days and a night so yeah... I have school so I didn't make it too long. If you enjoy the video please leave a like and Subscribe. AKANE OUT.
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Colour collection: Purple
Okayyy... the hand is kind weird but what can you do I drew this in a livestream on instagram. XD. K have fun watching this boring video. Akane outtttttttttt Song: T.O.P by Girls gen \_(-w- )_/
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Drawing request: Redraw!
Oki. I’m done! I really like how this one turned out! It’s so cute and the background is cute too! Big thanks to my long time sub Grace! Thankyouuuuuuuuu!!!! uwu. To Grace: I hope ya okay seeming on what you told me in your comment section. I was just worried but I hope you like this one! Than,s for subscribing to me for so long it really means a whole bunch! Love ya. Akane Outta da house Song: Lost By BTS VOCAL TEAMMMMMMMM WOOOOOO
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Colour Collection: Blue -Speedpaint
Okayyyyyy.... I forgot to do the tattoo so I had to add it at the end. This is a new series....?? Low key me making up an excuse to draw random shit- WHAT I SAID NOTHING. C YA. AKANE OUT. Song: Anpanman By BTS
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Art swap!
I’ve got such a bad fever right now TvT. I haven’t posted in ages and I feel guilty so...here’s an art swap I did with my senpai on instagram. I want to know who actually reads my descriptions soo... if you read the description, go to the comment section and comment on my pinned comment, òwó Sick akane outtttt ToT Song: Our summer By TXT
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OC!! Speedpaint
No context for now ._.
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Taehyung: Speedpaint
WOOOOOOOOOOOO. IM SO PROUD OF THE FLOWER CROWN. Everything else is....bad. Okay. This request was from of my friends on Instagram. I was so excited to draw this cause like.... Tae is my bias wrecker. Tae is from BTS btw. Like this video if you want to and subscribe and....maybe... MAYBE. Get me to ONE HUNDRED SUBBBSSSS AHHAHAHAHA- Okay that’s gonna take a long ass time so I’m not gonna get too excited... HAVE A NOICE NIGHT OR DAY LADIES AND GENTLEMAN AKANE OUTTTTT Songs: Stigma By V, Awake By Jin
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Edit trade with lychiiie!
Lychiiie’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXX9678Pwx2iQCiJEbCzoog She’s such a cool artist go follow herrrrr!! I need to sleep now... So.. AKANE OUTTTTT. Song: Spring day By BTS
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Fear: Darkness
This is like a series now. Anyways, OMG HOW DID I GET SO MANY SUBS IN JUST LIKE A FEW DAYS. I am so thankful to those people who found my channel. Thanksss so muchhhhhhh. AKANE OUTTA HERE YO Song: Dimple By BTS
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Weak-Animatic & a little something at the end
Omg. YEET. I’m so dead after this. Okay it’s fridayyyyyyy. Bai Akane out.... -_- so tired Song: Weak By AJR
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Happy Birthday Mum!!
Sooooo yesterday was my mums birthdayyy!! She’s like the best. Okay I hope you like the drawing Mum and..... AKANE OUTTT Song: Blood Sweat and Tears By BTS
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Drawing Swap: Speedpaint
Okayyy this was with my friend Marie- Again. But we just draw a lot and it’s fun. Okayyyyyy!!! That’s it have fun watching this... boring video for the second time. Baiii Akane out uwu Song: 2! 3! By BTS This song hits me in my feelssss
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Yandere-Chan Redraw-Speedpaint
Okayyyy....I can’t draw blood. So. It looks weird. I’m running out of songs to use.... TvT. Frick. Okayyy. Hope ya enjoy dis sheet so baiiii. (I need sleep) Akane outtttuuuuuuu Song: Fake love (Rocking beat vibe) By BTS
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Colour collection: Pink -Speedpaint
Okayyyy.....;I drew this at this Chinese festival concert thing and the speakers SUCK. Now I’m like deaf and I have a headache. Yayyyyy.... AKANE OUTTTT.... Song: I’m fine By BTS
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Drawing request-Speedpaint
IM SO SORRY. 1 CAUSE I HAVEN’T POSTED IN A FEW DAYS AND 2 CAUSE THE FIRST PART IS THE WRONG WAY. Okay so what happened was that I drew the sketch in procreate and found learning how to use a new program at night time wasn’t very easy so I changed back to ibisPaint. Special thanks to Random edits for this request: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL-ZhZLqV9jY6QUMxbc-s7Q AKANE OUT Song: Airplane Pt. 2 By BTS
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I have a deviant art!-Speedpaint
Heyyyyy. I have deviant art! I’m selling this adoptable for 20 Points! Idk if that’s expensive so let me know! K I’m just excited cause I got noticed by a few people. XD https://www.deviantart.com/animefangurl12345 Akane outuuu Song: I’m a diamond By Girls Generation
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First GachaLife Edit! uwu
The tall one is Lucy and the short one is Mina. Got it? K. They’re a couple and Mina is actually older then Lucy. She’s just....short. Okay. That’s it have a nice night. Tomorrow I shall upload a very special video. Baiiiiiiiiiiii Akane outtttt, I had a swimming carnival today.... TvT Song: Mic Drop Ft Steve Aoki By BTS
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Okaaayyy.. this took me 2 hours and 24 mins. YEET. I had fun doing the background even though the constellations DONT make sense :P Akane out uwu Song: Hello, Shooting start By moumoon
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Klance Fanart-Drawing Request-Speedpaint
YEET YEET YEET. HELLO TO YOU VOLTRON FANS. This was a request from my close friend, I know I have friends. But she asked for me to draw...BOYSSSSS?! Her utube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLjxkXdV8PU6JnFeb4AKpIw AKANE OUT Song: DDU-DU DDU-DU By Blackpink
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Pastel Candy Boy-Speedpaint-Read bio
OKAYYYY. This was kind of a Collab with my friend that I’ve collabed over 2 times before. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1SPDjCa5i3TTqAWN05VWw but. We were meant to do a line art and give it to the other person to colour. BUT INSTAGRAM DOESNT LET YOU POST GOOD QUALITY PHOTOS so we had to scrap that and just colour it ourselves. I tried drawing a boy...It still looks like a girl. AKANE OUT Song: Save Me By BTS
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Drawing request-Profile pic-Speedpaint
Okayyyyyy... HERE IT IS MARIAAAAA. She draws art and it’s adorable: https://instagram.com/drawings_ft_marie?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=zybupm4f0eqn K bai AKANE OUT Song: Dope By BTS
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Speed art on IPad Pro!
Reference used! Requested by my mum so yeah enjoy Mum! Like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already and enjoy!!
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