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If I'm lucky, Katsu x Mei
A very simple PMV about Katsu's feelings for Mei. Contains slight spoilers up to chapter 53 Music belongs to State Champs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgu3KGY_4iI My Dear Cold Blooded King belongs to Lifelight. Read it here http://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/my-dear-cold-blooded-king/ep-0/viewer?title_no=961&episode_no=1 Made using Window's movie maker (If you know of a better program that's FREE, lemme know!) Constructive criticism is always welcome
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Black Butler Character Themes
Here are the songs and why I chose them Ciel: Falling inside the black (Skillet) I think it describes Ciel's situation very well Sebastian: There for you (Flyleaf) He's always there for Ciel Madam Red: Missing (Flyleaf) She can't seem to keep her happiness Grell: Hold me twice (FM Static) Do I need to explain? William T. Spears: The end is where we begin (Thousand foot krutch) It just seemed to fit with him being a reaper Elizabeth: Smile, smile, smile (my little pony) She just want's ciel to smile Drocell: Puppet (Thousand foot krutch) It felt perfect for him Undertaker: We love to laugh (Mary Poppins) He...loves...to...laugh... Ash and Angela: Hellfire (The hunckback of notre dame) "Be pure or burn to death. Mwah ha ha!" Lau: Set apart this dream (Flyleaf) I had a hard time chosing one for him, so I did this one based off of what he was saying in episode 20 Bard: My brain says stop but my heart says go (FM Static) It fit with his reckless character Finney: Happy little working song (Enchanted) He's always so cheerful and loves animals Mey-Rin: Everything you ever wanted (Hawk nelson) She tries a little too hard to be a good maid Pluto: (Hey) I want it (FM Static) Again, I had a hard time with this one so I chose it for his eager attitude I OWN NOTHING!!!
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Fruits Basket Character Theme Songs
I just chose the songs that seemed to fit Tohru: Each Other Yuki: Hey Now Kyo: My Home Shigure: cRaZie$ Arisa: I Get Wicked Saki: This Close Kagura: A Little More Momiji: The Voyage of Beliefs Hatori: Never Be the Same Haru: E for Extinction Ayame: Unstoppable Kisa and Hiro: I'll try Ritsu: Forgiveness Akito: Monster I OWN NOTHING!!!!
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