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Pilates 10 min Leg Series
www.CoastalBody.com/Virtual-Studio Quick 10 minute classical Pilates leg workout. Awesome for toning thighs & lifting booty!
Views: 87394 Lauren Maniscalco
5 min Barre Thigh Burner
In just 5 minutes we can reshape your thighs with this awesome barre series! http://coastalbody.com/virtual-studio/
Views: 4741 Lauren Maniscalco
5 Min Barre Arm Series
www.CoastalBody.com Lauren Maniscalco, owner of Coastal Body brings you a barre arm series to tone and sculpt. It can be done anywhere, anytime! 2 lb weights.
Views: 1856 Lauren Maniscalco
5 min Full Body Barre Workout
www.CoastalBody.com/Virtual-Studio Get this awesome 5 minute killer barre workout for your whole body!
Views: 5001 Lauren Maniscalco
7min Barre Arm Series!
www.CoastalBody.com/Virtual-Studio Get this awesome 7 minute killer barre workout for your upper body!
Views: 15930 Lauren Maniscalco
Whittle Your Waist - 5 Minutes Pilates Workout
www.CoastalBody.com In 5 minutes, you'll not only carve out your waist, but also work your shoulders, back and legs.
Views: 1945 Lauren Maniscalco
Pilates Abdominal Series of Five with the Ball
http://coastalbody.com/virtual-studio/ Kick the Pilates Abdominal Series of Five up a notch by adding a playground ball.
Views: 716 Lauren Maniscalco
7min Barre Booty Workout
www.CoastalBody.com/Virtual-Studio Get this awesome 7 minute killer barre workout for your booty!
Views: 3824 Lauren Maniscalco
10 Min Bosu Ball Workout
10 Min Bosu Ball Workout http://coastalbody.com/virtual-studio/
Views: 3088 Lauren Maniscalco
Pilates Magic Circle Legs
www.CoastalBody.com Sculpt toned & lean muscles with the Pilates Magic Circle!
Views: 1895 Lauren Maniscalco
Plank Workout - Coastal Body Pilates and Barre
http://www.coastalbody.com Forearm planks are great for sculpting your entire body. But just holding a plank? Boring! This plank workout is full of variety to rev up your workout even more. Aim to do 3 rounds of this series.
Views: 1230 Lauren Maniscalco
10 Min Pilates Sculpt
Get a full body Pilates workout in 10 minutes! Grab a set of 2 lb weights or a couple of water bottles. http://coastalbody.com/virtual-studio/
Views: 962 Lauren Maniscalco
Cardio HIIT Ideas
For the full workout visit: http://coastalbody.com/12-cardio-hiit-ideas/
Views: 1908 Lauren Maniscalco
Cardio Pilates
In less than 10 minutes we will get your heart rate soaring all while doing classical Pilates moves! http://coastalbody.com/virtual-studio/
Views: 778 Lauren Maniscalco
Trish 15 Min Barre
This video is about Trish 15 Min Barre
Views: 95 Lauren Maniscalco
30 min Barre
This video is about LJ 30 min Barre
Views: 70 Lauren Maniscalco

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