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Hermes, Chanel & Burberry | Luxury Brand Gift Ideas Under $100
Originally published on May 2, 2016 via LoveTheAccents Channel. Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to share this video with you! Gift ideas from Hermes, Chanel and Burberry that are all under $100! Yes, you don't always have to break the bank to get items from these Luxury Brands! Here are the details on the items mentioned. Burberry | English Rose Fragrance Candle 200g | $85 no taxes/shipping cost thru online order | https://ca.burberry.com/english-rose-... NOTE: I'm uncertain if you can find Burberry candles at any of their Boutiques. I also have not seen these in Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew but I could be wrong. Hermes | $66 for the 3-Soap Gift Set or $22 per Soap plus applicable taxes and shipping cost | http://canada-en.hermes.com/perfumes/... Chanel | Double-Sided Mirror Compact | $45 plus applicable taxes and shipping cost | http://www.thebay.com/webapp/wcs/stor... NOTE: When I first found this online - just a few days ago, it was retailing for $44. Now it's at $45. When I called The Bay in Downtown Vancouver, they were also selling it for $44, but when I went to another The Bay location, I only bought it for $35! I hope you find this video informative!
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Coach | Ace Satchel Bag Unboxing
Originally Published on April 7, 2016 via LoveTheAccents Channel. Unboxing of Limited Edition 75th Anniversary version of Coach's Ace Satchel Bag — reworked in Glovetanned Leather and Suede.
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Chanel, Tiffany & Co. | Small Haul from Little Paris "Old Montreal" Quebec
Originally published on April 28, 2016 via LoveTheAccents Channel. Sharing with You a Small Collective Hall from North America's Little Paris — "Old Montreal" — and from Downtown Montreal in Quebec! Enjoy!
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Burberry | Check Cuff Stretch Cotton Top Unboxing
Originally Published on May 21, 2016 via LoveTheAccents Channel. I like things simple and I just mix it with a pop of colour to give life to the outfit. This shirt works really well for me as it's black but has a bit of colour on the sleeves. I am so drawn to Burberry's check pattern at the moment. It somehow makes a simple piece of clothing sophisticated and elegant looking. Hope you enjoy this video! Link to the item: https://ca.burberry.com/check-cuff-stretch-cotton-top-p38773351
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Burberry | Small Alchester In House Check Bowling Bag Unboxing
One of the latest additions to my Burberry obsession! The most adorable little bowling bag. Enjoy watching! I'm so sorry guys, but the sale has ended and they no longer have this item. You can visit https://ca.burberry.com/womens-bowling-bags/ for other styles of their bowling bags.
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Tiffany & Co. Ziegfeld Pearl Earrings Unboxing
Big apologies for my extremely dry hands and ugly nails! Sharing with you an unboxing of my very simple Tiffany Pearl Earrings. On the way to the boutique, my husband and I passed by Thierry, selling handcrafted french chocolates, macarons and cakes! Thierry http://www.thierrychocolates.com/ Tiffany & Co. Ziegfeld Pearl Earrings 7-8 mm Fresh Water Cultured Pearls on Silver Setting http://www.tiffany.ca/jewelry/earrings/ziegfeld-collection-pearl-earrings-GRP03011/ziegfeld-collection-pearl-earrings-31828627?siteid=5&prolookupsearchadd=&prolookupsearchwn=&prolookupsearchradio=&prolookupsearchcheck=
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Burberry | Kensington Mid-Length Trench Coat Unboxing
Originally Published on May 10, 2016 via LoveTheAccents Channel. Sharing with you the unboxing of my very first Burberry Trench Coat. Free shipping and no taxes when purchased online.
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Louis Vuitton | Speedy 25 Bandouliere Unboxing
Delving into the world of Louis Vuitton! I'm sorry the video is a bit shaky. It's harder than it looks to use only one hand to showcase the bag, while the other is holding onto the camera. :) And apologies it went a bit too long but hope the video is still enjoyable to watch! Here is the link to the bag in case you're interested. http://ca.louisvuitton.com/eng-ca/products/speedy-bandouliere-25-damier-ebene-008779 I have been using this bag for a couple of weeks now. It's a very carefree handbag. Love it! It didn't bother me at all that it got a bit wet from the rain in the past few days. I just wiped it with cloth and it was fine. Great first LV for me!
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