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dancing bacon people?
i saw this on the guest world testing surver by oblivious HD and i'm just like why don't i record this i had 4 other short videos but i liked this one the best #the dancing bacon army
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SO MANY PETS!!!! roblox pet simulator
this was my first edited video plz no hate and i recorded it about 2 days ago so it was made before the newest update on the game also please forgive me for the ending my microphone was having problems and it cut out my voice and thats also why the audio for my voice isnt great but i hoped you guys enjoyed this as mush as i did playing it see you guys later byeeeee
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random moments from my first video
hello everyone hope you enjoyed these random moments from my first video!
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first video EVER (warning very weird)
my brothers channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClze5_apmmJYhAOqtR-2-Og
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playing some Meep City in Roblox
hi u guys lets wish Meep City a happy b-day
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so much laggg (roblox bloxburg)
my game was so laggy but i hope you enjoyed watching go watch kylie at bumblebee games! (also sorry about my dog) rember you can request anything for me to do just ask and make sure if you do subcribe then to click on the bell if you havent subcribed and you like my videos then do so if you want ok hope you have a good day/ night when ever your watching this and then i see you later! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #roblox #bloxburg
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roblox vet simulator
hope you enjoyed this random video! :D plz give me ideas one what to do it doesn't have to be roblox it can be anything (diys, covers, drawing, ect)
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channel update!!
one thing i forgot to mention was that im busy right now and i dont have a lot of time to make and upload videos which is why the last few have been short see you all new time byeeeeeeeee
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random drawing
hello hope u liked the drawing i'm sorry the recorder that i used to make this came with my painting app and it only recorded my steps
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K391 mystery: the escape game
Hope you enjoyed Sorry there was no audio I had a problem with the sound Go check out K-391! See you next time Byeeeeeeeeee #K391 #mystery
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making a obby
this video was uploaded the day after my birthday i messed up on roblox's release date i thought it was on my birthday but its in the release date was in September also you may wanna turn your volume up because im talking quietly, i recorded this really late
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my new into!!
hope you like it! plz subcribe (if you want) and request andthing that you want me to do!! also thanks for 40 subs!!! (were at 39 but close enough) only ten more till live streams ok thanks for watching byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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i'm back!!! playing more roblox  (read description)
sorry if you got a notification earlier for this video it was the unedited version also this video is very weird because i'm weird i'm back and better than ever i got a mic and learned how to edit please comment what you want me to upload and i need to call you guys something other than you guys so if you have a idea comment that to see you next time bye roblox user: winterthedolphin2121
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Intro?? what do you think
is this a good into what do think about it what do you want me to do next request anything
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the last guest fan art
im a big fan of the last guest and i made this a few days after it came out i hope you have an amazing new year and ill see you in 2019!! byeeeeee #thelastguest #thelastguestfanart
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happy holidays and merry christmas
hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! see you next year sorry that its not much im busy byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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bloxburg build battle with bumblebee games!
hope you enjoyed! comment down who you think won! see you next time! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #buildbattle
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