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Betta fish tank (voice and hand reveal 😆)
Hey guys this is my betta fish tank his name is cherry bomb a male veil tail, and I have a kuhli Loach. I will do how to care and feeding vids on him. Like, subscribe, and leave a comment down below. I appreciate it 😆.
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Birthday Crested Gecko Care Video (suggested)
Its my Birthday on 2 days Im hype!
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Update on my crested gecko slimshady!
Like and subscribe if you haven't already! Thank you!
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Daily feeding routine with my animals (read description)
Some of these animals I.E. my leapord gecko, and my eastern newts I dont feed daily and the crested gecko. Also I am changing my YouTube channel name to Corey's critters Also like and subscribe if you haven't already and have a great day everyone!
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How to care for swordtails (thx for the subs 😆)
Hey guys, thanks for the subs 😆 heres a how to care for swordtail video
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Maine herps
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THX FOR THE 5 SUBS! (Dead khuli loach 😭)
Hey guys, thx for the 5 subs. Today my bqby khuli loach died 😢
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38 gallon tank feeding (all my fish 😆)
Hey guys, this is my 38 gallon tropical fish tank feeding video. Like and subscribe for more content i apreciate it 😆
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Sad news in my bird cage 😢
A couple of days ago 1 of 2 of my pet parakeets named thorny sadly passed away a couple of days ago. Now i only have one. Should i get him a new friend?
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All my pets 2018
Views: 239 Corey's Exotics
Platys sparing
Views: 64 Corey's Exotics
Why I haven't been uploading lately
Last helping video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al-jiQBi7Zc
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Strait outta water
Views: 27 Corey's Exotics
My fish sleeping
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