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How to set up a hedgehog cage
In this video I will be doing a tour of my hedgehog Bailey's cage. I will also show you how to set up a hedgehog cage so your hedgie is happy and healthy. 😊😊😊
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My Daily Pet Routine!🐶🦔
Sorry I have not uploaded in a really long time. Hopefully you enjoyed the video! 😊😊😊
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Hedgehog oatmeal bath & quilling basics
Sorry for the really weird thumbnails on all my videos. I still don’t really know how to make one yet but hopefully I will learn soon!😊 Thanks for watching!
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My daily routine for my pet hedgehog
In this video I will show you my daily routine for my pet hedgehog Bailey. If you are planning to get a hedgehog this video can help you figure out how much work they are every day and if you have time to take care of one. 😁😁😁 Hedgehogs are very easy animals to take care of but you do need to make sure you take your hedgehog out to play every day so he/she can bond to you😊😊😊 Also if u are hearing a buzzing sound in the background of the video that is my fish tank. Lol
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4 easy diy toys for your small pet!🐹🐰
In this video I will be showing you how to make four 2 minute diy toys for any small pet!!!😀😀😀😀🐶🐰🐭🐹
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Pet spa day! (How I give my hedgehog and dogs a bath)
My hedgehog Bailey and my two dogs Oliver and Maggie were really dirty so I decided to give them all a bath today! Hedgehogs are nocturnal. At night they always run on their wheel and poop all over it. Because of this hedgehogs need baths! I like to give Bailey a bath in the sink. I always make sure the water is not cold to prevent hibernation. No matter how cute they are wet even hedgehogs hate baths!!!🐭😂😂 As you can tell from the video Oliver hates baths! He is such a big, goofy, and sweet dog but he can escape anything even a harness!🐻🐻 Just like the others Maggie also hates baths! Luckily she is so tiny compared to Oliver it only takes about 2 mins to clean her. But she always ends up dirtier then before her bath because she rolls in dirt!🐶🐶🐶
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All of my pets
In this video I will show you all my pets!🐶
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How to clean your hedgehog's cage!
In this video I will show u how I clean my hedgehog's cage!🐭😊😊😊
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The steps to follow when getting a pet hedgehog
Sorry I have not posted in a long time but I will try to post more often😊😊😊
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How to keep your hedgehog warm
Hoped u enjoyed!!! Like and subscribe for more! And comment questions if u what a QandA video.
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After school routine ( with pets🐶 )
In this video I will show you my after school routine with my pets!🐶🐭🐰🐹🐱 Comment questions for a Q&A!
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Winter Themed Hedgehog Cage Tour
Sorry I have not uploaded in a while. I have a couple more winter videos that I am going to upload😊 Happy holidays!!!!!
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Bailey the hedgehog eats at a restaurant
This was so fun and cute to make! Comment for more videos like this!
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Bedroom tour!
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Fun day at the beach vlog #1
Today was Father's Day so me and my family decided to go to the beach 🌊! First we went out to eat when it started raining ☔️! Luckily the rain stopped and we were able to have fun day at the beach! Sorry if it sounds weird at the end of the video. It was very windy and the waves were loud.
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All of my 12 pets
hope you enjoyed meeting all my babies:) sorry that my voice was so annoying when i showed off my hermit crabs. the video was too long and for some reason youtube would not let me post it so I had to speed up that part the make the video shorter.
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Christmas haul 2018
I’m Sorry this video was posted so long after Christmas but I hoped you enjoyed it anyway😊 Please watch out for my next video because made a video at an animal shelter hoping that I can send out an important message. ❤️ Hope you have a happy holiday!
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Summer road trip to North Carolina!⛰ vlog #2
This summer me and my family went on a week long road trip to North Carolina. We stayed in a fun, little cabin in the mountains! Hoped you enjoyed seeing all our adventures in this vlog!🙂🙂🙂
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Preparing For Halloween 👻 Vlog #4
Sorry his was uploaded a week after Halloween but I hope u enjoyed it anyway!😊 Comment any hedgehog care questions or videos u would like to see!😜 Happy late Halloween! 👻
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Basic hermit crab care
I finally learned how to do a thumbnail!
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Meet my new hermit crabs!
If you have any tips and concerns about the care of my Hermies then please leave them in the comments. I am new to hermit crabs and want to make sure I am giving them the right care!😊😊😊
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