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DeathNote-  "I can't decide"
just meant for entertainment! it's not the best but it was fun to make. Music in this video Learn more Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song I Can't Decide Artist Scissor Sisters Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Polydor); ASCAP, Spirit Music Publishing, UMPI, EMI Music Publishing, and 12 Music Rights Societies
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Speed Paint-Zombie Hand
i got bored so i decided to do a short speedpaint. it took 30 minutes without being sped up. hope you enjoyed!
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Town Of Salem- Oh great I'm Jester...
I hate to be jester but oh well
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Undertale on Melodica *READ DESCRIPTION*
in the phone incident, i will make a video about how it's going. here's a hint. just don't worry if you are. remember these are only the songs I know so far and the two first ones i'm still practicing so expect me to mess up. It's hard to find Undertale songs that will fit into three octaves so i'm still learning :D
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"I Hate Sundays" meme/edit
I just made an edit i was bored :/ I don't own any of the original content
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Slither io  R I P Sam The Marshmallow Stick
sorry that this episode is almost an hour it was just making up for being gone a month. hope you enjoyed! it's good to be back
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Google Feud #2 - Cant Get Anything Right!
hope you guys like my new outro
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Town Of Salem- Close call!
Sorry if I didn't talk at some parts. To be honest, i forgot i was recording at some parts so i was quiet but i got the chat zoomed for you guys at some points.
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Soooo this is just an introduction of my channel
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When you are bored so you create a random animation
I have nothing to do :T
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Would You Rather
sorry i couldn't record last week!
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Clever bot- BoiBot the alien
gotta get this in before camp! i'm gone for all of next week in orillia!
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Midnight Drawing
My brain decided 9PM was 9AM and started to draw and wanted to make a video out of it. this took over an hour without being sped up and I found later that it was ironic the the song was called "Can't Sleep"...after this I'm going to bed lol.
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yea... that happened
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This Is Not Ok.
My deep condolences to the family and friends who are going through loss and the people fighting for their lives in hospital. I realized in the editing when listening over, my voice sounds like I am laughing the slightest. I was going through a bit of anxiety while talking about this and my voice gets very shakey. I'd like to clear that up. This topic is no laughing matter
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The Cold Shoulder
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WikiHow- Why Are These A Thing?!
Hey, I'm Back!
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Good News!
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Eviebot- She fried me?!
Boibot is for the next video :D
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Doing Random Quizzes
I'm actually thinking of getting a FaceCam. idk.
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Any recommended games i can look up on google? Please comment them down below! Hope you enjoyed the video.
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Google Feud- Human Meat?!
I'M BACK! Told you i'd do something different :D
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