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Taking A break from YouTube......
I’m taking a brake from YouTube because of school and I’ve been very sad lately BUT don’t worry I will be back with more videos soon..... :)
Views: 35 Kaelynn Demontigny
Views: 72 Kaelynn Demontigny
Shoutout #3
Views: 27 Kaelynn Demontigny
Facts about coatis ( please read description)
I realized that the word part was moving to fast so you guys may pause the video if needed and I hope you will enjoy the video! 💖
Views: 27 Kaelynn Demontigny
Random Sunday
Views: 18 Kaelynn Demontigny
Pixel shark
Thank you for all your love and support! ( read description) 🐺
Thank you all for 6 subscribers, ya I know you should really celebrate when you hit 100 subs or something but hitting 6 is just great to me thank you all 👍🐺
Views: 22 Kaelynn Demontigny
Exsploring the woods #2 ( read description )
If I get 10 subscribers I will spend the night in the woods!
Views: 43 Kaelynn Demontigny
Sad news :l
Views: 49 Kaelynn Demontigny
Pixel dolphin ( please read description )
My friend Tiny Fish as you all know had one the shoutout, so for her reword up in-till next week I will do only pixel art of marine animals! 👏👍
Views: 12 Kaelynn Demontigny
Sleepy puppies!
Views: 27 Kaelynn Demontigny

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