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Shingeki No Dancing~
Just a big compilation of gifs I had, set to the song "Die Young" because that's basically the anthem of AoT ammirite? So um I don't own anything in this vid... enjoy the silliness! :P
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Victuuri - I Think I'm in Love [AMV]
Yaaay for Victuuri!.. or Viktuuri, however you wanna spell it. Yuri On Ice is amazing :D (sorry the quality's not so great D:)
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Killing Stalking - Blue Jeans [MMV]
A lil fucked up MMV for a very fucked up manhwa the song is Requiem for Blue Jeans by Bastille
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Levi Ackerman AMV - Dirty Work (ACWNR)
Re-uploading a better version, meaning there's no subtitles to ruin it :P Basically just a vid showing how Levi joined the Survey Corps, minus the whole tragedy part.
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Killing Stalking - Shady [MMV]
I was drunk when I started this and then for whatever reason, chose to finish it when I was sober. What a weird song choice tho. My favourite part is the sparkly jizz at the end lmao the song is Shady by Adam Lambert
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[Ereri/Riren] Fuck U Betta
it's exactly what you think it is
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