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Shingeki No Dancing~
Just a big compilation of gifs I had, set to the song "Die Young" because that's basically the anthem of AoT ammirite? So um I don't own anything in this vid... enjoy the silliness! :P
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Victuuri - I Think I'm in Love [AMV]
Yaaay for Victuuri!.. or Viktuuri, however you wanna spell it. Yuri On Ice is amazing :D (sorry the quality's not so great D:)
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Killing Stalking - Blue Jeans [MMV]
A lil fucked up MMV for a very fucked up manhwa the song is Requiem for Blue Jeans by Bastille
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Levi Ackerman AMV - Dirty Work (ACWNR)
Re-uploading a better version, meaning there's no subtitles to ruin it :P Basically just a vid showing how Levi joined the Survey Corps, minus the whole tragedy part.
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[Ereri/Riren] Fuck U Betta
it's exactly what you think it is
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Killing Stalking - Shady [MMV]
I was drunk when I started this and then for whatever reason, chose to finish it when I was sober. What a weird song choice tho. My favourite part is the sparkly jizz at the end lmao the song is Shady by Adam Lambert
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Everybody Loves Levi!
Back with another new pointless video made out of boredom to celebrate all the Levi ships in AoT (the more popular ones anyway, this dude is shipped with literally everyone) There's Levihan (Levi x Hanji), Eruri (Erwin x Levi), Ereri (Eren x Levi), Rivamika (Levi x Mikasa) and Rivetra (Levi x Petra) If you hate any of those ships or yaoi, don't bother watching,and don't complain if you watch anyway :P
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