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AOT AMV: Chibi Ereri/Riren - Die Young
I had great fun doing this Try not to cringe too much 😅 I only own the cutting Enjoy💕
Views: 462 Shinji Ikari
VLD AMV: Kallura - House Of Memories
That's a request from a beloved subscriber💕 She asked for something about Keith, and knowing that she loves this ship, I thought it would have been a good idea to make the video about it I only own the cutting Enjoy 😁
Views: 183 Shinji Ikari
Sailor Moon AMV: Haruka/Sailor Uranus - Womanizer
She really is a womanizer, and that's why we love her 😂 😍💕💕 I only own the cutting Enjoy 💙
Views: 31 Shinji Ikari
AOT AMV: Levi, Kuchel and Kenny - Things We Lost In The Fire
That's me attempting to make y'all cry! Just joking 😂 They've lost so much during their cruel lives, but the sweet memories of the time they spent together will never fade away I only own the cutting Enjoy🧡
Views: 12 Shinji Ikari
AOT AMV: Historia x Ymir - Unconditionally
It might seem silly to you, guys, but I really put my heart into this Both the song and the characters mean a lot to me I only own the cutting Enjoy💖
Views: 56 Shinji Ikari
AOT AMV: Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Eruri
I really wanted to make an AMV with this song, and I don't know why I thought this ship would fit well I only own the cutting Enjoy💕
Views: 91 Shinji Ikari
AOT AMV: Levi vs Kenny - Blood/Water
I tried to make it as badass as I could I personally loved Kenny and his heartwarming/heartbreaking relationship with Levi I only own the cutting Enjoy🔥
Views: 20 Shinji Ikari
MHA AMV: Hello/How Are You - Katsudeku
This AMV is a request from a beloved subscriber💕 I only own the cutting Enjoy 😊
Views: 78 Shinji Ikari
MHA AMV: Erasermic - More Than You Know (cover by JFla)
Erasermic is totally my favorite ship from My Hero Academia, so I kinda had to make something about those sweeties on my channel 💕 I only own the cutting Enjoy 🖤💛
Views: 75 Shinji Ikari
MLB AMV: Friends - Ladynoir/Adrinette
Are they really just friends? 😏 Let's see... I only own the cutting Enjoy 🐱💗🐞
Views: 15 Shinji Ikari
BANANAFISH AMV: Ash x Eiji - Porcelain
Who else loves this two? 😍 Banana Fish is really a great anime, so I really liked working on this AMV I only own the cutting and the filters Enjoy 😁💕
Views: 75 Shinji Ikari
VLD AMV: Keith Kogane - Boy You're So Kawaii
That's a bit trash, but I felt like making this anyway 😅 I only own the cutting Enjoy 😁
Views: 52 Shinji Ikari
YOI AMV: Yuri Plisetsky - Cool Like Me
A Yuri On Ice AMV 'cause I really love that anime Yuri Plisetsky is the coolest teen in the world! 🤩 I only own the cutting Enjoy 😁
Views: 55 Shinji Ikari
Me On Body Positivity
Hi, everyone 😁 As I say in the video, this is the first time I upload something on YouTube, so I'm a little shy while talking I decided not to cut anything anyway, 'cause this is how I wanna do my videos, I want them to be 100% true, this is just my choice for the channel There's also something I'd like to point out: there's a part in the video where I say Whitney lies when she says she's happy, but I really can't know weather she lies or not, that is just my impression 😅 ° ° Hope you all to enjoy this video Be productive in the comments 😉
Views: 67 Shinji Ikari
MultiFandom/Ships AMV (yeah, I am an anime fag who kinda sucks at editing)
Hi, everyone! That's my first AMV, and I did my best to make it as good as I could I know it's not perfect, but I'll try to improve my editing skills Enjoy the video and tell me if you'd like to see more like it 😁 PS I only own the cutting and the filters
Views: 26 Shinji Ikari
Me On What Happened Between Kalvin Garrah And Brennen
Mostly me defending Kalvin from the accusation of being somehow transphobic No hate towards anyone, just my interpretation of the intentions of a guy I really respect and value Enjoy 😁
Views: 18 Shinji Ikari

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