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Apple rosettes
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Howl's Moving Castle
bmb colorguard perf 25th October 2011
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bcg- east coast pictures
bowen colorguard rehearsal
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Earthfest singapore 2015/ 26 Sep 2015
Earth Fest 26/9/2015 Music: Smells like Summer- Early Hours
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365 days of gratitude 2016
On 1 Jan 2016, I decided to jot down something I was grateful for every day, for the next 365 days. It was a little challenge for myself, to see if I could find contentment and be thankful for a year straight, every single day, even on days when I'm a sodden gloomy cloud. To be honest, there were some days, one or two when I really couldn't think of something else to be grateful about without sounding cliche/ that didn't sound forced from my throat. But, I realised that for those days, I usually manage to list down a lot more things to be grateful for the next day, and that kind of off-sets the negativity from the previous day. After 365 days of thanksgiving, I have to say that gratitude has become innate in me and I've found it to be true that every day may not be good, but there is some good in every day. Cheers, han.
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