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Reveal of Louis Vuitton Monogram Noe GM
Hello, I hope you are all doing well!! I finally received a much anticipated LV handbag in the mail today! the classic Noe GM. I'm so excited to add this beauty to my collection 💕🌸 Hope you enjoy this short video of me opening it! I'll do a review and talk about the overall history and how it works/fits for my lifestyle of (this bag)in a few weeks! Can't wait to start wearing and using her! Thanks for watching! Cheers! 😘🎉 I'll add links shortly. Thanks! Follow me: IG: runningyogamom, luxestyle.shop🎉💕 FB: Jen Ison My dogs IG: konatheboxerr, hallethelabrador 🐾 Here are a few You tubers that inspired me to get this bag... HeyyitsJune WendythelovingFifty To be continued
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Coach Market Tote reveal
Hello, Here's a short video of me with my new Coach Tote. I absolutely love the color and size! Can't wait to wear her out today! If you're interested in a what fits, let me know! Thanks for watching! 😊🌸Cheers!! Jen ☀️ Thanks to my subscribers 😘Please like and share if you enjoyed this video! And Subscribe 💕💕I appreciate it and you! Coach Market Tote- all leather inside and out DK/Navy Teal Follow me: FB: Jen Ison IG: Runningyogamom My dogs IG: konatheboxerr, hallethelabrador 🐾 My IG shop: luxestyle.shop Poshmark: runningyogamom
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Part 2 New handbags & chat featuring MCM
Hi, Here's part 2 of my video...hope you like it!😊thanks for checking out my channel! Please be sure to give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this and subscribe...I'll see you next time! 💕😘~ Jen PS sorry, I was misinformed, only the handles, back panel strip and ties are leather. The rest of the bag material is visetos or coated canvas. I sell bags on Instagram at Luxestyle.shop and on Poshmark at Running yoga mom (Jen I)
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Unboxing Louis Vuitton pochette twin gm
Watch me as I unboxing my Louis Vuitton item that I purchased gently used from a member of Louis Vuitton addicts buy sell chat group 😀 Thanks for watching! Please like, subscribe and ask me any questions! Have a great day! Peace ✌🏻💕
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Unboxing Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
Hey guys, Hope you are all well and enjoying the new year! Cheers to you! Here is a very quick Unboxing and chat about an item I purchased in a Facebook Authentic Louis Vuitton but sell chat group. I love this group, shoutout to my seller, Jobina Elizabeth and to Louis Vuitton Addicted on fb! Please subscribe, Like and comment if you like these kind of videos. I'd love to hear from you! Also, am looking for a strap, cross body to wear with this speedy. Let me know in the comments if you use one and if you have any tips on using one. Thanks so much...🙏🏼😘💕 Here are the links to check out: www.louisvuitton.com -Official USA Website Speedy 30 Monogram Canvas -Handbags On Facebook: Louis Vuitton Addicted - Buy Sell Chat On Facebook: LalaLV Luxury Designer Consignment
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Another LV Louis Vuitton Reveal - Favorite PM or MM
Hello, welcome back! As usual, I'm super happy to show you my exchange from Louis Vuitton in Natick, MA. Hope you enjoy it..I don't edit my videos so I hope you can be patient with me, still figuring out how to cut to the chase! Lol Thanks so much for watching! I enjoy your comments and questions 😊 let's be subbies 🎉🎉Cheers, RYM 💕 Louis Vuitton Favorite MM $985 retail US My IG: luxestyle.shop, runningyogamom My dogs IG: konatheboxerr, hallethelabrador 🐾 FB: Jen Ison
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Unboxing Louis Vuitton Monogram bag and reveal
Hello and welcome back to my friends and new friends! Hope you're all having a great and fabulous Summer 🍉🍍☀️I wanted to share this Unboxing with you since I love watching your Unboxing, one of my favorite things to watch on YT..let me know if you have this LV and how you use it and how it fits into your lifestyle. I'm excited to have this back in my life! Cheers and see you next time! Thanks 😘😘~Jen aka runningyogamom 🎉🎉Update on my neverfull: I brought it into the LV store yesterday to get the leather handles and top of the bag which is also leather replaced with brand new vachetta 💥💥can't wait! It'll take 6-8 weeks..hope its worth it, I think it will! Follow me: FB | Jen Ison IG | Runningyogamom, Luxestyle.shop I sell on Poshmark | Jen I runningyogamom
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My LV luggage tag for Damier Ebene Speedy B 25
Hello, just sharing my luggage tag and short chat about my speedy b 25. Hope you like it! Have a great weekend!! ❤️ update: hi, im selling my red key cles/pouch that is featured in this video. Please send me a message if you're interested! Thx!
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Unboxing reveal Louis Vuitton Favorite pm
Hello, welcome back to my channel! I'm finally opening up my new LV bag that I purchased over the weekend and am so excited to share this with you! 😊 it's unedited so I apologize if it's not as polished as other reviewers on YouTube! I promise to learn how to edit soon! Hope you enjoy it! I'd love to hear your comments and or suggestions on this video and future vids you'd like to see. Hope you have a great day, week and month! 😘🌸Happy Spring!! & Namaste...thank you so much! Here's where you can find me: IG : runningyogamom Luxestyle.shop Fb and twitter: Jen Ison Bag featured: Louis Vuitton Favorite pm damier azur Purchased at the LV store in Natick, MA
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MM.LaFleur Unboxing Nov. 2016
Hi, I wanted to share my bento box from MM LaFleur. This is my second box and the clothes are amazing! Great fabrics and colors. They send you 5 items, with one being an accessory. I hope you like and share this video. Please let me know which dress(es) I should keep! I'm loving all of them ❤️. Please subscribe if you want to see more unboxings. Thanks for watching!! #inmyMM #MMlafleur
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My Louis Vuitton Noe GM with organizer - Samorga brand
Hi Lovelies, I wanted to show you how an organizer fits inside my LV Noe GM. This one is from Samorga and it's fits in the Speedy 30 as well! If you have any questions, please feel to leave them in the comments! Hope you are all well and thanks so much for watching! Cheers💕💕😘💥 Follow me: Instagram - Runningyogamom, Luxestyle.shop My dogs IG- konatheboxerr, hallethelabrador 🐾🐾 FB- Jen Ison Bag: Louis Vuitton vintage Monogram Noe GM circa 1997 Organizer: Samorga for LV Speedy 30 www.samorga.com
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My new handbags & chat- part 1-Coach, Longchamp & MCM
Hi again and thanks for watching me as I show and talk about my new handbags for the Summer! Please let he know if you have these brands and what you think of them. I love your comments and learning from all of you! Have a wonderful day! Til next time! Cheers..Jen aka RYM 😊 Sorry, this vid was cut off when I tried editing..lol Please watch part 2 to see my mcm Tote bag reveal. Thanks! Brands mentioned in this video: Coach Longchamp MCM Tory Burch Chanel Follow me: Facebook: Jen Ison Instagram: Runningyogamom, Luxestyle.shop
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Good Morning! Chat and gratitide😊
Hello, I hope you are having a great morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are! 😊it's a beautiful day here in Massachusetts ☀️🌺 Shout out to my wonderful subbies, I appreciate you, I love your comments and your kindness! 😘😘 Stay tuned for a Giveaway in the next week.., I'll announce it and choose a winner next week , so please Like this video and Subscribe to my channel. And finally, Share this video to be a part of the giveaway! 🎉🎉thank you! YouTubers to thank for my obsession: JerushaCouture heyyyJune LadyB MylovingfiftyWendy AngelaHoffman aka thatcrazyhandbaglady Kimchella LVlovercc QueenofSheba And so many more!! 😍😍😍 Thank you so much for your inspiration!
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Unboxing Louis Vuitton Eva clutch
Here's my first LV item in the damier ebene print. Hope you like it! If you'd like a review in this I hope to get to it next month! Please like and subscribe if you like these types of videos..ill have many more to come..thanks!! 😊👜
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The Zoe Report- Box of Style Summer 2017
Hi and welcome back to my channel. I'm sharing with you The Summer 2017 Box of Style and what's in it! Hope you like it! And if you do, please like and if you haven't already, subscribe..Thanks and have an awesome day!! See you next time 💕🌸~Jen P.S. the kimono featured in this video does have a matching fabric belt 😊 Rachel Zoe- the Zoe Report Box of Style subscription box Follow me: FB: Jen Ison Instagram : Runningyogamom, Luxestyle.shop My dogs: 🐾🐾❤️ Instagram: Konatheboxerr, Hallethelabrador
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(Selling this LV) Unboxing my Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano (sold)
Mail came in and I did a quick opening of my pre-loved handbag. Hope you like it! I did not edit so please pardon if it becomes boring or weird! Thanks for watching! Please like and subscribe, I'm new at this 😊 I appreciate any feedback..thank you❤️ Hi guys, so this beautiful Cabas piano is For Sale..let me know if you're interested!! Thanks😘
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Tiffany necklace and Louis Vuitton crossbody mono strap
Opening my mail. Both purchased on buy sell chat groups on Facebook. Hope you like my video, please subscribe if you want to see more. Thank you!! 😊xo Facebook: -Jen Ison -Tiffany addicted buy sell chat -Louis Vuitton Addicted buy sell chat Instagram: Runningyogamom Konatheboxerr Hallethelabrador
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Unboxing Louis Vuitton & Chat - Speedy 25 B damier ebene
👜This is a highly anticipated handbag reveal that I'm so excited to have in my collection! Thanks so much to Christine who got this item for me at the London Heathrow airport shop-Terminal 5 ❤❤ Hello there, Hope you're all having a great day! There's still snow in the ground here in NE but hopefully it'll all melt away soon to make way for Spring! 🌸yayy! So, I thought I'd do a fun video chat and unboxing with my good friend, Christine who is such a huge LV fan and it's one of the things we have in common & why we get along so well! Love her❤. Ok so I really hope you enjoy this short vid, please comment below if you do and please like, subscribe and share! I would so appreciate it! Thank you so much! Peace 😘🙏🏼💕 I would like to thank several You tubers who I love watching and have inspired me to get this LV style bag. JerushaCouture, heyyyjune, LalaLV, Wendy S The Loving Fifty and Minks4All 😘😘 Here are the details: Follow me: Instagram: Runningyogamom Luxestyle.shop My dog's Instagram: Konatheboxerr Hallethelabrador FB: Jen Ison I sell on: Poshmark: runningyogamom And FB group: Louis Vuitton Addicted Buy sell chat Featured handbag: Louis Vuitton Speedy B 25 in damier ebene
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Opening my mail-Louis Vuitton Unboxing..mini pouchette and chat
Hello, sorry about the beginning of this 😂 Watch me as I open my mail! Hopefully it's what I think it is. It's my pre-loved LV mini Pochette from Japan! Thank you Zhai for quick delivery 😊 hope I pronounced your name correctly, if not Sorry! This was a last minute video I threw together on the fly, I just came back from the gym and running. Was super happy to receive this from my Mail lady..Hope you like it! Please like and subscribe if you like these types of videos. Thank you!! 😘💖☀️enjoy your day!!
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Vlog Sale- Louis Vuitton SPEEDY B / NOE GM / EMELIE Wallet
Hello friends, subbies and new subbies! Welcome to my channel and thanks for watching! I am clearing out my closet and offers some of my gently used and great condition handbags by Louis Vuitton. Authentic, of course! Check out this sneak peek and I’ll list the prices and detailed description below shortly. If you are interested or have any questions you can leave a comment or email me directly at [email protected] 💥💕Thanks for watching! If you like this video please like and share with your friends and subscribers. Happy almost Winter!! 🌲🎁xo Jen Correction: the first bag is a Speedy 25 in monogram print Not a bandoliere style. This sale is First come, first serve basis there are no holds and all sales are Final 😊 All items are Authentic 1- Speedy 25 Monogram print 2008 model No marks on canvas, light color handles comes with a lock and key, as described in video. Also a dust bag! $575 plus shipping 2- Speedy bandoliere 25 Damier Ebene print 2017 - new, only used 2-3x bought at London Heathrow Comes with lock and 2 keys, dust bag and box/ribbon (extra postage) $1275 plus shipping 3- Emilie wallet with red interior in monogram print from 2007 original model. As described in video only used less than 1 year. Great wallet, comes with large dust bag. $375 shipping included. - SOLD 💕💕💥💥thank you, Jen
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Louis Vuitton Speedy B Unboxing & chat
Hello everyone and Welcome to my channel. So I thought this would be a quick video but I was wrong! Forgive me...hope you enjoy some or all of it! Lol. I actually found out that indeed the J initial was done correctly. Now I'm thinking that I should have gotten 2 initials on the tag. Now I'll know for next time. I still love it! Ha Thanks for watching! Please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and I would love for you to subscribe and share! I'm gearing up to do my very 1st Vlog sale and I'll have a prize to giveaway! Please stay tuned! Cheers and ❤, Jen aka runningyogamom FB: Jen Ison IG: runningyogamom, luxestyle.shop My dogs IG: konatheboxerr and hallethelabrador
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Opening my mail- LV key pouch and bag charm
Hello, Hope you're doing well today! It's time to see what I got in the mail! First one is from 2TAGramercy in NYC ❤️I purchased this item pre-loved. 2nd item is from Markitta 🌸 I want to thank my new friend, Markitta aka Ms.Kita for being such a sweet person and gifting me a beautiful handmade bag charm 💕🌸Girl, you're the best!! Thank you thank you! Please check out her Channel..she has great videos of her favorite music, handbags, lifestyle, etc. Ms.Kitta Thanks for watching! Cheers! ~RYM Follow me: FB: Jen Ison IG: runningyogamom, luxestyle.shop (shop my IG) Poshmark: Jen I (runningyogamom)
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LV handmade charm Unboxing
Just a quick little Unboxing of my charm that I received😊 hope you like it! I'll add the links to the fb page for the Handmade LV charms. And also pics of the bag I put my charm on 💕thanks for watching! xo
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Dec. 2015  stitch fix Unboxing-unedited Part 1
Here I am showing you my latest fix, it's my 7th this year. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks! xx p.s I love watching stitch fix unboxings, please be kind 😄and like my vid and channel.
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Hello, it's been awhile 😊Vlog sale coming soon!! Louis Vuitton, etc.
Hi and thanks for clicking on this vid! It's great to be back! Have a great day and stay tuned for more... 😘🎉
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Lilly Pulitzer Unboxing
Hello, This is my Unboxing of a few items that I ordered online last week! Hope you like it!! I'll share more vids with you soon! If you enjoyed this, please like and subscribe to my new channel... Thanks guys!! xxoo Runningyogamom aka Jen 😍
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Friday mail Unboxing - Louis Vuitton items
I took this video about 2 weeks ago..had trouble loading it here.. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for watching. If you have any questions about any of the items, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you😊 Again, I'm new to doing videos, so please understand and hope you like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks guys! 😘💕
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Unboxing Louis Vuitton Neverful MM
Watch us open our mail! My daughter and I love getting packages in the mail and wanted to share this one with you! Our boxer, Kona was pretty excited too! This one was purchased pre-loved in a Facebook group which I will link below 😊Hope you enjoy watching! Please like and subscribe to my channel..many more unboxings and everyday videos of random and daily life happenings! Thanks guys!❤️ Fb group: www.fB/LV addicted buy sell chat www.louisvuitton/us Instagram: runningyogamom, Konatheboxerr, luxe style.shop
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Unboxing Tory Burch handbag
We got mail! Just a quick and fun video i took with my daughter. I purchased this handbag in the Tory Burch online private sale via Facebook. It was a great deal..but watch what happens 😬 hope you like it! Please comment, like and subscribe! Thanks so much for watching! ❤️
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The Zoe Report-Box of Style Fall 2016 part 1
Watch me as I inbox my very first Box of Style by Rachel Zoe. This is part 1...please watch part 2, I apologize..I had to end this video abruptly 😬
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The Zoe Report-Box of Style Fall 2016 part 2
Hello again, this is the continuation of my Unboxing..Part 2😊 thanks so much for watching! Please if you enjoyed this, like this and subscribe to my channel..I'd love to see your videos as well! Tag and share!! ❤️
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After You, book by Jojo Moyes - September 29, 2015
Unboxing new book "After You" by Jojo Moyes
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