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The Assassin Class/gachalife\part 4
Here you go!^^
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The Assassin Class/gacha life\part 5 (read description pliz)
How i promised i posted it on MONDAY! Song:Silent Scream Sorry if thats part was tooo short... Okay next will be longer...
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Gacha life vines(part1)4.3+k special
Sorry if i copied a littleT-T ORIGINAL IDEA:Shadow Chan My favorite gachatuber:3 Ask DARES &QUESTIONS Lov you all
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♤Behind the Cameras♤ (Mini movie) Christmas+ 10k+speacial(lil bit too late-_-)
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year guys!!!❤ Thank you for 10k cookies!!❤😍 I luv you all guys!❤
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#saveyourinternet  i really hate article 13
Guys you can use the vid too post it on your Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,YouTube,Amino or something else. We need to stop article 13. (Sorry that i took a really looong breakT^T.i hope i will be redy with the dare vid soo Tomorrow or in 2 dayss Idk...)
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For my best friend.
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I'm bored ok? XD
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||•Cute & Hot•|| ~meme~
Don't judge me please T^T
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Fanart contest!;3
Just ignore the music in the background (-_-) K,here some tips: 1.You can choose 2 of mah characters and draw them And yeah good luck!^^
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The Assassin Class||•Season 1•||Episode 8(?)
Sowry for not posting T^T Here is a gift for ya'll ^^
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◇New intRo◇
Haaaaaay People,i wandet to say that..... The part 5(the assassins class)will come on Monday!! Im soooo sorryT~T ABOUT THE NEWW SERIES: ............................................... Bruh idk......... I have no idea XD
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#littlegirlmapforlight part 26+27 here you go^^(red description)
I will delete it later after the whole map is done^^ Hope you like it:3
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