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Names Have Been Changed - Last Tango version
A TRAILER for a novel? Yep, why not? The first of several "mock-ups" of a video trailer to an explosive new media novel, this version is composed almost entirely of stills save for a few seconds of stock video.
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Purim Uncensored: Groggers Gone Wild!
The evening Megillah reading in shul, March 2008
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Un-Still Life With Friends
If you REALLY care about your friends, you'll do them in digital watercolor! Comprised of stills and outtakes from previous videos, my favorite guinea pigs in their full French impressionistic glory with my interpretation of Carla Bruni's haunting ballad.
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Names Have Been Changed 2- Penina version
The second of a series of experimental "novel trailers" for the explosive, yet-to-be published novel.
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Savannah Republic
YouTube's It Girl heads for the coastal South to form her own micronation...and here's her sendoff present!
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