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Drunk woman pissing on the NYC subway Fail
Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center (New York City Subway) Drunk woman pissing in public Fail
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Drunk Girl Takes A Piss In An Elevator
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Drunk Girl wants to Piss
A drunk girl wakes me up at 4 AM demanding I open the door and let her use my hotel bathroom. This happens at the Courtyard Marriott Wilkes-Barre Arena hotel, on the evening of 2017-07-14. Several attempts were made to get her to leave prior to the start of this video. She reeked of alcohol. I do not know this woman, Brian, or Rachel.
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Drunk girl takes piss in parking lot at XTU Country Concert in Camden NJ 06/04/11
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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I peed on Shane Dawson. You wish this was clickbait.
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Drunken piss in the street
Views: 21179 Space Cadet
"I Can't Hold It!"
Daisy Dukes x3. Apparently these folks have been here for a while. Everybody is about to piss themselves. These folks claim I am a "fed" because I am recording police. I guess I have plenty more work to do.
Views: 1562250 Tom Zebra
Sexy girl can't hold her pee (p1)
Sexy girl can't hold her pee (p1)
Views: 163005 Johnson Marc
Lanisha piss drunk @ Mandalay bay
Wine tasting :) a little too much wine
Views: 16362 blzogg
Lanisha piss drunk again after wine night
Lanisha with her stash so drunk she can't even talk
Views: 30047 blzogg
Drunk girl pissing in public Carpark
Public pissing
Views: 382075 peter pappa
Drunk Girl Pissing in front of Police Officers
Drunk Girl Pissing in Public in Front of Police Officers (Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong) From the video it was clear that the girl was so drunk that she treated the street as her private toilet and pissed in public in front of everybody including the police officers. It did feel a bit weird though that the police officer didn't do anything about it and just pretend they didn't see it. Maybe that's how policing works in Hong Kong? Anyway this was all caught on camera by people passing by. The background is obviously the D'aguilar Street of Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong where people from all over the world come for a couple of drinks and call it a trip to Hong Kong... With this prevalent "alcohol social" culture, it wouldn't be surprising if you see a girl like this on the street one day doing exactly the same. To this girl in the video, tomorrow will be just another fine day when she's sob. But not so lucky for others. It wouldn't be surprising for example to see girls losing their virginity when drunk and regret for life. It would also be common to see more and more girls getting STD from their "alcohol social" life filled with unprotected sex. Do you even know what a condom is for when you're drunk, ladies? Girls, think twice before you drink. -------------------------------------------------------------- Talking about Hong Kong, the city is a lot more than just alcohol and Lan Kwai Fong. If you happen to be travelling there, be sure to carry this handy guide book with you: https://amzn.to/2urh5Z2, which will hopefully save you a lot doing homework and detouring.
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funny drunk dance a.k.a. piss anal.
christmas day 2011 funniest shit i ever seen, my brother jonno dancing in a dress and taking a header off of the clothes line in a dress sorry mate had to put this one up lol
Views: 3187 simon Mudie
me taking a piss in public. I was drunk
me urinating in public because I was drunk
Views: 7946 Laura M Rezk
Twin sister pissing outside her house when shes drunk
my twin sister rang me when she was drunk asking me to pick her up after she kicked off that she lost her house keys, after i opened the door for her, she suddenly disappeared, only to find my twin sister pissing outside her house
Views: 13136 Dash Wag
Drunk Orlando Pirates Fan Piss His Pants - Only In South Africa Funny
Drunk Orlando Pirates Fan Piss His Pants - Only In South Africa Funny
Drunk piss fail
Drunk at our hotel attempting to piss. Fail!
Views: 112142 Derek Brown
Guy takes drunk girl's phone out of piss
Drunk girl pees, doesn't notice phone is in toilet, and 20 minutes later my friend finds it in the toilet and takes it out.
Views: 978 Jack Weil
Fake Fifty - Make Me Drink A Drunk Girl's Piss
Classic song -Video Upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com
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Piss yourself drunk .5!
Views: 606 Jim Byers
Drunk lady piss in public!
White Plains Rd in th e bx
Views: 39895 Shaenna Burress
friend pissing on couch after drunk 25th birthday
watch as he fights to sit up, then cant stand. and then lays in it.
Views: 17129 Anthony Gandolfo
Drunk Girls On Good Guys
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Piss Drunk in Girl's Clothes
in this video: It Wasn't Me - Shaggy *WE DO NOT OWN THIS SONG*
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Drunk pissing lol
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 116317 dante spriggs
So this just happened, 23rd August Drunk urinating woman
Sat at home watching my CCTV cameras and this just happened. The people who live above us are drug dealers, specialising in crack cocaine, I think this may be one of their clients.
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Drunk people urinating in the street in Hoxton
The many clubs and bars in Old Street attracts a constant stream of drunken people that cannot be bothered to walk 50 yards to a urinal and prefer to piss in the nearest side street. This goes on all night, all weekend and is a source of distress to the local residents especially the elderly people who reside on the ground floor of the estate. Since posting this video contact has been made from Islington council who are making efforts to help remedy what are obviously unacceptable living conditions.
Views: 342073 Barry Monk
Drunken piss pants
Views: 502 Jennifer Kotrba
Peeing Yourself
Peeing. We all do it. Sometimes we do it at the wrong time. I'm not perfect. I hope this doesn't change the way you look at me. Thank you Spechie for helping me color ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/missycocolover Carson also helped ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPMcVr51Ml-5YDpAmZGBUA 'winning sound effect' when the word of the day was said ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLT2erau3zo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/Theodd1sout Website ➤ https://theodd1sout.com/
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White Girls At The Club
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Marina drunk pissing
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 135709 Abby lala
Big girls peeing video after drinking Gorkha beers In Nepal
Big girls peeing video after drinking kingfisher beers In India
Views: 2131 Govinda Govinda
Drunk man falls over wall taking piss
Hilarious, drunken dude takes a piss in broad daylight, recorded from pub over the road
Views: 13508 peaurt
Girl have to pee Jouvert Brooklyn
via YouTube Capture
MGTOW Driver rejects horny desperate drunk woman
In case you want to see more from Kenny Bardwell: here his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ClwoHVGOc1FDRohQCpW4g/about
Views: 18893 f3mh8r HiDef
Standing drunk piss
video uploaded from my mobile phone
Views: 599 cleandrix
Drunk pissing on a cop
the title says is all
Views: 17008 Luffy511

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