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進撃の巨人 / Attack on Titan Funny Gif Compilation - Part 2

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I didn't make any of the gifs seen in this video. I don't own the music used. Well, here it is! I finally finished making the sequel! :D I honestly never expected to get more than 1,000 views on the original video... So it really makes me happy that it got so many views and that people actually thought it was funny! :) And also, thank you everyone for over 250 subs! :3 Music used: Caramell - Caramelldansen P.S. Mikasa can be REALLY scary sometimes... *shudders*
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Text Comments (243)
Alicja Krupa (1 hour ago)
2:31 😂😂😂😂
Johanna Pino (22 days ago)
0:40 se mamaron con esto jaja
Ereri ! (3 months ago)
Levi Ackerman (5 months ago)
It was not funny at all...
Tamara Brown (5 months ago)
CARAMELLDANSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍🤣😭🤯🤯😍😘😎😺🤗😆😊😉😋😍😎😛🤪😳😺😻😻
ティーアイス (5 months ago)
Pop tart (5 months ago)
Why did I laugh so mch
merry mery (6 months ago)
Marco's everywhere
Cat C. (6 months ago)
Levi Ackermann (6 months ago)
my reputation is lost
Draco Shy (7 months ago)
1:08 im.in.tears.
the SPOILER man (7 months ago)
1:47 hange:i ship it
Ah Ran Woo (8 months ago)
sa m'a tuée à 2:01
Jeff The killer (9 months ago)
0:15 they see me rolling they hating
xovanilla - (10 months ago)
I want eren to be my mom and levi to be my dad
Eren Jaeger (1 year ago)
2:31 why u do this
Armin . L (1 year ago)
Mikasa: scary eyes* She is a Titan NOT your waifu. I'm your waifu GOT THAT? Eren: Y-Yes.. Mikasa:Good
Armin . L eren: actually my waifu is Levi Levi : hell yeah
Skyswipe (1 year ago)
I have a cough right now and lets just say this video is just a bit too funny for me to handle... XD
angelo super (1 year ago)
You straordonary i love you re videos
Chimmy meets Agust D (1 year ago)
The first one...OMG.
Akina Kuraiko (1 year ago)
0:34 Levi looks like slenderman with a face 😂 (sorry for my bad english. I speak german)
The AoT master (8 months ago)
Akina Kuraiko that was Marco
ZEN Ryu (1 year ago)
kawaii- potato (1 year ago)
0:48 i died XD
Rivai Akkaman (1 year ago)
What the fuck did i just watched
Mikelarx Koel (1 year ago)
1:08 XD
Tiffany Eashappie (1 year ago)
i like when i got hit by levi
Yami Avatar (1 year ago)
0:58 XD
Fubuki Shirou (1 year ago)
01:07 Jean think it was Mikasa but it was eren 😂😂😂
Eren Jaeger (1 year ago)
Ultra!Beta (1 year ago)
the last one was pretty intense RIP eren you better run from mikasa
Noor x (1 year ago)
Tueuse Survivor MW (1 year ago)
Onyx (1 year ago)
Freckled Jesus!!!! He died for our sins RIP MARCO he is only HALF the man he was ( too soon?)
Hanne Abaquita (1 year ago)
what is this??
FloresCake (2 years ago)
The first one OM XD
HermyTheSkrub (2 years ago)
I died when Marco fell out of the window and did an awkward pose, while laughing like a physco, My mom came in at the time and she said "Erica, are you okay?" Help Me T-T
alva eriksson (2 years ago)
THIS SONG IS IN SWEDISH I KNOW WHAT THEY'RE SINGING omg everyone listened to this in like 2nd grade
xPsychoticRebelx (2 years ago)
this is stupid I did not search for this I searched for the gifs with people running from a group and it playing the theme song
The Pheonix Gamer (2 years ago)
the power puff scouts
The Pheonix Gamer (2 years ago)
I like the music
Hitlerspimp II (2 years ago)
LOL XD Funny
AnimatorBL (2 years ago)
0:25 LOL XD
Avatar (2 years ago)
Hanji looks so happy about it xD by 1:47
Usuxkoh (2 years ago)
First song?
Yato (2 years ago)
bonjour !
Kanabis • (1 year ago)
Yato bonjour toi
dom (2 years ago)
I love these lol
E LLOSSA (2 years ago)
Are they could tell me how do you put the head of a manga character on the people in the video ? Thank you in advance !
Swan Santos (2 years ago)
Does somebody know where 0:42 comes from?
Antonia Dragongirl (2 years ago)
Tryin' here to concentrate not to laugh but I can't.I simply can't.This is too funny
Арсений (2 years ago)
What happened with the first part? Where's it?
CreamyIcy (2 years ago)
This is so good
Nat42misaki Krukaset (2 years ago)
what is song name?
exogenesis91 (3 years ago)
Japanese caramelldancen
Samira Flores (3 years ago)
Kawaii Panda XD (3 years ago)
1:08 lol Jean think that was Mikasa suddenly is Eren  XD
siLeNCe (3 years ago)
eh (3 years ago)
Sometimes I watch these at 3am. I need a life.
Freckled Jesus (3 years ago)
Gemma Lewis (2 years ago)
Freckled jesus died for our sins
Descory Effendy (3 years ago)
the endiiiiiing..... i cant stop laughing. Wakakakakakaka.........
Stage play (3 years ago)
02:19 I don't ship it but DAMN that's cute! >w<
Levi Ackermann (5 months ago)
Hannabanna 101 (5 months ago)
Levi Ackermann bruh weren't we talking a while ago?
Levi Ackermann (5 months ago)
i can't understand you ....sorry iam not american
Hannabanna 101 (5 months ago)
Levi Ackermann ikr but I guess I'll talk to some other levi peeps
Levi Ackermann (5 months ago)
look i don't think isayama wants to be any gays in his anime or any bad things so i don't really think we can be together and even if isayama got me and eren together mikasa wont leave us alone
Jed Taylor (3 years ago)
did some body say......TITANS!!!!
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru (3 years ago)
Marco falls out of windows so gracefully xD
jojimochii (3 years ago)
Right now, there are 123,666 views. Guess what? That was me. I'm the 123,666th viewer.
Nadine Limoico (3 years ago)
the "i came " part....i got nosebleed and still laughing
Andrea Quiñones (3 years ago)
1:10 how's this video name
青栗山 (3 years ago)
Ha gayyyyyy!!!!
I want to die (3 years ago)
Our fandom needs help.... Jk this is beautiful I could watch it forever!!
Ren Jam (3 years ago)
hahahaha i love it so much what is name is song please
Ren Jam (3 years ago)
+Len Kagamine thank you 😊😊😊☺☺
Chips Dubbo (3 years ago)
0:38 He's only half way out the window.
Êrëñ Jãêgēr (11 months ago)
Chips Dubbo nuhhhh 😭 XD
kawaii- potato (1 year ago)
Chips Dubbo i hate u ;-;
Gemma Lewis (2 years ago)
jas (3 years ago)
Admin~ nO
Nina Dimaandal (3 years ago)
OMG lmfao XDD
alane (3 years ago)
The PSC (Power Survey Corps) one was hilarious lmao it all makes sense now! o.o
Pinkamena Diane Pie (3 years ago)
0:36 omfg Marcos are u okey?
The AoT master (8 months ago)
Pinkamena Diane Pie Marco*
Pastel Takashi (3 years ago)
0:34 - 0:38 the true story behide Marco's death! r.i.p Marco
sunkist (3 years ago)
Marco falling out the window 11/10 XD
Pastel Takashi (3 years ago)
2:21 - 2:28 I'm dying because I'm laughing that hard!
Faith No More (3 years ago)
I lost my seriousness at snoopdawg HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Faith No More (3 years ago)
Levi: Bonjour, fangirls...
Jed Taylor (3 years ago)
I almost died with laughter when I saw levi in the sleeping bag
moree vega (3 years ago)
I love that song so kawaii cage me laughing at the end xD
Candyholic 🈵 (3 years ago)
Kyrssybel (3 years ago)
1:08 XDDDD
Kyrssybel (3 years ago)
The Mikasa ending. XD
Vitanni Jackson (3 years ago)
Freckled Jesus take the wheel! Why... Why... T-T
GuninGames/Ashely (3 years ago)
0:42 LOL
Aiden Bodkins (3 years ago)
Someone needs to draw grumpy cat sitting on Levi's lap and Levi not giving a single fuck.
Faith No More (3 years ago)
+Aiden Bodkins I'm making that a thing you can thank me later ;)
honk (3 years ago)
Shut the Fuck up, Jaeger.
Caleb U. (3 years ago)
1:08 lmfao so funny
Kawaii Goddess (3 years ago)
Freckled jesus take the wheel!!!
The Little Frenchie (3 years ago)
Suis-je la seule à me poser quelques questions? x)
Justine Poussin (1 year ago)
Franchement... NonxD
Kyurem 24 (3 years ago)
Natty BoBatty (3 years ago)
2:19 I want this one as my wallpaper
Dragon queenz (3 years ago)
1:53 oh yes some one finally did it
Dragon queenz (3 years ago)
0:42 ....... I DIED
Kenya Villafuerte (3 years ago)
What's the name of song?
Kenya Villafuerte (3 years ago)
Levi turtle:) Yes Eren Titan X)
McWendys (3 years ago)
+Purplepanda productions
McWendys (3 years ago)
idk why it's funny XD
Get Schwifty (3 years ago)
watching the anime like "this is the bleakest thing ever" then seeing the fandom is a night and day difference XD
Italy (3 years ago)
I came         ║ ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ ║
Bebo Bebo (3 years ago)
omg mikasa you are just oh my god shit poor eren
Why do i feel as if makeing lyrics for the song. >_>
OsuGFX (4 years ago)
KyuunRin Lee (4 years ago)

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