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Trends to Save or Stash 2017 | Episode No. 9

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I don't know about you, but one of my New Year rituals is to go through my closet and purge! Getting rid of anything that classifies as clutter so the next year can feel like a fresh, clean slate full of the things that I actually love wear. There's always a few pieces however that I get stuck on. Will this be cool next spring? Should I hang onto this? Or get rid of it? And as I was sifting through my closet, I couldn't help but think that some of you might be wondering the same. Here are my predictions for a few items you can stash, and the most wearable looks you can save...or make sure to stack up on as we start to see epic January sales in 2017. Spring wardrobe, here we come! SHOP THE 2017 TRENDS // Details & product links in todays blog post! http://margoandme.com/video/save-or-stash-trends-2017/ SUBSCRIBE // www.youtube.com/c/margo&me CONNECT WITH MARGO & ME BLOG // http://margoandme.com/ SNAPCHAT // @margoandme INSTAGRAM // https://www.instagram.com/margoandme/ TWITTER // https://twitter.com/iammargoandme FACEBOOK // https://www.facebook.com/margoandme PINTEREST // https://www.pinterest.com/margoandme/ ABOUT MARGO & ME Margo & Me is a digital destination for millennial women to visit and feel inspired to see the über feminine and delightful side of life in every moment of every day. Our stories of fashion, lifestyle and travel are colorful, aspirational and attainable but most importantly created with authenticity, love and admiration for the magnificent and grand world around us. VIDEO CREDIT Video by Tim & Co SONG BY Sam Moses - Got a Secret FTC This Video is NOT Sponsored
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Text Comments (127)
Victoria Muir (1 month ago)
A “freezing cold California Winter” would be June in Newport Beach. The other eleven months are California Summer.
Diby Doodle (8 months ago)
man your videos are so great, i wish they were longer....
Madame R (9 months ago)
I love voluminous shirts (like puffy sleeves or bell sleeves, peasant top blouses, etc.) and voluminous skirts worn together, I don't care if it's in trend or not or if stupid trends say to not wear both together, I hate pencil skirts and jeans (so uncomfortable once you stop wearing them and only wear skirts and dresses) or anything too modern looking anyway so I will not wear a pencil skirt or jeans with a voluminous top just because of trends. That's the good thing about wearing "antique" classical styles is that it never goes out of style because it is never a trend/in style in the first place and isn't fast fashion that you throw away each season.
Hafsa Aftab (10 months ago)
can you do video this for 2018?
Irene Curran (1 year ago)
Rajendra Biswas (1 year ago)
nice wallpaper
sharron Vassell (1 year ago)
I love and will wear all the tops that you are gettimg rid of
Dominika Frelkowska (1 year ago)
great video! love the military trend :) can you tell me where is your dress from? it's gorgeous!
annabelle7123 (1 year ago)
I think we still have off shoulder style coming in sweaters here (in Seoul) still love your tips ;)
Adisa Jakupovic (1 year ago)
hmm, i don't know about 'stashing' the off the shoulder trend. i still see a lot of brands coming out with a lot of them in different styles. and honestly. i wouldn't buy pieces in the first place just because they're trendy just to get rid of them next season because they're not 'cool' anymore. what a waste of money and space in your wardrobe.
MaryLisa N (1 year ago)
The Goodnight Macaroon coat is so cute!
Rhaiza Robles (1 year ago)
Love your videos. So beautiful!
Arina Yaghoubi (1 year ago)
God, she's great!!!!!!!!
Emilly Saunders (1 year ago)
i hate pink ,but,your dress is so beautifull!
Rebeca Barrera (1 year ago)
Love your dress! Where did you buy it?
Little Life Guru (1 year ago)
Where can we get your dress! Love love love it! Great vid too thanks
Anna Bernardova (1 year ago)
Please, stop with the fast fashion!
Ms. EssentiaList (1 year ago)
How did i live without u???
RhubarbCustard (1 year ago)
where did you get your dress from?
Harriet Allen (1 year ago)
Voluminous tops are out, but then you say stash your voluminous skirts because we're going to see more volume on top. Fashion is so post-truth :')
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Ah but if you listen, I say that the volume is going to be coming through in bell sleeves and not through shoulders. Just a different direction :)
Sneha Mandal (1 year ago)
Is THAT real leopard furrr?If It then SHAME ON you.
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Hahha! Don't throw shame so easily my sweet. Thanks Gabriela for taking the words out of my mouth.
Gabriela Barzu (1 year ago)
Sneha Mandal Of course it's not. Nobody uses real leopard pelts anymore, much less Zara!
Eva Aquarini (1 year ago)
but the blue skirt is too lovely to stash....maybe it will come in trends again in 2/3 years
Shelbi Snell (1 year ago)
Eva Aquarini I would honestly just wear it anyways.
Kay2be2mr (1 year ago)
I own none of these!
Jana Hudson (1 year ago)
I'm super curious who started the whole "what's in, what's out" trend? Not bashing her, I realize she's giving her predictions on the matter but seriously when did it originate and why? I mean trends are continually repeated throughout history so why do "they" say when we should and shouldn't wear certain styles. I see this in fashion magazines, blogs, fashion sites ALL THE TIME! Again I realize she's just giving her opinion/predictions on it and Im aware I don't have to adhere to these standards but I'm so interested to know at what point did it start where are the roots of this standard at? Anyone have any clue?
Jana Hudson (1 year ago)
Ostavite me na miru! It absolutely is!
Ostavite me na miru! (1 year ago)
Jana Hudson Thank you for noticing this. It is absurd.
ziphy zephyr (1 year ago)
Love your channel...new subbie here ❤
Chloe Neo (1 year ago)
i love them all.
Angela Thomas (1 year ago)
Great video I would love to hear your opinion on the poncho
RossyMoneva (1 year ago)
The voluminous skirt is absolutely amazing! Stash it to me pleaseee I am so in love with it! <3 :)
何昱臻 (1 year ago)
Your dress is so pretty!
Spicy Demon (1 year ago)
Where is that white frilly top from! 😱
sushiandclouds (1 year ago)
Alexandra Lane I'd love to know as well!
Pinter Anna (1 year ago)
I hope not...
Pinter Anna (1 year ago)
Is that real fur???
Rachel's Fit Journey (1 year ago)
Seaside stripes, banker stripes, off shoulder, arm slits, all shades of yellows, bubble gum pink, trippy designs and 90's style is going to be in for 2017!!!!
LittleLulubee (1 year ago)
I love the silver wallpaper 💜
Georgia Anagnostakis (1 year ago)
This dress is lovely..! I adore it and it really looks sooo good on you..!
Paola Tristan (1 year ago)
So glad I didn't ride the off the shoulders/big sleeves trend 😂 Oh! and that trend of tops and dresses with straps on the cleavage/neckline also needs to go away! I kinda hate them!
Evelina Planciuniene (1 year ago)
You are gorgeous ;) I love the dress you wear. Where is it from?
Jasmeet kaur (1 year ago)
I really love that dress you are wearing😍😍
elly kappatos (1 year ago)
Your dress is gorgeous !!! Where is it from ??
Catherine Alyce (1 year ago)
This was really great. Kind of going off this idea. I would love to know how you choose pieces to keep in your collection vs pieces you borrow or use for shoots and companies to send back. Especially your accessories. ;)
Lesley Maidona (1 year ago)
where did you get your dress?
Hi there, just discovered your channel, very good work! All the best! 😘
Amy Ashakova (1 year ago)
Justine Leconte officiel Justine! ❤️ (I think I was recommended this channel because I'm subscribed to yours)
Lar Ho (1 year ago)
Where did you get the beautiful dress, you're wearing in the video? 😍
Teasha Stewart (1 year ago)
Word to the wise, know what works for you. Following trends is so general population, be unique and be different, do yo own thing!
Lawansuk Syiemlieh (20 days ago)
Teasha Stewart (1 year ago)
TheKillerQueenfan Oh now you've taken it a step further and made it personal. I am unique whenever you get through, YOU are not my Maker so who in the hell are you to say anything to me about my look. I don't follow trends and yes I do sew and create my own clothing, YOU do not know me! Go have and take several seats the one who does'nt even have a profile pic. ✌
TheKillerQueenfan (1 year ago)
Teasha Stewart It is ok to get inspiration. We all follow trends unless you weave your own fabric. What is carried in the store from clothing, to makeup to hair care is based on trends. The colors or styles available is based on trends. It is absolute BS to say you don't follow trends bc you do in one way or another. Based on your pic there is nothing that unique about you so...Don't be a slave to a trend, sure but to say you never follow a trend is a lie. Js
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
True! I just have fun learning about the trends. But in all honesty 99% of the time, I wear what I love! xo, Jenny
Fuzzscuz (1 year ago)
i'll be happy to take that gorgeous one shoulder ruffle top off your hands! 😂😂😂
Ofri Raban (1 year ago)
Great Video as always! can I ask where can I find the dress you wearing?
Gabriella DeGregorio (1 year ago)
totally agree with the tops! So sick of them!
Natalia Rous (1 year ago)
love how neatly there displayed. where can i get one of those?
Katie Medve (1 year ago)
Saw the frenchie, hit subscribe instantly lol. Great trends to keep! 💕
The Darling Academy (1 year ago)
Oh goodness, those bronze trousers are incredible! I will be sad to see those voluminous skirts go - they hide a multitude of sins ;) xxx https://www.thedarlingacademy.com/blog/how-to-be-elegant-build-a-classic-ladylike-and-classy-investment-wardrobe
Katie Mitchell (1 year ago)
Loved this episode, lady! xo
From Kat (1 year ago)
editing !!!
Bunny jun255 (1 year ago)
your hair ! 😻
Anne Hanley (1 year ago)
A great video. Where is the blue, high-wasted skirt from?
Alina Z (1 year ago)
Happy New Year Jenny! I just found your channel and have been bingewatching all of your beautifully thought out, filmed, and edited videos. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration and looking forward to watching more!
Ida Linden (1 year ago)
Loved this video (just subscribed!)...and was so excited to see how many of the pieces you recommend saving that I actually already have! Do you have any videos planned on how to style these pieces in a new way for spring? Ida | getlovelyloot.com
Sam N (1 year ago)
Is the pink coat still available in store?
Courtney Mona (1 year ago)
Great video!
Rachel C (1 year ago)
Love this video found it very informative and you speak so eloquently about items! Just found your channel and subscribed X
Veronica Martinez (1 year ago)
omg off the shoulder is so femenine and beautiful!! Im definitely keeping those... dont care if they are out of style.
Gabrielle O'Brien (1 year ago)
same girl same!
Caroline Lapointe (1 year ago)
She wasn't talking about off the shoulder, but more about over exagerated off the shoudler styles!
Miss Lee (1 year ago)
Veronica Martinez me too! I just purchased an off the shoulders sweater that I cannot wait to wear!
Nada HeshamIbrahim (1 year ago)
can you make a hair care routine?? i love you so much❤❤
Brenda Nepomuceno (1 year ago)
Your suggestions were so great I headed over to the blog to shop them before I had even finished watching the video. That pleated ASOS skirt is everything! It's funny but I can't believe I'm also growing out of full skirts... Never thought this day would come! Tops with more volume are definitely the way to go! Wishing you and Freddie even more success, happiness, inspiration and love in 2017. xx
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
You are so sweet and I'm so happy you loved the styles!! Enjoy my love. And wishing you a prosperous New Year as well! xo, Jenny
Arika Beal (1 year ago)
I absolutely love your style ! What are your go to stores ?
I love your videos!!! Thank you and have a wonderful new year!
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Have a wonderful new year darling! xo, Jenny
Red Lily (1 year ago)
Thank you! Love you! Mwah!
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Awe, you're so welcome! xo, Jenny
AstralMiyu (1 year ago)
I never follow trends...unless I like them 😞 I don't understand why should everyone follow trends? It's better as you say keep it classic and true to your style.
Miaou (1 year ago)
throw everything away
Adisa Jakupovic (1 year ago)
i like to spice my own style up with a few trend pieces, but i don't like them to be 'too trendy', if you know what i mean. sweaters and hoodies for ex. are going to be really big this season and i mean everybody loves a comfy hoodie or sweatshirt right, but i wouldn't necessarily buy ones with those huge balloon sleeves. might look good on a model or a blogger, but honestly, that is just too much for my personal style, too trendy.
TheKillerQueenfan (1 year ago)
Yuo7766 You do follow trends lol. So you came to this video to act like you are so different. You're pretentious af. lol
Ashley Barker (1 year ago)
Still keep wearing it!! Who cares if it's on trend always? I''ll always love that look!
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Exactly! As long as you're comfortable and feel fabulous, nothing else matters. xo, Jenny
Lorena Buendia Serna (1 year ago)
I am definitely going to miss the off-the-shoulder trend. Lots of love, Jenny! 🙌🏻
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
So am I, they are so fun! xo, Jenny
Grace (1 year ago)
I love the military jackets and the pleated skirts!
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
My ultimate FAVE!! xo, Jenny
Kazuya MASUDA (1 year ago)
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching love! xo, Jenny
A Savage Heart (1 year ago)
That ruffled blue-and-white stripey top is so amazing, I don't think my heart could bear to stash such a thing if I had it 😂
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
I know, but that just means there's more room for other fabulous clothes to wear. xo, Jenny
Cécilia (1 year ago)
I love all the clothes in this video :)
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Thank you sweets! xo, Jenny
Just Girlish (1 year ago)
Love this video! 😍
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
That makes me so happy, thank you!! xo, Jenny
Kate Lovell (1 year ago)
Love this video! I found myself trying to predict which trend you were going to keep or stash and we were totally on the same page! Currently on the hunt for my perfect military inspired blazer...
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
That's so funny! You obviously have a great sense of fashion love. xo, Jenny
Great video! My husband and I look forward to your videos every week! I love your style and he loves your video editing! You and Freddie make an amazing team! You have such a unique presence on YouTube! ☺
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Thank you love! I'm so glad you enjoy. xo, Jenny
Bre Alexandria (1 year ago)
Loved the video!!
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Thank you sweets! xo, Jenny
Noon Wararaksapong (1 year ago)
Hi Jenny I love your videos, and The style you are. I request your make up tutorial. Your makeup look amazing. In this vdo I love the Leopard Coats but in Thailand is so hot all the time. >,<
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Thank you darling! And awe bummer, BUT leopard print on other items would look just as amazing if coats aren't an option because of the weather. xo, Jenny
Cathryn Wee (1 year ago)
hey jenny! i love your videos, you should do one about how to style high waisted trousers
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Hi love! What a great idea, thank you. xo, Jenny
Ahed Tagazi (1 year ago)
love you love you love Please make a video in which you cite alllllll essentials needed for paris look :* keep up the sparkle
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Ooh la la, great idea darling! I'll definitely keep that in mind. xo, Jenny
Curls & Bags (1 year ago)
i loooove bell sleeves
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
They are AMAZING! xo, Jenny
Anaid Chrietzberg (1 year ago)
My best friend turned me onto your blog and lo and behold you have a vlog as well! I am loving all the really helpful and 60's glam advice. Cheers! PS, you remind me of a young Pattie Boyd! :)
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
You are so sweet, I absolutely LOVE that!! xo, Jenny
Lylla Hinchcliff (1 year ago)
This was so informative! I did a little happy dance once you said pink was gonna be very on trend! I'm glad it's that, and not the crazy hard to pull off green from Pantone's predictions😅
Ashley Barker (1 year ago)
LOVE blush!!! I don't care if it "goes out" or not- it is timeless to me, and so elegant! I always consider it a neutral too :)
Brenda Nepomuceno (1 year ago)
Haha, you described my reaction to a T! 😂
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Ughh! That Kermit green killed me. Like from soft and pretty pink quarts to that?! Cray cray! LOL! xo, Jenny
charlierose214 (1 year ago)
i love military design jackets, i'm guilty of purchasing more than one from Ralph Lauren's Denim & Supply collection, lol look at the professional in you Jenny as the skirt just decides to fall off the hanger! i feel like its redundant saying great job, but really keep on providing great content, you're the best jenny!
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Yes! I totally put that Denim &Supply Collection one in my roundup on the blog today. Might need to purchase :) xo, Jenny
Chandni Mehta (1 year ago)
I love your videos, and adore your style! Though you may want to take out some of your clips... I feel like you have several quick moving jump cuts that could be removed for a cleaner transition. But aside from that your videos are flawless! And so can't wait to clean out my closet for the spring. :)
Margo & Me (1 year ago)
Thanks my love! Appreciate the feedback! xo, Jenny

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