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Hermes, Chanel & Burberry | Luxury Brand Gift Ideas Under $100

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Originally published on May 2, 2016 via LoveTheAccents Channel. Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to share this video with you! Gift ideas from Hermes, Chanel and Burberry that are all under $100! Yes, you don't always have to break the bank to get items from these Luxury Brands! Here are the details on the items mentioned. Burberry | English Rose Fragrance Candle 200g | $85 no taxes/shipping cost thru online order | https://ca.burberry.com/english-rose-... NOTE: I'm uncertain if you can find Burberry candles at any of their Boutiques. I also have not seen these in Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew but I could be wrong. Hermes | $66 for the 3-Soap Gift Set or $22 per Soap plus applicable taxes and shipping cost | http://canada-en.hermes.com/perfumes/... Chanel | Double-Sided Mirror Compact | $45 plus applicable taxes and shipping cost | http://www.thebay.com/webapp/wcs/stor... NOTE: When I first found this online - just a few days ago, it was retailing for $44. Now it's at $45. When I called The Bay in Downtown Vancouver, they were also selling it for $44, but when I went to another The Bay location, I only bought it for $35! I hope you find this video informative!
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Lux Collection85 (4 months ago)
Great video! I can’t believe you can purchase so many designer items at an affordable cost! They’re all beautiful! I especially liked the Burberry candle and I love the packaging! 😍 TFS. New subbie. 🤗✨❤️
Karmen Murumets (4 months ago)
Wonderful gift ideas and a great taste! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 thank you for a lovely video! 🌹💖🌟
Jessye Rose (7 months ago)
I thought they profile you at Hermès. Look at how your dressed and get poor customer service if you don’t look up to their standards.
Mr. MICHAEL (11 months ago)
damn i need to get a bath tub
Marilyn Abelon (7 months ago)
Kathy Buddemeyer (11 months ago)
Love it
Kezinda Inda (1 year ago)
I loved your video!!!! I also have posted some luxury gift ideas for under 200 euro on my channel!!! :D
Dina Vincelli (1 year ago)
Loved this video thank you. As a Canadian, this video was very useful and informative. I noticed you have not posted videos in a while. Would love to see more content from you. Thanks again so much. 💕
Julie Muniz (1 year ago)
Amazing gifts. Thank u so much for this video.
Lady Erika (1 year ago)
Never knew about those Hermes soaps. Can't wait to try. Great job
zuzuloves (1 year ago)
This was very helpful! Thank you <3

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