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GROUP SHINHWA's 11th THE CLASSIC 'This Love' Official Music Video

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SHINHWA's 11th Album THE CLASSIC RELEASE : 16 MAY 2013 TITLE SONG: This Love SHINHWACOMPANY www.shinhwacompany.co.kr
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K Ranciere (1 day ago)
This choreo is so beautiful. And only Shinhwa can pull off this choreo beautifully.
Momo-taro (2 days ago)
1 2 3 = 1 5 5... ok then shinhwa can count
Tammie medina (3 days ago)
i couldn't stop singing this <33
Nee Chan (3 days ago)
Ollie (3 days ago)
Still one of the best choreographed Kpop videos. This video always feels like a gold standard of Kpop to me. The song is great too!
nhsiewi y (4 days ago)
Hope they can have a mv over 100 million views!!!!!
ABIMA (6 days ago)
I heard this album in a plane entertainment system....now am here
Z. I (8 days ago)
Shinwha>>>>>>>sus grupos turros y mecos
Aya 1600 (10 days ago)
I love this song but I hate their voices. I like the got7's version ^^
Rose Dawn (3 days ago)
We hate GOT 7 vocals too 😁 They sounds really not suited with high class song like This Love
Kaydence Lee (8 days ago)
this is shinhwa's mv why are you commenting about another group here? you wanna be nasty i can do the same. i hate got7's voices, sounds too nasal and it sucks.
Jesse Ssi 제세씨 (14 days ago)
am i the only one who rewatch this at 2018 ? this is a bop XD
G -DRAGON (15 days ago)
Lili Lopa (15 days ago)
eric 😍😘
Exo Yeol0 (16 days ago)
مع اني اكسوال الي اني فان لشينهوا غصب ياخي أغانيهم ناشبه ناشبه 😭😭🌈🌈
exo-l chanyeol32 (16 days ago)
اي واللللههه
Exo Yeol0 (16 days ago)
يزييين أغانيهم الحلوهههه 🤤🤤🤤
exo-l chanyeol32 (16 days ago)
exo-l chanyeol32 (16 days ago)
اموووت في الاجاشيين
Exo Yeol0 (16 days ago)
exo-l chanyeol32 أنا كمان 😌😌😌😌
exo-l chanyeol32 (16 days ago)
ما امل من الاغنية ابدا ^-^
Exo Yeol0 (16 days ago)
exo-l chanyeol32 أنا بعد. 😭😭😭😭
exo-l chanyeol32 (16 days ago)
ياخي احب اغاني شينهواااا
Exo Yeol0 (16 days ago)
exo-l chanyeol32 أنا بعد اموت في أغانيهم مرررهههه حلوووه وهم هم حلووييينننن 🤤🤤🤤
Yeehaw 69 (16 days ago)
stile_99 W (17 days ago)
I love this song!! 🔥♥️
Vân Phong Kim (17 days ago)
<3 from Vietnamese with love <3 181103
Tofee candy (18 days ago)
I really love how they looks so manly I know they are all now about more than 35 that's make them so hot and sexy
블랙칠드런 (19 days ago)
Музыку можно слушать. Танец естественно фигня.
Anthony jid (20 days ago)
is this a Jojo's reference?
Stephanie 00 (23 days ago)
Did someone ever do an english cover to this song? or to this beat? or was this song ever on american radio? I can remember a song with a similar beat and the lyrics of the chorus saying something similar? am I going crazy or did this actually happen? Im going crazy to find that song! this is some weird mendela affect?
Manuel Rodriguez (23 days ago)
Que hermosa canción es vieja pero hermosas 😍😍2018 octubre busque el subtítulo si les gusta la canción el significado es hermoso ❤❤💕 PT : soy mujer solo que tengo que cambiar la cuenta y también soy army y amo el Kpop
TaeYeon Kim (23 days ago)
My favorite song of Shinhwa. I never get tired of it 🎧🎶
Valeria Sepulveda ゴ (26 days ago)
Jojo's Poses :vvvv
rawreoo (26 days ago)
i miss junjin's blonde hair
TengwarSoup (27 days ago)
MARIE (28 days ago)
who else is listening in 2018? Take me back to 2013 please
chobopanda (28 days ago)
this is a challenge to modern groups to make more impactful, memorable dances that are more than "what's the coolest possible move we can put here?" so much appreciation for this and Taemin's "Move"
amandaa !! (30 days ago)
boi their songs are lit
Cyntia Liu (1 month ago)
koami :3 (1 month ago)
Son tan diva ctm
まい まい (1 month ago)
the choreo is so feminine
Karen Vera (1 month ago)
They are so sexy
jimin ssi (1 month ago)
so catchy
Javiera Montoya (1 month ago)
17/10/18 <3 <33333
Mei Jinx Lisondra (1 month ago)
I heard about them before. I mean, they're legends in the KPOP industry. But it was not until I've come across the Shinhwa Broadcast (their episode with SuJu) that I started to like them. And now, I'm completely in love with Andy 😭😍
Zezé Top (1 month ago)
I want BTS to do a dance cover of this.
Kaydence Lee (8 days ago)
+jimin ssi LMAO how was that even bashing. no need to be so oversensitive
Rose Dawn (24 days ago)
jimin ssi Haha. You can assume anything you want. I never hate those boys and I don’t think I ever will unless they do something deserved to be hated. I never criticize their own music or their whatever own activities since I have no interest or have any kind of preferences on that genre of music. Bashing means I say something hateful about them which is far from what I have stated. I do say the same thing about my own fav, and that’s called concern and criticism. I am not like you who consider your own fav like some kind of god who do no wrong 🤣 and immediately call out over just stating the opinions.
jimin ssi (24 days ago)
+Rose Dawn you may be fan of who you want but that doesnt mean that you can bash others ok?? OK FAREWELL
jimin ssi (24 days ago)
+Rose Dawn lmao you are disrespecting ,bashing them 👿👿 & that is call HATE ...BYEEE
Rose Dawn (24 days ago)
jimin ssi I never said I hate BTS lol. If anyone assume I hate something just based on the fact that I don’t like something about them, I might as well be hating on half the things in the world . I am Shinhwa fan and everything about them is so precious to me. So I have a lot of opinions about people who cover Shinhwa works. I quite like their cover of Perfect Man actually. But still salty that they left out Junjin’s part.
Dianne de Guzman (1 month ago)
I'd like to thank the people who made the fanmade video of SNK characters dancing to this song. In the span of two weeks, I fell in love with [(Hyesung 😍)-my keyboard says so 😂] but of course so is the rest of the members of Shinhwa. I've been binge watching and gosh it really feels like I missed out a lot.
Dianne de Guzman (14 days ago)
+Star 10116 Thanks 😍 At the moment, they have a lot of variety shows. Like I'm going to have about 16+ years worth of entertainment. I haven't even began Shinhwa broadcast. And I'm so happy digging YouTube (+_+) to look for their oldest shows. I really wish I was born earlier and been a fan earlier.
Star 10116 (1 month ago)
Welcome to the shinhwa family let me know if you need any help with the group 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
John's Banana (1 month ago)
5 anos e eu ainda sou totalmente apaixonada por essa música!
yana romanova (1 month ago)
it's so nice to see that a lead doesn't mine to share
신화창조 (1 month ago)
ㅡ앙ㄹ아ㅜ아ㅣㅜ아아ㅏㅇ앙ㅇ 어른섹시 절정체ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
شاكسء 666 (1 month ago)
for ever 2018.❤ arab fan💘
PHU phạm (1 month ago)
nghe hay
V.I.P. SHIPPER (1 month ago)
im digging the subtle gay energy here
Unicórnio feliz (1 month ago)
Eu sempre volto aqui
Edward Han (1 month ago)
My gosh. This is another level.
Châu Nguyễn (1 month ago)
I'm so gay tho... Gay on a dough...
Enora Alzina (1 month ago)
2018 😆
Yugushi Michiyo (1 month ago)
one of the best first generation kpop boy groups ever.Shinhwa are superior forever
Lil Rex (1 month ago)
Now 16th ♡♡
Maryam S (1 month ago)
Ohhh please !!! Love this video , they look so HOT 🤤🤤 !!! MORE VIEWS AND LIKES PLEASE !!! THIS VIDEO IS SO GREAT !!!
Emily (1 month ago)
Came here from the attack on titans characters being them hahaha and also because this song is sooo good
duong nguyen (1 month ago)
It's still my jam!
임순아 임순아 (1 month ago)
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Mylena S. - Naruense (1 month ago)
When TVXQ said they would do a vogue choreo for The Chance Of Love I thought it would be something really close to what Shinhwa did in This Love, but in the end it wasn't, don't get me wrong I love tcol, but if they had done something more alike Shinhwa it would have been even more amazing, I my opinion of course : D
Mylena S. - Naruense (1 month ago)
Why This Love has such little views is beyond me REALLY I mean, LISTEN to this AMAZING song, LOOK at this AWESOME choreography with killing VOGUE moves that no other boy group has EVER owned it so perfectly quite like THIS. T_T cries for the people out there who are still ignorant about SHINHWA perfection.
Pharsa Wings Of Heaven (1 month ago)
Pharsa Wings Of Heaven (24 days ago)
+Rose Dawn thanks
Rose Dawn (24 days ago)
Pharsa Wings Of Heaven Eric the leader and main rapper
jj j (1 month ago)
진짜 심각하게 섹시하다
Dharana (1 month ago)
The best song of 2013 ❤❤❤❤❤
Josh Myers (1 month ago)
Damn dude, Part 9 looks great with all the great poses. Memes aside, song's nice.
Yooa forever (1 month ago)
2018 any?
Lace king (1 month ago)
I'm still obsessed with this song :D It's probably the only song in the world that makes me fangirl so hard and i have no clue why i hits me so hard
(1 month ago)
We live for this loveeee~~~~❤ Junjin😍
궁예 (1 month ago)
친근하고 치명적인 아재들.....
Margarita lv (2 months ago)
Esta canción es legendaria❤❤❤❤
Margarita lv (2 months ago)
2018 ?
Shoto _ (2 months ago)
esses caras são fodas, só tem hinos 😍😍😍😍😍
2018 who is here?
Adrián Velásquez (2 months ago)
this is such a gay anthem! love it.
Nash Park (2 months ago)
I love this song I cry though because my brother killed himself when I was listening to this song.
Paola Rocco (1 month ago)
That is really sad, im sorry for your lost.
Gap (2 months ago)
6m !!!!!!!!!!
미니멀리스트 (2 months ago)
ㅗㅜㅑ..... 오빠덜 섹시하네요💕
9만해 (2 months ago)
Suzuki Chan (2 months ago)
ERIC <33333
Black Velvet (2 months ago)
2018 ?
ZaMi OrBr (2 months ago)
Eric stole a big part of this video... and im not mad about it. i mean look at him like his confidence is on fire, he is sassy and he is nor hiding it, yet he appears every other second like the most manly ♡♡♡
DHAKA Hetfield (2 months ago)
México los ama
Z-chan (2 months ago)
This is still sexy AF
IM Narbn (2 months ago)
i am here again bcs i miss this song ♥
fAshSon (2 months ago)
Eric is so photogenic omg.
한민완 (2 months ago)
only shinhwa and taemin made a groundbreaking comeback with feminine dance routines, AND BOTH WERE PHENOMENAL! Why can't other boy groups do this? Why are boy groups so obsessed with cute, cringy "I want you, Noona!" or "we're boys and we're manly" concepts? Don't they know that people love different concepts? Look at Shinhwa, Taemin, VIXX, and BTS, they dol things that aren't mainstream and it pays off
Luchi M (2 months ago)
Siempre los oí nombrar por los covers que han realizado de elloss, pero realmente son una leyenda en la industria del kpop, 20 años de carrera!!! Además tienen todos los ingredientes para serlo P/D: Andy oppa me recuerda a Yoochun oppa xDDDDDD (mucho, no se porqué)
dash 2en1 (2 months ago)
I was ten when I listened to this for the first time and wow I didn't realize that "diva aura" 😂
화랑 (2 months ago)
다 대박이지만 에릭 나올때마다 자꾸 헉함......진짜잘생겼다 저머리 소화하기 쉽지 않은데
VOID_RAIZO GAMING (2 months ago)
Awesome song.
B H (2 months ago)
We live for this love🎶
B H (2 months ago)
Love this song! 💚
i came here after watching kiss me like that. they dont age omg.
Avril Hut (2 months ago)
Came back after 5 years and it’s still so underrated 🤔 I mean this was suppose to be a hit in 2013 ;-; I still love this song 💖
Keiluxy :3 (2 months ago)
2018 :D
Alia Younus (2 months ago)
wow its been 5 years-
namjoontrash (2 months ago)
I can’t believe it’s been five fucking years 😭
Natalia Papadaki (2 months ago)
Hong Kong (2 months ago)
Who came here after seeing the Shingeki No Kyojin parody??? Now i'm addicted to this music omfg
Hong Kong (2 months ago)
+Namia Chowdhury thank you 😅💃
Namia Chowdhury (2 months ago)
Hong Kong I like your name

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