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Venice Film Festival | Travel Vlog

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My YouTube Family! I am so sorry it’s been so long. With the move to New York from Los Angeles, we left our studio where we were regularly creating content. But now that we’ve finally moved into our new home, I wanted to start creating content for you guys again, I miss it so much! So in the meantime, while I am creating away, I wanted to share a recent and completely magical trip with you! As you may have seen by way of Instagram, Freddie and I recently had the honor of attending the Venice Film Festival with Jaeger-LeCoultre, one of the worlds leading watch makers who Sponsors the festival each year. As one of their guests, they treated us to scenic boat rides, red carpet premieres and way too much pasta! We couldn’t help but want to take you along for the ride. If you loved watching, head over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe for more videos every Thursday!  SHOP THE VIDEO // All Fashion details & links in today's blog post! https://margoandme.com/travel/venice-film-festival-vlog/ Want to receive über romantic, delightfully chic musings directly to your inbox? Sign up for my weekly newsletter! Exclusive content for subscriber eyes only! http://www.margoandme.com/mminsider SUBSCRIBE // www.youtube.com/c/margo&me CONNECT WITH MARGO & ME BLOG // http://margoandme.com/ INSTAGRAM // https://www.instagram.com/margoandme/ FACEBOOK // https://www.facebook.com/margoandme PINTEREST // https://www.pinterest.com/margoandme/ ABOUT MARGO & ME Margo & Me is a digital destination for millennial women to visit and feel inspired to see the über feminine and delightful side of life in every moment of every day. Our stories of fashion, lifestyle and travel are colorful, aspirational and attainable but most importantly created with authenticity, love and admiration for the magnificent and grand world around us. SONGS: Intervals - by One Hundred Yards FTC Thank you Jaeger-LeCoultre for Sponsoring this video
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Text Comments (24)
Marina Plavska (2 days ago)
Jenny, please return to the YouTube channel.
Cassandra Jade (7 days ago)
I've missed your videos so much! <3
Paddlez-is-king (1 month ago)
who are ya wearing?
Marie Katey (1 month ago)
We need more videos Jenny!!
Lupita Arena (1 month ago)
Aye good to have you back!
Nada Hesham (1 month ago)
Yes keep posting again💕💕
marvona (1 month ago)
Gentleman Within (1 month ago)
Welcome back. Love the feel of this video! Was that your doppelganger at 1:44?
Zoe May (1 month ago)
So incredibly beautiful xxx
Rosa Jones (1 month ago)
YAY!!!! Cannot wait to see more videos! I have missed you girl. Love your style and cannot wait to see new content.
Danielle Sappleton (1 month ago)
Missed you Jenny!! Venice looked like a dream!! Your dress on the Red Carpet was TO DIE FOR❤️
Vani Miriyala (1 month ago)
I missed your videos!💛
Carla Concé (1 month ago)
It’s like a dream!
Carolina Barreno (1 month ago)
Love it!!
Rma li (1 month ago)
YAY.. Welcome back
kahlan 3127 (1 month ago)
Beautiful! xx really loved this
Cécilia (1 month ago)
You're so pretty !
Nicola Dsouza (1 month ago)
Welcome back .. You looked like a star 💫 on the red carpet..
Hugo Sánchez (1 month ago)
Welcome back!! 😉 I really enjoy each one of your videos!!!! Please keep on doing it
HeyItsEMYRY (1 month ago)
The magic and poetry of Italy ❤️ so glad I grew up there
Tania A. (1 month ago)
Beautiful video!... 😊⚘
Miriam T (1 month ago)
It would Be so nice if you could Upload a fall related Lookbook 😊
Kia Peltonen (1 month ago)
Love the aesthetics 😍
Miriam T (1 month ago)
Finally 😍

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