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Yoga Nidra 20 Minute Guided Meditation

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Yoga nidra is the ultimate relaxation technique for releasing stress and tension held in your body. Experience a deep level of relaxation, with this easy to follow meditation and allow your body to restore and balance itself. Due to copyright issues the music has been replaced on this video but the voice is exactly as before. Please note my website www.karmaripon.co.uk
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Text Comments (270)
Dave Ridlespriger (10 hours ago)
I go to my castle.
Renier Engelbrecht (5 days ago)
This one is really good. I like feeling the aliveness in my body as deeply as I can, here and there you move on to the next body part before I've had a proper chance to do it, I dunno if that challenging me is what gets me in the zone so much but I would like one that is slightly slower. I might just make my own vr.
Sheila Ingram (7 days ago)
First time listener. I feel great!
Donald Dix (10 days ago)
When I commenced carrying out yoga exercise using this yoga guide "zamsoka space" (Google it) I was almost 330 pounds. I could not get enough rest and then my blood pressure level is not normal (very high). The information is simple to digest and it is approachable also. You would be lucky to possess a duplicate on this one. .
Tammy Richards (16 days ago)
I wish there was more of this
lovedivasong (16 days ago)
Found this because I needed something to help me relax before an exam and worked like a charm, than you, I am going to start using it for sleep
Chandan Chandu (22 days ago)
Ram Nirmohi (22 days ago)
Dont forget to thank India for "Yoga". Before British looters came in India , yoga was a part of life in India.
Joe C (27 days ago)
Hey Lizzy Thanks for this amazing video, every morning I set my alarm 30mins before I need to get up and put your video on, when I wake up it really makes a difference and I feel great! Sending much love your way and I wish you all the best ❤
big bully dreams (29 days ago)
OMG I fell asleep and got a rude awakening from an ad damn it
Eddie Silva (1 month ago)
Too quiet
Leslie Hamady (1 month ago)
This yoga nidra guided meditation turned out to be the best I’ve ever done. I’m so hoping you make more because although there are many great meditations on YouTube, it is so hard to find a voice like yours which is calming, nurturing, slow... one that has all the variables that make up an ideal one for this work. I have only located in one other voice on YouTube meditations. Please please please grace us with another one if possible!
Lorenzo LEON GUTIERREZ (1 month ago)
provost pl (1 month ago)
This is great! Thank you for making available for all :)
Lizzy Hill (1 month ago)
Thanks! You are very welcome 😊
Claude LeBel (2 months ago)
Very nice although I would prefer a lower volume on the background music.
Claude LeBel (2 months ago)
Lucy Smith (2 months ago)
First time listening.. very nice, easy to follow and effective. Thankyou.
Lizzy Hill (2 months ago)
You are very welcome 😊
Kirra Jensen (2 months ago)
Loved this video i have been having really bad anxiety and a bit stressed i feel so relaxed. Definitely will be doing this alot more. Thank you 😀
Lizzy Hill (2 months ago)
So pleased it helped you to relax 😊
Timothy Aguilar (2 months ago)
This Remains 1 Of My Top Favorite YNs!! Thanks So Much 🙏
Kolluri Rajender (2 months ago)
very good.
Carolinenatacha (2 months ago)
Thank you for your beautiful voice very relaxing and positive !!
Lizzy Hill (2 months ago)
So pleased you like it, thank you for the lovely comments 😊
Ann Holland (2 months ago)
Marvelous meditation which I do every afternoon and always feel wonderful afterwards. Thank you so much.
Timothy McConnell (2 months ago)
how do i download this?
Bella Leuen (2 months ago)
Ch0pSticks (2 months ago)
”Switch off the phone” me: Ok *gets all quiet*
J (2 months ago)
Thank you for this beautiful meditation. I feel so relaxed and fall right to sleep with a smile on my face which is a tough feat! Thank you for sharing 💖
Michelle Bailen (3 months ago)
Thank for this beautiful meditation. I feel so relaxed and calm every time I do it.
Kathryn Lawrence (3 months ago)
yeah that blast of super loud music at the end was exactly what I needed as I was about to fall asleep......
ChiragMM (3 months ago)
Thanks Lizzy for beautiful relaxing meditation
Jatuporn Rungruang (3 months ago)
Tamara Forbes (3 months ago)
Last night was the first night I listened to this meditation, and Im back for a second night! I had such a wonderful relaxing sleep last night. It would be lovely if you could post some more audios like this one :) Sending light and love x
Ray Hill (3 months ago)
It’s been over two weeks now and every time I’ve listened to this meditation I’ve found myself totally relaxed and energized too! Awesome...thanks again Lizzy I’m so thankful to you. All the best, Ray
Lizzy Hill (3 months ago)
That's amazing Ray, I'm so pleased for you and grateful for your comments 😊
Clara Yu (3 months ago)
My RMT told me to try nidra meditation. I tried it last night and I actually fell asleep. So impressed!
Lizzy Hill (3 months ago)
Thank you for your feedback, pleased you enjoyed it 😊
ROCKNROLL STAR (3 months ago)
Too bad you haven't done more of these. The music and your voice are the best.
Ray Hill (4 months ago)
Thank you so much Lizzy ... I have Parkinson’s and this helps me a lot! Warm Regards, Ray Hill
Lizzy Hill (4 months ago)
Ray Hill Hi Ray. I am so pleased it helped you 😊
Kartik Thakur (4 months ago)
Thankuu so much... mam 😊👌👍🙏🙏
Lizzy Hill (4 months ago)
Kartik Thakur you are very welcome 😊
Shelia Sanders (2 months ago)
I absolute LOVE this meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ Im about 2 do it again b4 work....thanks.....
Maria Castro (4 months ago)
Wow very nice easy and effective thanks 😀
make it happen (4 months ago)
I'm not native speaker so I learned all the body parts at the same time, thanks
hi I’m Hungry (4 months ago)
Very relaxing thank you helps me sleep every night💗 hope everyone stops reading these comments, switch the video on and proceed to relax😌
the_frog_keeper (5 months ago)
I have done this meditation many times now and enjoy it. However I just tried it with headphones in and the music skips and is glitchy in the background whenever you talk. Very distracting when using headphones. Didn’t notice this when playing through the tv speakers
VISHAL PANDE (5 months ago)
I am practicing through this lizzy hill video daily since last 5 months . Feel great everyday . Pranaam
Emily rose420 (5 months ago)
i was in the middle of this and my phone died🙁🙁 im just gonna restart it tho EDIT: MY MOM CAME IN WHILE I WAS RESTARTING IT. restarting again😂
Vanessa Gunter (5 months ago)
This is a wonderful meditation. I use it every day!
Lizzy Hill (5 months ago)
Vanessa Gunter Thank you, really pleased you like it😊
John Mathews (5 months ago)
Thank you.. subscribed..relaxed
Sagarika Dev Mitra (6 months ago)
Is this normal to actually fall asleep while practising yog nindra... I had fallen asleep in halfway
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
Sagarika Dev Mitra Yes a lot of people do but it is best if you can keep your mind focused on the words and your breath 😊
Tapering Games (6 months ago)
alex s (6 months ago)
I listen to this almost every night. I've sampled a few versions of the yoga nidra script and this by far is the best. Thank you Lizzy
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
alex s you are very welcome, thanks for the lovely comment 😊
kabernat (6 months ago)
What also makes this so very special is your slow cadence throughout. So healing!
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
kabernat Thank you, I'm please you find it healing 😊
kabernat (6 months ago)
Absolutely wonderful and calming and brought me to a total state of tranquility. Thank you and I definitely subscribed! 🌺🌺Shanti🌺🌺
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
kabernat Wow, so.pleased you felt so tranquil! Thank you 😊
David Wendt (6 months ago)
Best guided yoga Nidra on YouTube. Beautiful.
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
David Wendt wow, thank you! 😊
Hoor Azami (6 months ago)
Beautiful.. ..thank you so much. It was very relaxing.
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
Hoor Azami Thank you So pleased you found it relaxing 😊
Becky McCain (6 months ago)
Incredible. Thank you
Ritu Datta (6 months ago)
Very nice and relaxing, thank you. but I'm finding it less effective if I do it daily as my mind tends to focus on the body parts too much. Any tips would be appreciated
Ritu Datta (6 months ago)
Thanks. Thats a great tip
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
Ritu Datta Maybe try some other guided meditations as well. Just let the words wash over you rather than focusing on them too much
Sharmella Krishnasamy (6 months ago)
I let go of the bastard dad.
tamil selvan (6 months ago)
Thanks to giving this video for us
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
tamil selvan You are very welcome 😊
Jirataya Petchana (6 months ago)
Thank you
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
Jirataya Petchana You are very welcome 😊
vara prasad chebrolu (6 months ago)
Peace to All! (6 months ago)
I really did enjoy this and will be using this method more often. I was picturing a lot of white, yellow and orange colors as I was meditating and could feel a deep soothing sensation as I went through my body and aimed towards the discomfort I was having. It didn't stop it permanent but it did help. Thumbs up! I would like to keep doing this video for a couple weeks, but would it be ok if I shared on my website opentotalk.weebly.com? I will be sure to share a link to your channel.
Lizzy Hill (4 months ago)
I am glad you enjoyed the yoga nidra :) Yes you can share a link to my channel on your website
xoy C (6 months ago)
Does anyone else get anxiety from this
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
xoy C Sorry to hear that you suffer with anxiety. I did too which is how I got into yoga and meditation. I recommend you find a meditation practitioner to help you through it. It definitely works, it's finding the right person and the right way for you
whitedust696 (6 months ago)
My blood pressure dropped
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
whitedust696 Wow, that's amazing! Thanks for sharing 😊
Urdu Nama (6 months ago)
How many times could we do it in s day?
Urdu Nama (6 months ago)
Lizzy Hill (6 months ago)
Urdu Nama just once is enough 😊
Michael Williams (6 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks!
Kathie Britt (7 months ago)
Hello, I'm enthusiastic to tell you a way where you'll discover lot of new yoga techniques. Check out Google and type: "MindYoga4U". You will be a master with the suggestions available.
Jacques Krause (7 months ago)
Amazing <3 Thank you :)
Ells Jo (7 months ago)
thank you! this really brought me back to myself <3
Lizzy Hill (7 months ago)
Ells Jo Fantastic! 😊
John A. (7 months ago)
Love this..noticed that there is not a lot of upload in over a year. Do you have a different channel now?
Lizzy Hill (7 months ago)
John A. No just this channel & little time!
Keith Boyer (7 months ago)
Magnificent. Many thanks!
Tori Ellsworld (7 months ago)
Helps me so much! Thank you
Lizzy Hill (7 months ago)
Erza Scarlet Wonderful! Thank you for sharing 😊
Monika Torda (7 months ago)
Beautiful <3
Nayara Carvalho (7 months ago)
Kolluri Rajender (7 months ago)
Steve Edwards (7 months ago)
This made me feel really good, thank you :-)
SherylsTwin (7 months ago)
This was perfect! Nice pace, lovely voice and the music helpful not too loud and great length for today. Thank you.💫⭐️🌟✨
Lizzy Hill (7 months ago)
SherylsTwin Thank you for lovely feedback, glad you enjoyed it 😊
Kolluri Rajender (7 months ago)
Thank you so much💖.
Lizzy Hill (7 months ago)
Jo-Ann VdL You are very welcome 😊
C. Meagan Michael (7 months ago)
This was my absolute favorite Yoga Nidra so far! My body was absolutely vibrating. Thank you!~
Lizzy Hill (7 months ago)
C. Meagan Michael That's amazing! Thank you for sharing 😊
C. Meagan Michael (7 months ago)
I just did it again and my body is buzzing and I am smiling! That is amazing. I don't feel ta with anyone else's Yoga Nidra video. Only yours. Your work really resonates with me. I am going to share this on my fb pages but also recommend it on my Youtube Channel. This is so very healing <3
Lizzy Hill (7 months ago)
C. Meagan Michael Wow that's amazing! Thank you for the lovely comment 😊
Emilia Wilson (8 months ago)
Amazing video! This is the first time I heard a Yoga Nidra video and I love it! Such a soothing voice 👍💖🧘🏻‍♀️
Lizzy Hill (8 months ago)
Emilia Wilson Thank you! So pleased you enjoyed it 😊
Lisa Lou (8 months ago)
Wonderful, just what my mind, body and soul needed. Thank you x
Lizzy Hill (8 months ago)
Lisa Lou You are welcome so pleased it helped you 😊
Mr. Calmer (8 months ago)
Hey, Liz, you used to have a very beatiful 10-minute guided meditation, where is it now, I can't find it? Did you take it down and why?
Mr. Calmer (8 months ago)
Sad. I liked it so much. Should have downloaded it in time. Can you send it to me or even better, upload it to some file sharing so other can get it too?
Lizzy Hill (8 months ago)
Mr. Calmer Hi. Yes I took it down due to copyright issues
Raul Solea (8 months ago)
that voice creeps me the fuck out
Lizzy Hill (8 months ago)
Raul Solea 😂 well you can't please everybody
f spor (8 months ago)
Very nice
eman mohamed (8 months ago)
it's really great thanks a lot i was very comfortable I even fall a sleep
James Purdie (8 months ago)
Fell asleep. Been doing sleep meditation for few years now. It's amazing to carry that deep vibration all the way till waking. Usually I do a solo AUM with excellent effect.
Stacey Boyle (8 months ago)
Love this, my everyday meditation to just be still💚💚💚
Charmian O'Brien (8 months ago)
Very good short relaxation.
RHINO LEGEND (8 months ago)
I used to stay up every night but now im asleep just like that thanks lizzy
Lizzy Hill (8 months ago)
RHINO LEGEND That's fabulous, well done you! 😊
nicole liu (8 months ago)
Works like magic. I'll never know what the second half sound like cause Id pass out by then
Lizzy Hill (8 months ago)
nicole liu You can download it for free from www.lizzyhill.co.uk 😊
nicole liu (8 months ago)
Lizzy Hill thank you for your lovely work.:)where can I buy this track?
Lizzy Hill (8 months ago)
nicole liu 😂 thank you for your lovely comment 😊
Bree11fly (8 months ago)
I use this yoga nidra all the time because it just makes me feel good and relaxed. Thank you, Lizzy for posting this master piece!
Lizzy Hill (8 months ago)
Bree11fly What a lovely comment, Thank you so much, pleased you like it 😊
B.M. van Lienden (9 months ago)
Thank you again
One Purple Flower (9 months ago)
Where. is this taking place
Lizzy Hill (9 months ago)
One Purple Flower This was recorded in a studio in Spain 😊
Kimberly C (9 months ago)
Womans voice is terribly unnerving. Whistles and hissy voice.
Bernadette Leahy (8 months ago)
letting go of all our thoughts and anxieties can be daunting in the beginning but given a chance will change ur life for the better.
Lizzy Hill (9 months ago)
Kimberly C Yoga nidra is a very important practice, if this isn't for you please find one that is. There are lots of amazing yoga nidra's on youtube. Thank you for your comment
Zareena Chand (9 months ago)
Very nice .
Debs Moore (9 months ago)
Thanks you so much <3
Sue Camaione (9 months ago)
Very good. The 20 minutes flew.
chandni Srinivasan (9 months ago)
Thank you Lizzy for putting yoga nidra helped me alot
Lizzy Hill (9 months ago)
chandni Srinivasan Yes it is my voice 😊
chandni Srinivasan (9 months ago)
Lizzy Hill was it your voice if I don't get sleep i put it and In 5 minutes i sleep
Lizzy Hill (9 months ago)
chandni Srinivasan You are very welcome. So pleased it helped 😊
ittam Never felt so relaxed and calm wish I could always feel like this.THANK YOU DEARLY.
Lizzy Hill (9 months ago)
Matthildur Marteinsdóttir You are very welcome 😊 thank you for the lovely comment
bhakti deb (9 months ago)
Lovely, I feel so relaxed and refreshed, thank-you, Lizzy
Lizzy Hill (9 months ago)
bhakti deb You are very welcome
Very unique act. Looks great,ideal for the Tourist industry.
George Rivero (9 months ago)
Wonderfully relaxing!
June kelly (9 months ago)
This could have been great but cut out after 20 seconds☹️
Lizzy Hill (9 months ago)
June kelly sorry to hear that. I have just played it through fully and it was ok? I hope it works if you try again

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