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How Parisians ACTUALLY dress | Paris Street Style 2018

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Hello babes of the internets! Ever since my first video on “What students in Paris are actually wearing” I’ve gotten so many requests to do more style and fashion videos, thrift hauls, etc! My personal thrifted lookbooks/ootds are coming (so stoked to share them with you!), but today I’m taking it to the streets of Paris to do my first every French Street Style video! SO I’m interviewing absolute strangers (in French and English of course ;) with varying aesthetics, from poppin’ 80s grunge bombers to chic 90s scrunchies to some H&m and Zara. The only rule? Specific choices were made when they picked out their clothes, outfits are stand out and above all inspiring! As y’all know we love a thrifted artsy look at the Purple Palace and not surprisingly most of these fits were vintage and original. I’ve spoken about how France has a reputation for a certain minimalist Parisian French girl style, but I wanted to prove that the French do dress eclectically and with color! I also wanted to say that I didn’t aim to film exclusively young people—my goal was ages ranging from teens to sassy grandmas, but tbh a lot of people turned down being filmed. I’m most excited about this little series (this is just the summer style ;) because I get to hear people talk about their self expression and where they choose to do their shopping in Paris. It’s also context in which I can go up to interesting looking people I wouldn’t normally be able to talk to (it’s Paris, people). I talked in my blog about how I do something everyday that scares me, and I have to admit that it is hella awks to ask randoms on the street if you can film them for youtube, lol. BUT it forced me outside my comfort zone and I’m grateful for that! I also LOVE that all of you who are not French have a window through which you can see the day to day world of French/ international creatives and how they dress, live and express themselves. Thanks for watching! LOVE YOU and let me know what video YOU want to see next! If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up, like subscribe and follow me on my socials: Instagram: @_purple_palace Blog: www.witchyParis.com All the instagram handles of the people featured in this video are listed in the video at the timestamp 9:03 (those who are not listed I don’t have socials for). Questions asked in this video and timestamp: 1:36 What’s your name and how old are you? 2:26Do you think it’s difficult to dress how you like in Paris with out being judged? 4:02How would you describe your personal style? 6:57 Where do you do your shopping in Paris? Follow me on depop! @purplepalace
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Text Comments (529)
SolangeTeParle (8 months ago)
Love your vibe so much 🥐💕
Mathilda abou samra (5 months ago)
Solange ! Haha c’est génial de te retrouver ici aussi :3
Lisa ytb (7 months ago)
Solangeeeeeeeeeeee ❤️❤️❤️
Lélia (7 months ago)
The Purple Palace (8 months ago)
Thanks Solange! 💕🌹💕
July Maldonado (11 days ago)
omg violette is so beautiful!! What’s her @?
Sophine Nijland (17 days ago)
1:47 my name’s josephine as well
noʎ ʞɔnuɟ (20 days ago)
I am a french girl and this video is so funny and intresting to watch
Mathias A (1 month ago)
C'est quoi la version de Genius of Love qui joue à partir de 30 secondes? Je la trouve nulle part 🏝🏝Merciii
lawanda27W (1 month ago)
Can somebody tell me what the weather is Paris is like at the end of May??
Mary Dolman (1 month ago)
Thanks for a fun video. I'm in my 40's and always liked to dress creatively with unusual colour combinations, but in my generation, it was more frowned on by the conservative majority. This video makes me wish I was twenty one and hanging around in Paris.
Angelica Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I think in Milan they dress better ;)
Melisa Suer (1 month ago)
❤️❤️❤️ Love it!!
Sophia Ramos (1 month ago)
I recently visited France and every single person I came across with was super nice and friendly so this video made me feel very happy because it reminded me of my trip💖 New sub here!
CancerDancer (1 month ago)
Literally in love with this girl 3:53
H B (2 months ago)
Cool. I’ve been to Paris and other parts of France 4 times and always feel as though I stick out like a sore thumb because of how I dress. I didn’t run into many people dressed like this despite going in many different parts of the city! Good to know for when I go back this summer that I am not the only one😊👍
SimpleGirl (2 months ago)
At 7:52 the guy says Pull and Bear ! ^^ its just our way of pronouncing the word "bear" (people somehow think it has to be pronounced beer), haha 😂😂 Aussi, j'ai adoré la vidéo, mais après j'ai l'impression que tous les gens stylés sont réunis dans ce quartier là.😂 A mon avis c'est le meilleur endroit pour trouver des gens avec un fashion sense unique ;) En tout cas j'adore la vidéo !!
Géraldine Perrais (2 months ago)
Tellement cool et joyeux :D
Tessa is pretty
Annika Orne (2 months ago)
Quelle est la musique?
jay's baby girl (3 months ago)
They r so beautiful
jay's baby girl (3 months ago)
I wish i can get my visa n meet stylish ppl in paris
adien31 (3 months ago)
That 'dewi' girl. Is she an indonesian?
The Purple Palace (3 months ago)
yes I believe she told me that!
dan ia (3 months ago)
i wanna be friend with michelle
Chica rebel (3 months ago)
My favorite was Tessa’s style for surreee!!😍
Hayden a (3 months ago)
je voudrais manger un brunch avec michelle
Arielle (3 months ago)
What is the song that’s playing when the people are first being introduced around 1:15?
Josefine Dresler (3 months ago)
I'm from denmark as well, and I would agree with the dane but if you go to places like aarhus in denmark, there are lots of people who are way more like the ones in this video
itsjackson (3 months ago)
Ils ont 21-25 ans et semblent avoir 17 18 ans ils ont de la chance là 😂 Btw Ils sont tous très très beaux.
Lena Bodeveix (3 months ago)
she wasn't in the same place as me in Denmark so
Joseph Monaco (3 months ago)
Vitoria Rejano (3 months ago)
I'm in love with the asian guy
Lucie Lavigne (3 months ago)
I love summer in french cities
washma (3 months ago)
having something that i can change nd switch up as i please in my life makes me feel sane! i feel reminded once again after watching ur videos that its okay to be loud, in even the most subtle ways. thank u~ for introducing us to these lovely people<33 also.. lowkey disappointed we didn't hear much of the guy @ 8:35 he seems like a cutie
The Purple Palace (3 months ago)
Chloé (3 months ago)
7:53 he said « this is from Pull&Bear »
Ami S (3 months ago)
Oh noo😔 that Violet girl skipped on her awesome jacket, I was so pumped to know where it's from
The Purple Palace (3 months ago)
I think she said thrifted!!
HoneyedHylian (3 months ago)
I love the energy of the girl in the blue jumper. Such a free spirit.
light (3 months ago)
Fayne kinda looked like Noora from SKAM in the intro clips
roxane (3 months ago)
Can you give me all the songs in the video plz 🐉
Sophie (3 months ago)
Allright but why everyone so cute
HAKATAPAWA (4 months ago)
Emmaus isn't exactly a thrift store
French Toast (4 months ago)
2:18 omg Dustin and Barb Stranger Things
Miranda Hahaha (4 months ago)
What is the cryil's ig?
PinkGrapefruitSummer (4 months ago)
You instantly recognize, that the two girls are German haha:D (I'm German, too btw:D)
Amor and.Psyche (2 months ago)
Omg yes! They just said their names and I was like "oh, ok german."
Roza Golodnikov (4 months ago)
What's the name of the song in the beginning?
Noélie Baudet (4 months ago)
quelle est la musique à la fin de la vidéo sil te plait
Brisa Villagomez (4 months ago)
Your videos are inspirend me for have a original style and be myself
The Purple Palace (4 months ago)
Yay!!!! 😊❤️❤️❤️
CT (4 months ago)
La Musique!
Catherine Wan (4 months ago)
whats the song that played at the beginning i know its a version of mouhful of diamonds? also u absolutely loved how wildly different everyone was
Laura Palmer (4 months ago)
Everyone is so cute and stylish aw
smileysquid (4 months ago)
maenan pasar malem 6:41
Berlingot delait (4 months ago)
7:51 He said "Pull and Bear"
Kim le gal (4 months ago)
Gabriel Sanarixx (4 months ago)
OMG! (1:50) Coulio is SUCH an icon. Hanabi I LOVE U.
•adrien danielle• (5 months ago)
karl looks like eleven from stranger things
The Purple Palace (5 months ago)
I agree!
Alejandra Arias Sevilla (5 months ago)
Hi there!! I'll be studying in Paris next semester andd I cannot find much info on how to dress for the winter months and early spring. Do you have any tips and must haves?
The Purple Palace (5 months ago)
It is so cold in the winter! I would say two different coats, lots of pants and turtle necks, but maybe ou want to buy some stuff when you're here so keep that in mind :)
Olivia Elam (5 months ago)
If you know the name of the store that Coulio is in front of, I’d love to visit it
Sunflowers Lou (5 months ago)
Super videooo
The Purple Palace (5 months ago)
merci :)
Elina Earl (5 months ago)
I LOVE this video and how it was filmed, you seem so cool and all these people (including you) make me feel more confident wearing the things I like!!! definitely wanna visit France!
The Purple Palace (5 months ago)
Thanks love!! You should def visit and yaa keep doin u❤️❤️
Emma Miller (5 months ago)
so inspirational i looooove~♡ everyone is super cool :"0
The Purple Palace (5 months ago)
thanks Emma!
T (5 months ago)
Moi aussi jveux me faire Street stylé :(
Jesse McIver (5 months ago)
Can you start listing the music you use? I always like it
Daisy Br (5 months ago)
Cool ! :)
princess Luna kusuma (5 months ago)
Dewi :) that's indonesian name haha lol maybe shes half indonesian
kookle dodo (6 months ago)
J'habite dans la banlieue de Paris et ca me fais chier d'être jugée h24 même se couper les cheuveux ou avoir un style différent on te juges
The Purple Palace (5 months ago)
je comprends mais il faut faire ce que tu veux! <33
molly.darcy (6 months ago)
what is the song that starts at 1:00?
MeeL (6 months ago)
Marion Rms (6 months ago)
OK Michelle est trop trop belle
molly (6 months ago)
thrift shopping really is the best, every piece is unique, cheap, and it’s not fast fashion!!
The Purple Palace (6 months ago)
So true! 💕💕
isilmonika (6 months ago)
the model boy was wearing the shorts that the girl with purple bodysuit designed (michelletsm) is this a coincidence or what
The Purple Palace (6 months ago)
No they were together i just interviewed them seperately!
isilmonika (6 months ago)
i love that you really put effort in your videos. and i'm very happy to find this channel so i can practice french :)
The Purple Palace (6 months ago)
Tina Braxton (6 months ago)
Love this! I'll fit right in.
Kate (6 months ago)
I love that this doesn't try to play into the fantasy of Parisian style that Americans are obsessed with. So many individual and beautiful senses of style to represent a diverse city! If you look up parisian style on youtube your video is the most interesting and real out of all of them.
The Purple Palace (6 months ago)
Thanks Kate! I totally agree the cliché of french style is so basic and not really true. There is so much diversity here💕
Palace of Brilliance (6 months ago)
he said pull and bear. (almost at the end) the guy with the bershka bag. Also cannot believe that they have OFO s now In Paris! this makes me so happy! (i lived in China the last year and they have them everywhere in the bigger cities . one can just open them and place them wherever one wants)
Elif (6 months ago)
0:14 hey it's punk t-shirt
B ø ø (6 months ago)
Paris c’est cool !
Kahlil (6 months ago)
Love this video!
The Purple Palace (6 months ago)
Selina (6 months ago)
does anyone now the current insta of violette? couldn't find anything @iinsaeii :/
OmgYouNeed SomeMilk! (7 months ago)
Where can I find people with that amount of coolness in Colombia? I don't think u can have an actual and self style in Latin America bc all the styles u find are from Europe or USA, and even the thrift stores only have trendy clothes and that's really sad :(
Lisa ytb (7 months ago)
7:53 il a dit « Pull And Bear »🇫🇷❤️
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
Gizem Eğlu (7 months ago)
Can you share the link of your Spotify account??!! bcs i love the musics u use in your videos!
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
Hey! I don't have Spotify but I have Soundcloud :) my username is Shayna klee
RICOLOKO (7 months ago)
Седрик Сакст (7 months ago)
Это Даша Друже?
licorne power (7 months ago)
trop bien!!! je veux faire pareil!! <3
joe (7 months ago)
I tried to find @iinsaeii on instagram but i think she changed her name does anyone know what to?
Zak Daniell (7 months ago)
love the video babe, does anyone know / or can you tell me what remix to genius of love by tom tom club this is? <3
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
Thanks! Its on my soundcloud (shayna klee for soundcloud) 💕
Summer Skidmore (7 months ago)
that 17 yr old boy looks maybe 14 with a septum piercing
Mia Katerina (5 months ago)
Pretty sure Karl is biologically a girl hence why the softer/younger appearance.
J M (7 months ago)
awesome video could you list more inspirations like the women at 10:05 thanks tons I checked out the inspiration she mentioned and she's fresh.
EFE Arciniegas (7 months ago)
I really LOVE your videos💘 I’m your fan now.
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
thanks so much!❤️
ChVP * (7 months ago)
Diversely beautiful 💕😍🌈✨ SO COLORFUL + love the fact almost everyone shops cheap or thrifts💗🌱🌸🙌🏻
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
ThePotPow (7 months ago)
7.50 : the shop was pull&bear ;)
Earth to Sav (7 months ago)
This made me calm and happy 🦋
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
1DollHair (7 months ago)
I couldn't possibly love this video more. You make me feel like I'm there, living the French dream. Young and unabashed.
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
aw thanks so much for your words of support. they truly have brightened my day <333
Jules.iette Guerin (7 months ago)
At 7:50 the guy said he bought his shirt at pull and bear! I don’t know if there are « pull and bear » shop in other countries than France, I’d say maybe there’s some in england or germany? I dont know x)
Perrin Thomas (7 months ago)
Tom Tom club genius officiellement love
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
Nyny Jeans (7 months ago)
I enjoyed this video a looot💕🌸
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
I'm so glad <33
Joseph Preciado (7 months ago)
i rlly loved your vid pls more like this one!!! greetings fro Mexico 💕
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
I will! much love <3
Ilo Rétro (7 months ago)
8:38 is that Yung Bans ?? :o
beachwriter8 (7 months ago)
I love seeing people of many cultures speaking beautiful french!
The Purple Palace (7 months ago)
calypso jsd (7 months ago)
je trouve pas linstagram de violette :(( help me (ceux des autres marchent mais pas le sien)
Ca Boum (7 months ago)
C'est genial ! Et j'adore le choix musical ! Continue bravo 😊
Mara Fichios (7 months ago)
You should totally do a skin care routine or recommend some products because your skin looks amazing (ive seen this in another videos)
Feliciti (7 months ago)
Ptdr Karl il me fait délirer jsais même pas pq 😂
dez (7 months ago)
ahhhh the music is so gooooood!! do you have links for them?

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