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Return to Now: Namaste Music

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Relaxing Piano Meditation Music by Jonathan Slatter - Eternity available for purchase @ Piano Dreams II by Jonathan Slatter https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/piano-dreams-ii/939183410
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Jecenia Hidalgo (3 days ago)
A favorite of my yoga & meditation students, I play this during gentle yoga & for savasana at the end of other styles of yoga classes... & everyone drifts into deep rest & relaxation. Always sharing your music with others, thank you! ✨🧘🏻‍♀️✨
La Voz De Tu Alma (3 days ago)
Adrian Motica (5 days ago)
Shreyas Sinha (9 days ago)
thank you 🙏❤️
Aditya Anand (12 days ago)
Somehow listening to music like these make us a calmer person.
Cetty Cannavò (12 days ago)
Eccezionale!! Grazie
Darren Milsom (14 days ago)
cheers for sharing,i feel in peace with the tunes,
Jose Chopite (14 days ago)
gracias :)
Matúš Madzík (19 days ago)
Love this one
Viviane Casimir (23 days ago)
Great music. Thanks!!!!!! I am heading to that blue horizon, that's what comes up to me while listening.
Real Deal (25 days ago)
Arceus The God (27 days ago)
*Namaste* Return Back to Far Cry 4
likeliterally (27 days ago)
love the sound of the crackling fire in the background <3
Boonaert Eric (29 days ago)
merci pour cette musique
Jiminieswife (1 month ago)
Nice to see our indian culture being promoted everywhere ♡♡
Srijan Gupta (1 month ago)
Namaste 🙏
Rosey (1 month ago)
Great for meditation or yoga <3 Thanks
Nathan Evans (1 month ago)
Namaste :)
Ohannes Hallajian (1 month ago)
Nice music. .I feel taked me another world
Shreya Jasmine (1 month ago)
This helps me discard the negative energy around me and focus on just the positive ....
Azeema Yasmin (1 month ago)
Thanks you
Linda Cooper (1 month ago)
beautiful - so soft and peaceful and uplifting.
Rafael Pessi (1 month ago)
So soothing! Gratitude!
luiggiostar (1 month ago)
Hermoso! gracias infinitas!
K- Droj (1 month ago)
This is so beautiful.
Karol Jankowski (1 month ago)
this is truly amazing exactly what my soul needed to hear
Khushal Dutta (1 month ago)
ideal music for meditation
Michael Fisher (1 month ago)
I've listened to every meditation on YouTube - this is the first one that let me meditate to it. Thank You. Namaste.
송훈김 (1 month ago)
So relaxing 😍
Skizzy (2 months ago)
Super son apaisement total direct, merci. ☮️🕊️♥️👌
Sonya Washington (2 months ago)
Loving this peace of mind 🕉️
Oriliyacris Perera (2 months ago)
Lets Make Life Easy (2 months ago)
Very peaceful. Thank you
Misfittted (2 months ago)
maria silva (2 months ago)
música maravilhosa!
Francisca Mansilla (2 months ago)
He escuchado muchos buscando el que me haga sentir tranquila, en paz. Hasta que lo encontré, éste track es único! 💜
atheer2001 (2 months ago)
Infinite love for everything and everyone 💛
Lie Lirium (2 months ago)
Es muy bello, siento tranquilidad y a la vez algo de tristeza, se que pasará, gracias por ésta musica y melodía..
Meredith Seifert (2 months ago)
This one is good, thank you!
Yurei Yoi (2 months ago)
This is reaaaaallly very relaxing like a most powerful Lullabuy :) Thanks Lovin this right now its helping me breathhhh!
Angie J (2 months ago)
What a beautiful gift you have shared. Thank you so much. This is like a musical massage. I find stress just leaving my body as I listen. Fantastic to work to.
ginger71859 (2 months ago)
This track always puts me at peace
This plays at the edge of the rivers of emotion. The crossroads where love and sadness, joy and pain meet. Until all...is one
Maen Jiménez (3 months ago)
Me relaja mucho
Ludmila Nechiporenko (3 months ago)
dissolving in space I'm swimming along the river of life
Javi Blanco (3 months ago)
love ..<3 <3
Andrea Baumgartner (3 months ago)
Vielen Dank für die vielen schöne Stunden mit Namaste Music!
A. S. (3 months ago)
Diletta (3 months ago)
Questa è bellissima per il massaggio e per la meditazione!!! Domani pratico yoga con questa meravigliosa melodia!!!! Sono veramente commossa!! 😭😭😍😍😍
Barbara Irházi (3 months ago)
~Namaste ~
2winlock (3 months ago)
so Lovely...
2winlock (3 months ago)
how could there be any negatives as this is supremely beautiful..
Wonder Woman Heart (3 months ago)
Camila Mila (3 months ago)
Gracias!! 🌅
Scarfogliero Renée (3 months ago)
Trop beau jadore
Pirates Of Utopia (3 months ago)
namaste in greek means : here we are..
NATUREZA UNIVERSAL . (3 months ago)
Liew Christina (3 months ago)
thank you so much!
paulo c barbosa (3 months ago)
Descanso para o corpo aconchego pra alma, obrigado.
Forest Sounds for Relax (3 months ago)
Peaceful, love it :)
Alma Chang (4 months ago)
ARAN (4 months ago)
Can someone PLEASE tell me where i can download this particular song, it's so beautidful and almost like i don't want it to end...
Jacqueline Pardavell (4 months ago)
Me encanta!
Manda Ahu (4 months ago)
Namaste:-) Music for our souls....
Maria Rose (4 months ago)
This is so peaceful!
Return to now dice acerca de Retornar A. Es una medio verdad, pues no puede retornar aquello que nunca estuvo separado. La música es un medio de expresión colosal, sin el simbolismo de las palabras, el alma-en completa union- a su fuente.expresa el amor y la fidelidad de nuestro origen. Escucha, no pienses, solo sé, sé. Eso es lo que eres. Namaste amigo (a)
Michael Lewis (4 months ago)
Amazingly calming. Simple and beautiful. Thank you.
delfina delfina (4 months ago)
There was the question from your channel how often i meditate, i always meditate. Its this moment when you leave duality that u never stop meditating. But first it requires years of practice.
Susan Retief (4 months ago)
My favourite!!!
Rogerio Procopio (4 months ago)
Agradeço o belo som ,bela vibração ! Que harmonia
Farfalla Azzurro (4 months ago)
Buddha's Lounge (22 days ago)
Eternity by Jonathan Slatter available for purchase @ Piano Dreams II by Jonathan Slatter https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/piano-dreams-ii/939183410
Sarah Nash (4 months ago)
I haven't been able to stop listening to this for the past three days. It's the "center' I must keep returning to. Thank you.
Música muy sublime... La utilizo para medir... Gracias por compartir!!
kasarapu rakesh (4 months ago)
너와의산책 (4 months ago)
Khanh Linh Nguyen (4 months ago)
Thank you for this amazing soundtrack!
Goddess Latara Lemon (5 months ago)
Love and light Namaste
Vicky Bell (5 months ago)
Thank you <3
Vinc Mart (5 months ago)
non désolé y a beaucoup mieux....
Julio C. Carrero-Pulido (5 months ago)
May all being be happy, be peacefull,be liberated...............Bhavatu sabba Mangalam
Jeneile Hamblet (5 months ago)
I am returning :) . I love it
Carmen Ng Music to Relax (5 months ago)
so nice, speechless~ namaste
mohammed qasim (5 months ago)
Gabriel Roque (6 months ago)
Que maravilha 😍 seja grato por toda sua vida !!!! ⛺💕 Brasil.
golden dream (6 months ago)
Dear creators.. We love your work. The Namaste music has gone down very well with our Tantric yoga group. AS a teacher of Yoga and Tantra massage therapist really helps people float away to the massage. They are all wishing to buy your music. I have put this on my group channel play list. Namaste London Tantra massage
Erjet Malaj (6 months ago)
Thank you
SÉRGIO BRANDÃO (6 months ago)
Simplesmente maravilhoso
Inner Ear Productions (6 months ago)
Really not much to say other than WOW! Really like this tune. Time to get back into the studio myself. 🥇🤗
Rafa 5 (6 months ago)
Pedro Orlando (6 months ago)
Dino Turkić (6 months ago)
I seriously cannot believe the effect this just had on me. Studying all day long, and feeling axcious before the exam this totally relieved me. When I stood up I spontaneously did a Surya Namaskara A. Wow. <3
Marylin Arnaldi (6 months ago)
Je me transforme en papillon ✌
Gracias, namaste
Ray Adams (6 months ago)
Jamie Doyle (7 months ago)
i feel like i'm in the centre of a gravity field,doe's exactly what it say's in the song title,THANK'S

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