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Primera tormenta de nieve / snow day 🌧❄️⛄️David TV 2018

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Snow Day David TV ⛄️❄️🌧
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Luz Luna (4 months ago)
Feliz navidad los kiero mucho
David TV (4 months ago)
Luz Luna feliz navidad nosotros también te queremos mucho saludos a todos por aya ♥️
It’s beautiful scene out there with snow😍 Big like #32❤️🌹❤️
David TV (5 months ago)
龍チューブラザーズRyu tubrothers thank you 🙏♥️
PTV VLOGS (5 months ago)
David is so cute ☺️☺️☺️ Thank you for this wonderful video 👍👍👍 have a happy weekend 💙💙💕 and a merry Christmas my dear friend🎄🎄🎄🎄 God bless you and your family 💙💙💟💟💟
David TV (4 months ago)
PTV - Railways thank you very much my friend sorry for answering late. merry Christmas and happy new year. Blessings.♥️🤗🙏
dazzling wave (5 months ago)
beautiful snowy day 💜
David TV (5 months ago)
dazzling wave thank you 😊 💚
Wish we can experience this too David!So beautiful👍😍
David TV (5 months ago)
Caletha Playtime 😍💚
David TV (5 months ago)
Caletha Playtime thank you 😊
Ahza Ghani Kids Channel (5 months ago)
It looks wonderful. You're lucky, David. I've never seen snow before since I live in tropical country. Greetings from new friend on your channel 😀💕
David TV (5 months ago)
Ahza Ghani Kids Channel thank you so much 🙏♥️
Dâu Tây ToysReview TV (5 months ago)
Hello, baby strawberries to visit you, your video content is great, baby Strawberry loves to watch, thank you very much! 💕💕 nhiều tuyết quá
David TV (4 months ago)
Dâu Tây ToysReview TV thank you so much my friend 💕🤗💕
ゴンチャンネル (5 months ago)
Very nice video like 30
David TV (4 months ago)
ゴンチャンネル thank you so much my friend 🙏♥️🤗
PrasDniK TV (5 months ago)
That was a very nice and interesting video!! +29
NITA DE AGUILAR (5 months ago)
Great video very nice🍂💙💘
Nhóc Vlogs (5 months ago)
So amazing
Мудрое рядом (5 months ago)
Luna mystikaGG (5 months ago)
a beautiful snowing landscape,like
HOMERO777XD (6 months ago)
Like 27
Act Naturally (6 months ago)
Lots of snow!! +1 LIKE
Sniper Mbledosss (6 months ago)
paket komplit nya sudah mendarat kawan...jgn lupa mampir ngopi di channel saya yahhh
خالد محرم (6 months ago)
Evening beauty and creativity 23
Brisa :D (6 months ago)
Aquí no hay nieve pero yo sueño con algún día poder tener nieve aquí 😊👍💕
Clara Toys Review (6 months ago)
Beautiful snow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, haven’t seen this kind of snow for about 5 years😍😍😍thanks for sharing
David TV (6 months ago)
Clara Toys Review you are welcome. 😍🤗
まるいぬ (6 months ago)
Beautiful snow day 💕💕💕💕
David TV (6 months ago)
まるいぬ thanks 🙏😊
Ngọc Ánh Vlogs (6 months ago)
❤️😍💖👍I enjoyed your sharing 👍 😘
David TV (6 months ago)
HAPPY thank you 🙏
Hoàng Anh (6 months ago)
Helo My friend very good nice like happy to see that thank you so much
David TV (6 months ago)
hoàng anh thank you 😊
Alegría y Diversión (6 months ago)
Tu casa tiene muy bonita vista y los árboles se ven lindisimos😍
David TV (6 months ago)
Alegría y Diversión si muy linda vista los árboles también. Gracias 😊😍
Alegría y Diversión (6 months ago)
Que cool igualó la nieve se ve muy divertido yo nunca he tenido nieve me gustaría algún día tener nieve y disfrutar de tan bonito regalo😍
David TV (6 months ago)
Alegría y Diversión Hola amiguita Gracias por tan bonitos comentarios. Ojalá pronto puedas disfrutar tu también de la nieve ⛄️ es divertido pero hoy David No quiso salir a jugar esta muy frío 🌧♥️🤗
Serendipity Moments (6 months ago)
The first snow fall is always exciting. Beautiful!
David TV (6 months ago)
Serendipity Moments very exciting. David. Was happy 😃
Raquel Quel * (6 months ago)
Fantástico meu sonho é ver a neve de perto
ママまろん (6 months ago)
HELLO👋😃NICE video😊💕💕⛄ ❄️❄️beautiful❄️❄️myfriend💕❤️
David TV (6 months ago)
ママまろん Hello thanks
Kidsfunchannel (6 months ago)
Beautiful snow like
David TV (6 months ago)
Kidsfunchannel thanks
ŞAHİN TAKIMI (6 months ago)
very nice video like
David TV (6 months ago)
Eduu Rodríguez Torres (6 months ago)
Саша ЕРХОНОВ (6 months ago)
Вроде бы не так давно было жаркое лето,а уже выпал 1-ый снег,класс
aki taka (6 months ago)
Primero es nieve o frío, pero hermoso.
Darius Learn And Play (6 months ago)
Great 👍
ANDRA ANDRADA (6 months ago)
Ya llega la Navidad 😯
Salvirican Vlogs (6 months ago)
Saludos amo la nieve pero aqui no cae
ごんたChannel (6 months ago)
Thank you for showing very nice video It snows and seems to be cold
Nice idea friend, love the snow
Sydnee Charnice (6 months ago)
GERRY BIMA CHANNEL (6 months ago)
Good morning,,, From Indonesia
David TV (6 months ago)
Gerry Bima Channel good morning my friend 😊
Fluffydog Butt (6 months ago)
It’s very cold outside ❄️☃️
David TV (6 months ago)
Very cold. 🌧

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