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Attack on Titan - Hanji's Naming Ceremony

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I hope this doesn't get some copyright strike
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Die Eintracht (1 day ago)
Just Lol
Adrian Morales (5 days ago)
no inglies
PinkPetalTeaCake (6 days ago)
Love reading the comments from miserable people who can't handle someone not being ID'd as male or female. It shouldn't matter that much.
Alisha Ackerman (7 days ago)
Danny Medina (1 month ago)
Fuck Titans
Eren Joestar 2002 (1 month ago)
ok lmao
Wolvnie Ding (1 month ago)
Lol that soldier is puking, how pathetic
DevieeBoii Taylor (2 months ago)
The Sawney Bean story is true so is Chicacchironi and Albert 0:31 Albert Fish was a serial killer and cannibal who was also a child rapist Andrei Chikatilo (Chicacchironi) to make it short he was basically Jack the Ripper of Russia
Samurai Jacky (2 months ago)
Oh Oh That's Hot
Blue_ StAr (3 months ago)
*"Turning Buttocks Into Steak..?"*
MyOofername999 i oof (3 months ago)
Origin of titan gel
Glaessel Vaguchay (3 months ago)
Do you know her?guess....... The titans hahahah,😃😃
Johnny Salery (3 months ago)
I'd become a Titan just so I could be Hanji's pet 😏
When you know this was all real
Tenno Shenaniganizer (3 months ago)
"You're going to be Sawney" *"I like that"* "And you're going to be Beane" **Says nothing**
Hanji is telling the story so casually while this dude over here is vomiting. This woman was born with no fucks to give.
マッチ (3 months ago)
Dark Sketch (3 months ago)
It stopped and seconds still moving
yei t (3 months ago)
Pretzel A31 (3 months ago)
You cant cook stew with flesh you know it will turn to a pudding in less than minutes
Fringgs (3 months ago)
Edward Elric at its finest
CatMouth32 (3 months ago)
1:31 i heard sasuke
RosisM Plays (3 months ago)
bean sounds like a cute name :P
The Infinity (3 months ago)
When ur a yandere but ur in the military !
Nishikata Sitohang (3 months ago)
"Tribe who ate people" Hanji surely telling something about batakese people
赤い彗星 (3 months ago)
チカチローニとアルベルトって アルドレイ・チカチーロとアルバート・フィッシュのことかな?
プラムプディング (3 months ago)
博麗霊夢 (4 months ago)
マジレス。 ソニービーン族は洞窟に住んでた。 なのにどうして火をおこせるんだ。
Phillip Wiederspan (4 months ago)
OMG Hanji Talk Titans about humans and titans😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ruslan Alamsyah (4 months ago)
Who is death bean&sawney
竹内偉臣太 (4 months ago)
Kelly Christina (4 months ago)
Sawney Bean inspired the movie The Hills Have Eyes.
DarKCuervo21 (4 months ago)
*Hange not Hanji
Linda Tanzillo (4 months ago)
She didn't have them killed but they stilled died
Creative Corl (4 months ago)
Isn’t this an actual story?
Prashant Koirala (4 months ago)
Sawney and Bean. Sean Bean??? 😂
haznil (4 months ago)
I'm naming my first child chicaccironi now
Kwento.Gaming (5 months ago)
i missed sawney and bean
Waie Wakuza (5 months ago)
My thought on hanji Season 1 : she's crazy Season 2 : she kinda pretty Season 3 : damn she's hot
lua (1 month ago)
My thought on hanji Season 1 : damn she's hot Season 2 : damn she's hot Season 3 : damn she's hot
小松直紀 (1 month ago)
Waie Wakuza ま
Ube2 (1 month ago)
Waie Wakuza or he
Seth_%r,&s (1 month ago)
She can test me all she wants
Tien (3 months ago)
I mean I'm a straight female and I think she's hot... yeah she's really hot
James Godwin Somejo (5 months ago)
i think i heard "meme"
I bet they think shes crazy wait they do i see the anime WATCHITNOWIRECCOMENDITNOWWW MAMMAMAM
This hoe needs help (5 months ago)
Hanji is cute doe
million views!
Shyfran (5 months ago)
In this world, you just go outside to commit suicide
Ethan & Elizabeth (5 months ago)
Hanji is so funny xD
michaelミカエル (5 months ago)
舟山皓洋 (5 months ago)
هي مال ككو ههههه
Ysmir 1987 (6 months ago)
The first time I saw this episode, I imagined Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) in Titan Form :-D and of course Hange is such an amazing woman!!!!
Maucaz alv (6 months ago)
.......... eso es amar su trabajo(?
Ziyad M (6 months ago)
Zimmerman was just need to talk about it or to solve the problem of the world full movie
SAO and Fate fan (6 months ago)
I love how Hange makes every single garrison regiment member feel/be sick with her story while she's not phased at all!
Erin Phoenix (6 months ago)
I feel so bad for Hanji when she finds out Sawney and Bean were killed. :(
PyroRandomness (6 months ago)
Albert.... Hmm..Familiar Yo tengo Flamingo
Spencer Is_A_Loser (6 months ago)
Hanji is great..
よしペロされ隊 (7 months ago)
Bongo Cat (7 months ago)
Vlad the Impaler (7 months ago)
This is too creepy to be funny.
YEL LOW (7 months ago)
Han g (7 months ago)
Don't mess with hanji
Lynox the chocolate fox (7 months ago)
Best gurl in Attack on titian ppl
dadasd.mekkyTV Gamer (7 months ago)
jeramahia123 (7 months ago)
Huh. Sawney Bean was actually a real cannibal legend in Scottland.
第七師団団長神威 (7 months ago)
石明政 (8 months ago)
RIZKY OFFICIAL 23 (8 months ago)
Wxrship (8 months ago)
1:13 - I love how it looks like a soldier rapes the sandbags
大好きメリーさん (8 months ago)
Ran Moha (8 months ago)
Wolvnie Ding (1 month ago)
Andrea Pais (9 months ago)
Is it weird that i want to keep Sawney and Bean as my pet....?
Melody Hamernor (9 months ago)
Hanji is the best 😂
ميكاسا تشان (9 months ago)
كم رقم الحلقة ياناس والا كلكم تتكلمون انجليزي 😨😖 ما اعرف اترجم
Lamelo Ball (9 months ago)
Actually guys hanji was talking about a real thing In the 16th century there was a tribe called sawney bean They were cannibals...
Abdulrahman Khaled (9 months ago)
Hanji is so funny and smart but not as smart as armin
Abdulrahman Khaled hanji is smarter than armin... Hanji is scored 11/10 in intelligence while armin is 10/10
dennis denshiel (9 months ago)
Chicacchironi and Albert XDDS
Jayden Hamilton (9 months ago)
Aaawwww Hanji is soooo cute!!!
Bluue Charky (9 months ago)
When she names them you can kind hear her say oh my god Sawney and oh my god bean XD
Kenichi Fukuda (9 months ago)
HANJIS On drugs Again
Maura Torres (10 months ago)
Could this be a tokyo ghoul reference?
ぬこさま。 (10 months ago)
F. B.I (10 months ago)
She is fucking crazy
Pramila Patharvat (10 months ago)
I almost gagged!!!😖
NeverPlayz YT (10 months ago)
1:14 hes not throwing up
청소요정 (10 months ago)
her voice is Kobayashi from Kobayashi's Maidedragon!!!!!
Devonna Stafford (10 months ago)
If I had a pet titan, I would name him cupcake :). And I would also make sure to look for one that looks like bean!
R eamity (10 months ago)
"You're Sawney *UGH* and you are Bean *UUGH* " i don't know why but this make me laugh. XD
Creative Corl (4 months ago)
/ Marx\ HAHAHA
John Jacob (10 months ago)
The Albert part...Do they watch Flamingo?
Babamanga 16 (10 months ago)
Is this S2? New eps?
dusia (11 months ago)
Zainab Aria (11 months ago)
Goddamnit hanji you crazy lovable son of a bitch
Пиздец будто это попало мне в рекомендованные
Eques Noir (11 months ago)
I don't know whether to laugh or puke...
danu Lungu (11 months ago)
Jemuel Mongado (11 months ago)
I know putting on the Maneuver Gear at those premises it necessary, especially since there are two live Titans right there, but damn that must be tiring.
生井美由紀 (11 months ago)
Anisa Hashi (1 year ago)
hahahahaha... hanji dont be retarded. we're talking about a fucking TITAN. you know the one that eats your kind. oh its okay if you forgot cuz titans are nice creatures. haha no
Blossom Days (1 year ago)
Nour El Nour (1 month ago)
chang mediano (1 year ago)
what chap is it?
Yato Kun (1 year ago)
the story hanji made is actully inspired in real life

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