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7 Minute Standing Magic Circle Workout

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Tone your body with this 20 Minute Standing Pilates Exercise workout with the Magic Circle - featuring Alisa Wyatt. Clothing by abi and joseph.
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Shelly Reynolds (7 months ago)
Whoa thanks so much PLEASE come back, and give us more standing circle workouts.
Daiany Bezerra (2 years ago)
como é o nome desta bola, que você esta usando??
Katieloveslife (2 years ago)
love this!
Cenobite Barbie (3 years ago)
I just started tracking. I love this video to start!!! Any idea how many calories it burns to enter in my app?
ThursdayDog (3 years ago)
thanks for posting
Joanna McAinsh (3 years ago)
Kiran Rana (1 month ago)
Joanna McAinsh Jfagrtyapjkwwwiooppo
Shelly Giggey (4 years ago)
Hey Alisa, Great video. I have a Pilates Circle plus 3 others (Ballys Brand) that I really should be using! I teach Pilates. I got away from using them. Not anymore! Thanks for posting :).
Judy Fink (5 years ago)
Alisa I love watching anything you do! Your instructions are so clear and you are so "Real" when you teach!!! You even laugh at yourself when closing your eyes and you're a little wobbly! Stay just the way you are :) xo Judy
Doppel ganger (6 years ago)
Nice arms!! I need arms like those
vprice84 (6 years ago)
This is only 7 minutes - where can I find the other 13?

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