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10 x 1 Minute Posture Tips

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Don't just settle for poor posture, back, neck and arm pain! follow these 10 x 60 second posture tips and stand tall! Did you know that good posture can actually improve your productivity at work help you focus, improve your confidence and help you nail that pay rise! Researchers at Harvard proved it. So it must be true. Follow these tips and feel things change. Follow me on instagram @kimsaha for inspiration! and Facebook: Kim Saha Physiotherapy and Pilates for physio and pilates tips and tricks.
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Text Comments (4)
Michael Hobbs (3 months ago)
Just started these Kim. Thank you. I'm enjoying doing these quick exercises.
Kim Saha (3 months ago)
Michael Hobbs I’m glad you find it useful!
Michael Hobbs (7 months ago)
Thank you Kim. Really useful.
Kim Saha (7 months ago)
Michael Hobbs you’re very welcome 😊

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