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Pilates Advanced Chair class with Trainer Fiona Hermanutz

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Welcome to your chair! Lots of options and levels given during this 1 hour class. Start with 1 black on a 2.... I think I forgot to mention that at the start 🤓. Enjoy🙏🏻 Dont forget to follow us on IG at #mfandpilates
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Майкл Майкл (1 month ago)
לי היימליך (7 months ago)
wow, that's a great video!
Thank you so much! Hope you join us for another one.
futuramal (7 months ago)
Excellent 👏👏👌❤😙
futuramal thank you 💕😊
Thanks! Love the chair 💕
Майкл Майкл (7 months ago)

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