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How To Be Parisian With Caroline De Maigret | Entertainment | Refinery29

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Caroline de Maigret, the model and music producer, is an expert on all things chic. And, as one of the authors of "How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits," she's penned the definitive guide to mastering French cool. But, to get the inside scoop on whether these tips can truly transform us into the devil-may-care femmes we long to be, Harper's Bazaar executive editor Laura Brown test drove them first. For more influencer interviews, go to: http://bit.ly/r29-entertainment Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29 For the latest trends and videos, visit: http://refinery29.com Like Refinery29 on Facebook: http://facebook.com/refinery29 Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/refinery29 Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: http://instagram.com/refinery29
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Text Comments (130)
Lila Frascation (2 months ago)
Who else read Persian
Spoorthi Pema (5 months ago)
Loved the video until the last thing she said about not being fat..!
Spoorthi Pema (4 months ago)
+Art Déco hhhahhahah oui. Je dis bonjour toujours parce que je parle français bien 😋 and yes I'm looking forward to learning all about la culture française.
Spoorthi Pema (4 months ago)
+Art Déco nope I am not french at all and I am learning more about France as I'm moving to paris in 5 days.
Spoorthi Pema (4 months ago)
+Art Déco nope don't think so. Look st the record France has when it comes to teenage eating disorders such as anorexia and bulemia. You'll realise that every joke has a little truth in it and this unfortunate truth needs to be changed. Plus nothing wrong with being sensitive. Times like this it's important to be sensitive and considerate...
Jackie ._. (5 months ago)
i think one part that makes them so beautiful is their level of woke 1:51
Alicia F (5 months ago)
Dane Mitch (5 months ago)
I love Caroline’s white shirt so much. I just love a good white shirt.
MONTENEGRINA (5 months ago)
I've been french for my wholenlife without even knowing it... this woman is me....
Hackenzie Wan (6 months ago)
Love her hair.In fact i m a person who love to kept my hair natural and messy.Just be yourself😍
Suzanna Nana (6 months ago)
I love how they seem so chill&down to earth!
djamel biad (7 months ago)
J'aime ces types de vidéo 😍😍
Metta King (7 months ago)
0:54 "you are thinking something more important than where you are right now" *why do we have a fruit named grapefruit when we already have a fruit named grape?*
MidnightCanvas (8 months ago)
Omg I've watched two videos of her and I love her already😂
tish M (8 months ago)
this is such bullshit. I'm French and everyone is stuck on this stereotypes. France is not like this anymore it's not the 1940s.
Ping M. Y. (9 months ago)
Caroline is so beautiful. She exudes warmth and intelligence.
CoffeenGlam (9 months ago)
Ahh! It's such a paradox! not to care about it, not try to be perfect... but, common, they work hard in trying to be better than themselves, and fittting some kind of a stereotype. I don't know, just be yourself, not care about it, it's so hard. I think loving yourself can be hard :) but it's a lifelong practice and it's part of that coffeenglam.com
Angeleena (9 months ago)
That blonde girl is cringeworthy 😂
Beatriz García (1 year ago)
I love her style, in fact I talked about her in one of my videos!
Maria Smith (1 year ago)
Using a straw is good for your teeth. How stylish are dentures?
Brit Laydia (1 year ago)
No straw darling, your not 12 years old. The way she said it even sounded chic..😂
mademoiselle madī (1 year ago)
Not caring and yet- to use a straw is childish...
Luksi Visita (1 year ago)
So hilarious lol
Dr Bitchcraft (1 year ago)
You know what I like about Caroline? Her hair. I mean really! It's so similar to mine and I've always felt so self conscious about it because it always looks messy and dry and fuzzy etc. and she makes it look chic <3
i haven't used a straw since i saw this video
R. Morgan (1 year ago)
"No you can't because french women don't get fat." *pigs out on pastries*
Tania Martins (1 year ago)
Sorry, but that's not a cronut - that's a Kouign Amann, a French pastry, along with mini madeleines and cannele. And it's all Dominique Ansel, who's French. Love the video otherwise!
luckyDancer100 (1 year ago)
Caroline is gorgeous!
Abstranger (1 year ago)
that's kouign amann tho
ainanor (1 year ago)
I am French I guess lol I have been doing all the Things she sais ;-))
Basia (1 year ago)
Mon dieu quelle betisse
GillianMcLain (1 year ago)
I admire French women so much, they are so cool and confident and beautiful. and the French language is gorgeous, and I could listen to French people speak english all day such a sexy accent
Lila Nguyen (2 years ago)
Out of all beauty cultures I really love French beauty the most. It's all about embracing yourself and taking care of yourself. It's so effortless!
Rainbow77Girl (2 years ago)
Caroline de Maigret; queen of satire😇
Huda Ibtisama (2 years ago)
i love how she's acting all rude and uptight♥ caroline is best
Tracey Kong (2 years ago)
Just be extremely arrogant, superficial, and annoying. There you go.
tout en douceur (2 years ago)
what i love about women in france is they don't look perfect. they don't do their hair for hours and put on 50 layers of makeup, at least it looks like they only want to look fresh, clean and feminine and thats it, while girls in germany act like they have to look photoshopped for school it's horrible
Lucia kiwi (2 months ago)
Lol I'm writing this eating a croissant defenitely being a real life French stereotype
Lucia kiwi (2 months ago)
Ohoho you ve never actually been in France then. People really care about how they look especially when you go to Paris (it feels like you re going to a fashion show sometimes mdrr)
eoeee (1 year ago)
It's the same here in England. Girls put on way too much makeup and they start to look like a barbie doll...
Sharon (1 year ago)
When I lived in Holland I was so jealous the girls could look so good with no makeup and crazy hair from the wind.
luckyDancer100 (2 years ago)
Call of Putin yeah and I love that she still looks amazing even though her hair isn't perfect or her face isn't coated in foundation. She gives off a lot of confidence & I think that's what true beauty is. When you have that, you don't necessarily need the rest.
NirvanaIsMyDrugg (2 years ago)
Caroline reminds me of Shane from The L Word
Sophia Sorensen (2 years ago)
Can anyone tell me how stylish/'trendy' the areas around Villiers, Rome, Porte de Clichy and Batignolles are? Local Parisians-wise? And what the overall vibe & atmosphere is? I know they are near the fashionable & grand Parc Monceau & 7th Arrondissement, but I want to know about these areas around those stations. What other areas is one likely to see actual locals - Parisians (and stylish ones)? Would Le Marais, Saint-Germain & Oberkampf be such areas?
RYS Cubas (2 years ago)
Yo was good homie lol aye i saw ur channel and it looked really fucking dope and i just wanted to know if u wanna be cool on YT lol, i know it sounds weird asking for friends lol, i got none, lol jk, but i want to know if u want to support each other homie if not its gucci.
Emnet Habteab (2 years ago)
this is why I love Refinery29!
Alex Arias (2 years ago)
she's so charismatic and lovely
nidahamad1 (2 years ago)
That was hilarious
Freyja Almighty (2 years ago)
I'm not from Paris but I act like this already. It's not hard, I find it more difficult being bubbly.
shut up nerd (5 months ago)
same aojdjsjsj
Johannes Grosz (2 years ago)
You're smiling, that's no good...WOW!
Mattison Gibson (2 years ago)
People are being so sensitive. This is clearly satirical.
R Ch. (8 months ago)
well... as a parisian I can tell you that it's not that satirical....
luckyDancer100 (2 years ago)
Mattison Gibson agree
Haintso Rakouth (2 years ago)
That's why I love the book.
crystal fumes (2 years ago)
As a French person that's not from Paris, I found that pretty funny and entertaining !
maria b (7 months ago)
Grey Graham she said she's french
Salem Martell (1 year ago)
Elisa Gautimbert Are you from Québec? :)
danielleidk (2 years ago)
Her book was awful, don't spend your money on it. Someone wrote some stupid backwards rules for women and put some bohemien pictures from tumblr and gave it some catchy title. Don't buy the book
Rusata Rusalka (3 months ago)
Gabriel O'Leary-Wachs (8 months ago)
danielleidk suce mon cul
Edit Name (8 months ago)
Shut up.
Carolina Tudor (2 years ago)
Caroline de Maigret is lovely, but is not this woman to do "how to be Parisian" videos? There are 30000 videos of her with the same title.
Maya Goode (3 years ago)
LMFAO! So wonderful
Ines Baumann (3 years ago)
The best! I love Caroline de Maigret!
silkbuttons (3 years ago)
Who would want to be Parisian if it means you are putting out such a moody dismissive bad attitude? Hell no.
6235river (3 years ago)
+silkbuttons You're French, just not from Paris? 
silkbuttons (3 years ago)
+6235river haha. No. I just commented on those two. Stop to generalise about France! I am talking about Paris. Merci
6235river (3 years ago)
+silkbuttons This is the second video I've seen you comment on about how to be French. You seem very bitter. What French person hurt you?
Rosie Hayman (3 years ago)
lol "you're smiling, that's no good"
Rui Jun Luong (3 years ago)
hahah this is so funny
doubtfuldreamer (3 years ago)
How boring... straws are fun
Camille Chandelier (3 years ago)
As a French... that was pretty fun yeah ;)
conejitoasesinoOG (3 years ago)
I've got the"over it" look down. But since I'm not a thin French chick people just think I'm a bitch. And I'm ok with that so... win for me!
Gaetania Herard (1 year ago)
I screamed 😂
crystal fumes (2 years ago)
+earthling c same girl, same XD
C J (2 years ago)
Even as a thin French girl people think I'm a bitch because of my slightly annoyed facial expression lol
crystal fumes (2 years ago)
hell yeah !!!
KJRSTN LDZBRSK (3 years ago)
+conejitoasesinoOG haha love it!
jujube_jewelry (3 years ago)
Love this video. Most days I feel like Laura aiming to achieve that coolness of Caroline. But Laura you still looked fabulous in this video with your chic red point lips and effortless blonde bob.
Carine gnaw (3 years ago)
Caroline de Maigret is so classy
M Duval (3 years ago)
Love all your videos refinery but de Maigret´s Parisian b.s. gives me a pain in le arse
Shino Hiro (3 years ago)
They made it Fun to watch hihi
Himeka Kakume (3 years ago)
C'est n'importe quoi --" (je suis française)
Romrom Rom (2 years ago)
+Himeka Kakume le but c'est " d etre parisienne " pas française
Carmen Lau (3 years ago)
French women don't get fat! Love that.
Giovana Carvalho (3 years ago)
She's a goddess
kittykittyey (3 years ago)
Please everyone, if you come to other parts of France than Paris, do not use those ways to be. We all find it annoying. Or stay at Paris but you will miss something for sure ;)
Lissandra Freljord (1 year ago)
locas? The crazy girls?
alejandra monge (2 years ago)
+Elisa Gautimbert and people speak english or at least they make the effort to communicate. Plus, 2 of my closest friends are french so...le majorité du les français song tres sympatique lol.
crystal fumes (2 years ago)
+alejandra monge I live in the southern part of France and we're not very "parisian" AT ALL !
alejandra monge (3 years ago)
+kittykittyey I just came from Nice and all the locas looks like they're so happy to be there. Polite, smily, helpful etc etc etc! not very parisian at all haha
Sophia Nunez (3 years ago)
god bless the french
KillerFlowers (3 years ago)
queen queen queen
Fissle Wine (3 years ago)
There both beauties; but I'm loving Caroline De Maigret!
Lili Ross (3 years ago)
Je ne comprend rien à la vidéo 😆
Linda Lin (4 years ago)
Wow.. Caroline mastered that pout perfectly
NoOvernightGuests (4 years ago)
Ha ha! Loved the video and I'm definitely going to pick up How To Be A Parisian...
Claudia Chm (4 years ago)
Oh I just love Laura and I miss her "The Look" series so I'm happy to see her again with this video!
melshortir (4 years ago)
what is this song?? la chanson s'il vous plait!! Merci ;) my fave-look off into the sunset, as if you'd rather be reading :P 
4mpersand (4 years ago)
Isn't it "Parisienne" for ladies like those in the video?
Quésie (3 years ago)
+4mpersand i think that they wrote it in english or in general
Alexis Silver (3 years ago)
Yes ^^
Mollie Green (4 years ago)
just ordered that book today, can't wait to get my hands on it.
Auriell Daye (4 years ago)
This was very cute.
Sony Faudoa (4 years ago)
OMG i laugh so hard over this one, everybody should watch Caroline videos on How To Be Parisien and then this one right after :) they are the perfect pair!
luckyDancer100 (1 year ago)
Sony Faudoa She's very witty & funny. She should do a film sometime
Cat Foxx (4 years ago)
My favorite was the pout. I could totally do the pout. I also loved the cronut is not French. That was hilarious!
Fleur de Thouars (4 years ago)
Caroline reminds me of Alexa Chung a bit
akayrk (5 months ago)
caroline is singularly gorgeous. no comparison
Ping M. Y. (9 months ago)
I guess I can see where you're coming from but Caroline is so much better than Alexa. No comparison whatsoever in my mind.
Ale Garrido (1 year ago)
Fleur de Thouars is like if Alexa Chung would do a video of how to be Londoner
Yabadabonboo (1 year ago)
Kiks' yeah French women are the real deal with their je ne sais quoi and their abhorrence of cronuts
Scarlett Howard (2 years ago)
True. Way, way bigger than Alexa. You can't even compare them.
Lin Lin (4 years ago)
Need more of this stat!
NewAgeVintage (4 years ago)
hahah the end was so cute!
Amanda Chan (4 years ago)
Ah! To be Parisian!
Marika Rose (4 years ago)
Yeah I could watch an hour long video of these two!
heyhowudoin101 (4 years ago)
Sweet, I guess I'm naturally french. Lol Cute video, and I will definitely check out that book!
fruzsy93 (4 years ago)
I want a longer version of this! :D
Kristen Leo (4 years ago)
so cute! loved what she said about not caring, just feeling comfortable being yourself is some great advice for women..

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