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BEST and WORST of Beauty Subscriptions! An Ultimate Comparison of 2+ Years of Boxes

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**important, please read** BOXYCHARM UPDATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALmBz1y3ZxI This video is entirely my opinion, and entirely based on my views in March of 2017. Since I filmed this, a lot has changed. Including that I personally have cancelled all my subscriptions. Please realize that the opinion you are watching is of someone who has had these for YEARS - I'm allowed to get tired of "stuff" accumulating in my house, and you're allowed to be excited by new items. We don't have to think the same to respect each other's opinions. ❤️ Lip Monthly and So Choix - I have never subscribed to these two because they do not have a secure website. Proceed with great caution as your credit card info will be sent unencrypted to them!! Boxes Mentioned: Ipsy - $10/mo, 5 deluxe samples/full sizes of drugstore - high end brands, ~5x value Sephora Play - $10/mo+tax, 5 deluxe samples of high end brands, ~4x value Glossybox - $21/mo, 5 deluxe samples/full sizes of luxury products, ~3x value Birchbox - $10/mo, 5 deluxe samples of high end brands, ~4x value Beautyfix - $25/mo, assortment of sizes of skincare products, ~5x value Boxycharm - $21/mo, 5 full size products, ~5x value Allure - $15/mo+tax, 5 deluxe samples/full sizes curated by Allure, ~4x value *Tax will vary by state, this is what I pay based out of Louisiana **No links. I'm not sponsored/affiliated/interested in benefiting off you signing up for anything. It's your life, make your own choices. Never let a talking head online tell you anything more than their own opinions.
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AliceintheRabbitHole (1 year ago)
So, neat story: at the time I published this, Boxycharm had been getting a lot of complaints. I've watched as over the past few months, Boxycharm has stepped up their game a TON. Before y'all go and get mad at me, remember: videos like this one (as well as others that said the same thing) impact companies. If you aren't happy, SPEAK UP! And change will follow :)
Beatrix Jones (7 months ago)
AliceintheRabbitHole I am new to the beauty box home subscription and just subscribed to your channel. Hopefully I will be able to save myself some grief by watching.
Dwayne Robson (7 months ago)
I'll take your boxy charm box stuff for my wife
briancè mcbroom (10 months ago)
"$10 a month on small products is not something im wiling to spend" but ipsy is your favorite?🤔🤔🤔
Julianne Ferris (1 year ago)
I just subscribed to BoxyCharm I hope it isn't that bad. I'm not getting rid of my Ipsy, I think it's worth $10 dollars a month, I've been with them well over a year.
Jennifer Garza Zapata (1 year ago)
I love the way you did this video. If you have extras to give away Ivan shameless about it. I do get any makeup money.
Old and Still Here (4 days ago)
Hello from 2019! Have you done an update on the subscription boxes? Love your channel. 😘
AliceintheRabbitHole (2 days ago)
I actually haven't - I cancelled all my subscriptions! 😱😱 (Shock, right?!) It was fun for a while but I just ended up feeling overwhelmed by "stuff" I wasn't using!
Daniel Draper (13 days ago)
Omg that exact thing happened to me with Allure beauty box. They basically called me a liar. I subscribe to six beauty boxes and gloosybox is my favorite. I need to figure out what to do with all this makeup lol yes i get them for the skincare and the rest goes in a huge pile that i need to donate to someone. I was happy to hear it wasn't just me they treated like 💩!!!!!
Daniel Draper (13 days ago)
+AliceintheRabbitHole thanks for letting me know. Great idea
AliceintheRabbitHole (13 days ago)
You can donate unused makeup to women's shelters! Especially stuff like mascara and lip gloss - it means a lot to them!
Gemini Rose (23 days ago)
I canceled my Birchbox today not worth $15. a month at all. I feel like if the samples were bigger than maybe but it was not for me. They should have stayed at $10 in my opinion.
Kristina Hoerler (1 month ago)
Please don’t toss your unused beauty products ( who turns down make-up? I’d take your unwanted make up!) besides people like myself that would love to have it, ([email protected] if you wanna share the love!) but there are also charities that donate these products for domestic violence victims or women with cancer that could use a pick me up etc. your local shelter or food bank might take them too! Don’t trash things when people can use em! Our landfills will thank you!
AliceintheRabbitHole (1 month ago)
I learned about this from other commenters (really appreciate it, y'all have a good point!) I did end up doing a giant donation 😊
Kristina Hoerler (1 month ago)
Although Ipsy is skimpy in samples not sure why so popular
Kristina Hoerler (1 month ago)
Allure charges too much, 5 for shipping totaling 20 bucks
AliceintheRabbitHole (1 month ago)
Whaaat is that new?! That's too much for sure
linda M. (2 months ago)
sephora play and ipsy only sent out that.. you think thats worth the money you pay ..for me that was not better than boxy charm
Logicdiary317 (3 months ago)
I found your video while looking for a good box to get. I have a very small collection of makeup and most of it is just eye shadows. I'm trying to get into doing more makeup videos and not keep using eyeliner pencil for my lips because I don't have that shade for lipstick. I'm interested in getting more makeup and using it but when I'm in the store looking at all of it, it feels overwhelming. Your video was a big help so thank you!
AliceintheRabbitHole (3 months ago)
It really is overwhelming!! The one thing I wish with sub boxes is that they featured more drugstore products - there are so many good options at the drugstore, but because the retail price is low, it doesn't benefit the box to include a $5 product
Chanel’s Channel (3 months ago)
Love you gorgeous. Great reviews.
Krisley Hilera (3 months ago)
Thank you for the honesty, i'm totally interested in an ipsy bag, too bad the service over Allure sucked, cause out of all the boxes you showed that one had the most items i was interested in, i love hair products and they can be expensive so to have them for that price would be awesome
Jen Lynn (4 months ago)
OMG get to the point! 😫
Dawn Osselaer (4 months ago)
This is a great video!❤️
thatchick279886 (4 months ago)
One thing I do like about boxycharm over some of the others is their customer service. I was hit by a category 5 hurricane October 10, 2018 called Michael. Called boxy charm the cancel subscription since everything was destroyed and they actually sent me the next 3 months free of charge.
AliceintheRabbitHole (4 months ago)
Oh wow! That's awesome of Boxycharm! So sorry you went through Michael though, that had to be difficult :(
princess foxy (4 months ago)
i'm looking for cheap makeup has i'm doing a hair & beauty level 1 in college so can u please let me know if any would be good for me i live in the uk x
princess foxy (4 months ago)
AliceintheRabbitHole i will do that thanks will chat on there if that's k x
AliceintheRabbitHole (4 months ago)
+princess foxy nothing wrong with getting into makeup at any age, all that matters is it's something that interests you! I don't Facebook but feel free to add me on insta @aliceintherabbithole 😀
princess foxy (4 months ago)
thanks for that will look in to that maybe one day we can swap some things i only just getting to know makeup and that so i don't have a lot at the min. i'm happy for you to inbox me on fb if you like with any tips. Sara-Jane O'Neill that's my name on fb and you would think at the age of 32 i would know more about makeup and sink care lol x
AliceintheRabbitHole (4 months ago)
In the UK, I know you have Glossybox but I Also know it's different from the US version. Don't forget the drugstore has great makeup too! Of UK brands, I like Sleek for eyeshadow and Makeup Revolution for face products. On the somewhat higher end (but not crazy $$), Zoeva has incredible eyeshadow and brushes. HTH!
Bridgette Pinkelman (6 months ago)
I your whining, quite annoying! You obviously, make your living off of disrespecting beauty boxes, that cost you around $20 monthly. Unsubscribe, if you really feel cheated! Also, within your short whiny utube, you managed to get two annoying commercials crammed in. I, personally find that, outrageous!! I won't be liking your channel, or watching it again!!!!
His_SongGirl: Mon.C (6 months ago)
Wait list. You didn’t explain what that meant for boxy charm.
Snap-Shot-AHP (6 months ago)
You do get the real pur palettes, you can even find them on pur cosmetics website. So far I enjoy boxycharm, I hate getting useless samples, I never reached for them, but I always will reach for full size, especially pallets.
Kathleen LaFratta (6 months ago)
Good advice and I feel the same except I am disappointed in Ipsy since I have been on the waitlist For The glambag plus for months even though I have been a customer for the 10 dollar bag almost a year. They won't even answer my emails. I do like the products though.
Diane Penner (6 months ago)
Thanks for the info... It's was helpful!
Nicole Fetcenko (6 months ago)
Have a super Blessed day Praying rn for you and your family and firends for a Healthy and Happy Future Im Claiming and Declaring all these things in Jesus Name Amen Praise God Bless. May God pour Blessing upon you all I'm Claiming and Declaring all these things in Jesus Name Amen Praise God Hallelujah God Bless you and your friends and family this Prayer lead many to Salvation I'm Claiming & Declaring all these things in Jesus Name Amen Praise God Bless all Gorly to God he's almighty Amen Praise God Bless God is Great all the time God is Great all the time God is Great always Praise and thank God for each and every beautiful Testimony and each and every day and each and every Breath of life and your Healing and my Mommy Healing and Felicias Healing and his Forgiveness and Salvation and for your lost family and friends for Salvation I'm Claiming and Declaring all these things in Jesus Name Amen Praise God Hallelujah God Bless ☺❤
Jesus is the only Savior (6 months ago)
Ok YouTube I finally watched the video! Are you happy now? Gosh!
MsGinahidesout (7 months ago)
Thanks! This was very helpful
Dwayne Robson (7 months ago)
I'll take the stuff from boxy charm for my wife..
Shannon Gill (7 months ago)
I just signed up for Boxycharm. Hoping I like it. I have been with IPSY for 2 years. I love them
Andrea Carter (7 months ago)
Boxycharm is my favorite subscription service. 21$ a month but full size luxury products. I have loved every item I’ve received. The only thing I don’t like are some of the shades they give. Doesn’t always compliment my skin tone and you can’t review products like you can with Ipsy
Candy Feyrer (7 months ago)
I am glad you are till the truth I am a high end lady and I am so glad to hear someone say that thank you from your beauty videos 😁😎😍
Vashti Ramsaroop (7 months ago)
This is the 3rd review of yours that I've seen (1st: anti-haul / 2nd: Clarisonic vs. Foreo), and I L-O-V-E you!! I appreciate the time and energy that you invest to do in depth, high caliber reviews. I haven't jumped into the subscription box service yet, and I've been on the fence between IPSY and Allure. Again, thank you for sharing of yourself. I'm looking forward to checking out more of your videos. :-)
starr404 (7 months ago)
Birchbox is the worst. I cancelled when I received a single wrapped potato chip. I would literally receive a decorated zip lock bag as a product. Pure garbage.
Evelyn Beckert (7 months ago)
I totally agree with you that the subscription renewal process for Glossybox is confusing. You can easily wind up with getting automatically renewed when you do not want to. It happened to me. It is much worse if you do the 3 month or more renewal. Definitely go month to month as this is much less risky. I also tried to go from 3 month to month to month which involves cancelling the 3 month and then subscribing too the one month. Almost impossible to get this timing right. Ended up paying for duplicate boxes and not much that customer service would do so I just lost out.
andrea damico (7 months ago)
I love ipsy
Lucia Gutierrez (7 months ago)
I've heard so many negative reviews about Allure. I've had it since June and absolutely love the subscription. The times I had to contact customer service they were much better than I've heard online. I agree that Ipsy is my favorite though.
AliceintheRabbitHole (7 months ago)
Yeah, i suspect they started to get a REALLY bad reputation - I'd like to think they overhauled CS as a result - that's effective customer campaigning!
no name (8 months ago)
You are very hard to watch and way proud of yourself. I couldn't finish the video.
Leandra Fava (8 months ago)
I couldn’t agree more with what you said about boxycharm! Their products are either overpriced and bad quality..
Amber Carreon (8 months ago)
I'm watching this video because I'm looking to subscribe to a beauty subscription, which ones do you guys recommend ?
Nancy Barbosa (8 months ago)
Omg my worst was lip monthly. Horrible
Nancy Barbosa (8 months ago)
I hate birchbox. I canceled and play by sephora
Ana Hutchins (8 months ago)
Very good video! It was suggested and I watched it. Allure has really stepped up their customer service and has been amazing with me. Hope that helps
Joyce E (8 months ago)
2:18 - Ipsy 4:11 - Sephora Play 5:31 - Glossybox 7:35 - Birchbox 8:58 - BeautyFix 10:59 - Boxycharm 13:56 - Allure
Nicole Bailey (8 months ago)
Can u do a 2018 version of this video? Expecially with all the changes going on with the boxes. :)
AliceintheRabbitHole (8 months ago)
Ooph I could try but honestly I pretty much quit the sub world these days. I do think that Allure has stepped it up even more BUT their CS is still rough (great box as long as you never, ever have an issue!) and I think Ipsy has started to disappoint, especially as the value of Boxycharm skyrocketed. I kind of think that a lot of people have hit "saturation" with boxes, and that's why so many people are qutting them these days. They are still EXCELLENT for anyone who doesn't have a lot of makeup (truly, excellent) but once you do, most of the subs start to get underwhelming. It doesn't make them not worth the value, but it can start to feel like "oh no, not another X" - example, people actually got sick of palettes in their Boxycharm. I thought that day would never come! Alas, you can get too much of anything, and it stops being exciting. That was a ramble for ya haha, hopefully it makes sense 💗
Morgan Pascual (8 months ago)
allure did the same with me and argued and kept telling me I resubscribed when I didn't.....i actually loved there products so it was awful
Cathryn Goll (8 months ago)
I have had Ipsy for three years. It can be hit and miss but it is still my favorite. Just cancelled Boxy and Allure tonight. I feel Sephora is a bit of a waste since they offer free samples in store, but I think for the price I will keep it a bit longer.
MsJillian Rae (8 months ago)
Thank you!!! I’m so glad I watched this! I ordered the Play. Hope it’s all I want a more!!
Rebecca C (9 months ago)
Love, love, love your honest video! Thank you! <3
Tigre Lily (9 months ago)
Birchbox sent me so many hair care products I had to stop buying them. I have so many hair products that I haven't even used yet
Makayla The Ellie (9 months ago)
Welp.. I'm not gonna go for Boxycharm. That decision has been made. THANK YOU!
Bella pier is nasty.. thank god someone else thinks so
I adore your honesty. Thank you
Kaylee Dugo (9 months ago)
I hate Ipsy they’ve screwed me over too many times. But you seem to be more of a skin care person so I see why you don’t prefer Sephora play or Boxy. I on the other hand love Boxycharm and Sephora play. Boxycharm has really stepped up their products and it’s truly amazing. Same with Sephora.
Seridia Crystal (9 months ago)
I have 3 subscriptions and Ipsy is my least favorite - super small samples with only 2-3 uses - products that are completely opposite of my profile info in skin tone etc - I don't even know why they make you take a quiz and then send out BB cream 4-5 shades too dark for me and blonde shampoo when I have black hair... The only thing I have used is one brush of low quality
Robin Jones (9 months ago)
ipsy is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!
Jodi J (9 months ago)
I cancelled Ipsy last December after 3 years because I kept getting mascaras, black eye liners and hand lotions, sometimes back to back. It's like they pull you in with good products then...nothing.
Rosa Vasquez (9 months ago)
I love my BOXYCHARM,3 years subscribed and never wants to lose it ❤
Ys (9 months ago)
Your hair is so shiny! Super healthy looking. What do you use?
Jeweler Chick (9 months ago)
I like you!!!! 😁
AliceintheRabbitHole (9 months ago)
Jeweler Chick 💖💖
Debbie Gordon (9 months ago)
Time is of the Essenes. Prefer a get to the content vid. Too chatty up front
Jason Detty (9 months ago)
Hi my name is Jeannie i really liked your video i did not know of a bunch of the beauty boxes that are out there thank you for showing all of them i love all different types of makeup however i dont have the funds to get alot just because what i do have i give to my children however i seen in your video that you said you had alot you could not even give away to your friends if you still have them i would love to have them again thanks for the video it actually opened my eyes to alot that is out there now.
AliceintheRabbitHole (9 months ago)
Jason Detty I'm doing a giveaway right now, go to my Instagram to find out how to enter 😊 (@aliceintherabbithole)
Nicola Beautymad (10 months ago)
I wish we had Boxycharm in the 🇬🇧 UK,I subscribe to Birchbox & Glossybox but they are always different from the US ones,take a look at what we get in them in the UK xx https://youtu.be/4jErvuNq24w https://youtu.be/RaH1DMP5kTU
Stephanie Keith (10 months ago)
Nope birch box still stinks!
Miss Viking (10 months ago)
I hate Ipsy - in 6 months of subscription, I had so much anticipation and every single thing was worthless in it. One (last one) had hair oil - which I liked and purchased right away. I never liked one bag, NEVER. ONCE.
Durant0000 (10 months ago)
In my case it was "fad make up" with Ipsy (and too many eyeliners). I prefer a more classic look - Birchbox helped me update my selections and I really like the skin care and hair care products.
New sub here, great video. I agree with you on Birchbox. Everything is so small. It's just not worth it. I have a small channel and I would love for you to check it out and Subscribe. Thank you so much!
Cindy Saciolo (10 months ago)
I had Birchbox in the past and was always disappointed. Deluxe sample sizes of products and colors I would never wear. I eventually canceled until I heard of boxy charm. I haven’t been disappointed yet!! I absolutely love boxy charm. I like getting 5 full size products and brushes. They are part of my makeup routine. Love the OFRA lipsticks included in nude colors. 💋
Jennie Thomas (10 months ago)
I had the worst customer service with Allure also!! I felt the 'fire in my soul' I will not be renewing with them again either because of it. I also did not receive anything that good from them this last year. It was a lot like what you described from Birchbox. Thank for giving your review of all of the boxes.. it made my choice for this year's beauty box (my birthday gift from my wonderful husband) much easier. ❤️❤️
Deanna Dove (10 months ago)
You sound just like me Lol. I just subbed. Have a great day Alice
Deanna Dove (10 months ago)
Just saw you had Birch Box in your review and yep, same for me, the worst. It's the samples....so tiny!
Deanna Dove (10 months ago)
Thank you for the video! I have to say, it's been the opposite for me. Ipsy is my LEAST fave due to repeat items and my profile being completely ignored. My fave is Sephora Play and Glossy Box. Thanks for your video!
Mz Cat (10 months ago)
I tried tipsy, all sample sizes. Nope, cancelled
50 Shades Of Beautiful (10 months ago)
8:00 That's what I don't like about Birchbox is the sizes they send! 👎👎👎
50 Shades Of Beautiful (10 months ago)
7:49 I have to agree with you about shopping in the Birchbox store!!!! I did, however, discover something GREAT for my hair from Birchbox, from the brand The Beauty Protector OH MY GOSH!!!! It was a leave in conditioner and WOW!!! I purchased a bigger bottle off the Birchbox site. I'm in LOVE with that product!!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
50 Shades Of Beautiful (10 months ago)
7:44 I do NOT like Birchbox anymore at ALL 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
50 Shades Of Beautiful (10 months ago)
5:38 I was subscribed to GlossyBox for years. I cancelled but I'm thinking about signing up again. I will NEVER cancel BoxyCharm it's my #1 fav!!! I haven't tried Sephora Play but I think I'm bout to!!! I cancelled Birchbox. After my last box I wasn't too happy with the past 2 I got back in the Winter so I cancelled. I may sign back up for Ipsy. Maybe. I'm definitely signing up for the box from Dermstore and Rickys Cult Crushes YASSSSSSSSS!!!!!
Tinyhamsters Bigliving (10 months ago)
kimberly adams (11 months ago)
You are not petty--you are passionate! Truth and integrity are never bad things.
Ja'ala Whyte (11 months ago)
Thank you...I do appreciate you not trying to benefit from us. Wish I could participate in it.
Our crAzy Life (11 months ago)
Sephora sucks anymore and so does Ipsy. I have canceled both and Love! love!! LOVE.....BoxyCharm!!! I also just got a subscription of Allure to see how it goes also Macy’s and glossy box I’m going to check into. But yeah I got tired of the sample sizes of Sephora and Ipsy oh yeah and Birtchbox they also send nothing but samples. These 3 I do know is def don’t get nothing worth near the ten bucks. If your looking for an awesome sub box you def need to check into BoxyCharm you get full-size prod and pallets and bigger is always better!!
Maria Butivchenko (11 months ago)
Thank you for such useful video! xoxo
SandraSassy Price (11 months ago)
Boxy charm?? Where are all the pallet s they send out?? In or out of your collection
Lemonade Stand (11 months ago)
I personally really dislike ipsy because its all tiny sample sizes that you can get for free often times. I personally really like boxycharm because its all full sized products. I also personally found the products pretty high quality. Im also not a fan of bella pierre because its one of those dumb mall kiosk brands. I do know that Pur is a legit brand they sell it at local drugstores in with the higher end makeup brands. I also think that just because its a dupe doesnt mean its bad though. There are lots of high quality pigmented dupe eyeshadow palettes out there for a 1/3 of the price. Having said that, like with any box, i do find boxycharm a bit hit or miss. I dont use all the products and sometimes i find the shades not quite suitable for my skin tone(strawberry blonde hair with fair skin so a black or dark brown eye brow pencil is a no go). Anything i dont want i either give to my mom or mail out to my sister(my sister has tanned skin and darker hair so darker stuff goes to her). So i still find boxycharm a good value even if i may not be using everything, someone in my family will be. I tried lipmonthly (Canadian) and it wasnt bad but i ended up cancelling. I also tried julep but i found the quality wasnt that great so cancelled that as well. Currently im only subscribed to boxycharm.
Rachael Vinson (11 months ago)
this is my first video of yours that I've watched and I love it! subscribed!!
Lins (11 months ago)
Not trying to be mean here but... there is no need for all that. People like you are part of the reason WHY our planet is so cluttered in trash... just think about all those packages, wraps and plastic that will eventually be laying out somewhere polluting earth, and harming animals. In turn all this trash will start hurting US too! People will laugh, but it’s the truth we all love to stay ignorant about.
AliceintheRabbitHole (11 months ago)
"people like you" type of finger-pointing doesn't help. If you really want to fight the waste issue, level up past the consumer and target corporate America, aka the one creating the waste in the first place
Kristie Weaver (11 months ago)
They send a lot of bullshit
Sarikhi Chaffin (11 months ago)
Love the painting in the background
Joanna Jiang (11 months ago)
a lot of high end stuffs are made in china too.
Monique Montoya (11 months ago)
Pur isn’t a dupe brand lol
AliceintheRabbitHole (11 months ago)
Monique Montoya you're right, but they are hit or miss. I've actually come to LOVE some of their products - I think they did a disservice to themselves a couple years ago by sending their low-rated products out in sub boxes (and a couple terrible "mystery boxes" - look up unboxings to see what I mean). It makes your company look better to send out the good items. They've figured it out more recently (love the May Boxycharm palette!)
Ms. Millz (11 months ago)
Awesome video, bin thinking about trying ipsy
Cali D (11 months ago)
Last time I got a birchbox was month of March I believe or April this year and the small sample sizes I stopped all for that reason. And same with allure bad breakup for me as well at first I was happy with the boxes then I didn't receive one in 1 to 3 months and see they had charged me 60 dollars for idk what reason and I was like traumatized to try any boxes for that reason but I changed heart after about 6 months =)
Captcha Neon (1 year ago)
Anyone know if you have allergic reactions to certain products in the boxes, do they (any company) replace it with something different or are you just stuck with the product? This video is really helpful.
Captcha Neon (10 months ago)
Durant1974 It’s okay 😂 it was funnier with FB ad’s
Durant0000 (10 months ago)
Ad from the box service! Hee. Sorry.
Captcha Neon (10 months ago)
Durant1974 FB ad lol!!! 😂
Durant0000 (10 months ago)
I have had really good luck but I have noticed that people who have trouble with purchasing/customer service get AMAZING results if they complain in a fb ad. LOL. I mean - a girl's gotta do I guess. ;)
Captcha Neon (1 year ago)
AliceintheRabbitHole Excellent idea, thanks so much! I just hit the subscribe button because I liked your video, you actually responded to me which is something most people won’t do and you’re friendly.
DJ/ DJ (1 year ago)
Wow I so despise IPSY
Abby Brickley (1 year ago)
I hate Ipsy
Debby Bumgarner (1 year ago)
Great information!! Thanks a bunch. What are your thoughts on FabFitFun ?
KMLogue (1 year ago)
Ipsy is my first love but I was sick of getting sample sizes/bags (mostly bags cuz holy moly I had no use for 20+ bags) so I switched to boxycharm. I understand why you didn’t like boxycharm in the past but I feel like they have stepped up their game. It was a interesting video to watch through. 😊
The only beauty subscription box that I’m with is boxycharm. I cancelled ipsy I’m not paying for samples. And w boxycharm we got colourpop pallets brush sets Dr. Brandt , Becca , PUR has amazing palettes we’ve gotten. Color FX, Ofra, bare minerals, pretty voguer there stuff that they send is amazing stuff full size products not almost expired either! U can like what u like but that was harsh to say they send dupes when they do send very pricey products I don’t think Becca is a dupe or dr. Brandt or ofra or colourpop! That was a harsh n broad statement to make not just about boxycharm but I think that was a disrespectful statement to make about a lot of brands that come in that box!! Ur not insulting just boxycharm but ur insulting ofra bare minerals,Becca,colourpop,PUR, Dr.Brandt ext..
Momma Bear (1 year ago)
I'm so glad I found this video. Super helpful! Also, are you related to DontBeASadPanda? You have to be sisters.
Melanie Rose (1 year ago)
i wish sephora play shipped to canada
A Cashdoubloon (1 year ago)
That’s crazy did you get the allure sales rep name I would have reported that !!
A Cashdoubloon (1 year ago)
AliceintheRabbitHole that’s crazy I’m shocked that happened at all let alone multiple times!!! I hope someone’s saw this and than delt with that hopefully they report it so they have better customer service that’s so important with these things
AliceintheRabbitHole (1 year ago)
A Cashdoubloon I wish I had! I gave up since I had heard the entire CS team has the same....mannerisms 😒
Cristal Valero (1 year ago)
Send the stuffs you don’t want my wayyyyy lol
Ipsy is my least favorite.
Mona Lisa (1 year ago)
I had ipsy and lipmonthly. I stopped ipsy because they would send allot of hot pink lipsticks almost the majority of the time. Lip monthly is ok too but I'm keeping them too. I subscribed to leny box and first month was amazing you get 5 full sized products.
Mel Bibz (1 year ago)
Ipsy is the worst box imo.. my boxes always sucked
Mel Bibz (1 year ago)
I like birch box and boxycharm the best

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