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"Misapprehension" - Short Film

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Depression is a state of mind that most of us experience, however from an outsider’s perspective it can be a very different outlook. The concept I have chosen aims to extrapolate on this relationship between this affected and those viewing from outside. The subject matter is essentially the effects a mental illness (more specifically depression) has on an individual. The core theme is that of individual state of mind, and in the moment feeling compared to someone viewing from outside. This representation will convey the relationship between the state of mind the person affected is in, compared to the external spectators. The film will follow those affected, and enter the minds of the individuals. Thank you to all those who made this film possible, as it was not solely my tedious editing that made this project a decent production. Bathtub girl/Apple girl/Mirror Girl - Megan Humphreys Food girl/Headphone girl - Courtney Hunt Cloned knife girl/s - Jessica Morris Location provided by the Humphrey and Wimalasuriya families - (Craig Humphreys, Cleo Humphreys, Debra Humphreys, Diyon Wimalasuriya, Dush Wimalasuriya, Griffon Wimalasuriya, Kieran Humpreys & Kiyan Wimalausuriya) Inspiration drawn from a collaborative effort between Megan Humphreys and Kallum Wimalasuriya Additional credits - Amanda Gallagher, Colin Stewart, Darren Sinclair, Oliver Tewksbury Posted on 30th August, 2017 (My birthday)
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changing channel (26 days ago)
(Hoping this channel isn't ded) Great work to making this vid man,and apologies for that whole *mAkE a tRy noT laUgh oF mE* pestering back then But seriously its been a year are you ded
Juana Perez (8 months ago)
As so good quality
Juana Perez (8 months ago)
What is this exacatly????
Славянка (8 months ago)
1:01 Are those fnaf sounds?! Those were definitely fnaf sounds!
Windows XP (1 year ago)
This was very cool and dark! I'm very impressed!
Well.. isn't that something? It's very good work on camera, spazzing too, I'm impressed.
MinFires? (1 year ago)
Typhoon Ximena29 (1 year ago)
Now that is quality content!
Whitecollar Washouts (1 year ago)
RsG Legacy Thank you so much!
Froge (1 year ago)
xd Ben (1 year ago)
KamBOI 😂
Froge (1 year ago)
Why do I do this?

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