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Back to Basics Beginner Mat Pilates with Fiona

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Back to basics is a 60 minute workout specific to beginner level. Right from how to breath, alignment, core connection, and basic patterns. Join Fiona for this mini introduction to Mat Pilates. For mini clips and vids - follow us on IG at #mfandpilates or check out our web site at www.mobilefitnessandpilates.com
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Atirahcus R (3 months ago)
Dear Fiona could we have three 30 minute lessons for beginner intermediate and advanced... without any props
Absolutely - over the next bit I’ll put three various levels together 💕.
Atirahcus R sounds fun. I don’t really time my vids - I just flow but I’ll put one together for each over the next bit. 💕👍🏻

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