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Pilates Ring Workout

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The Pilates Magic Circle gets your body working in all of the right places and in this Pilates Magic Circle Workout we will get a total body workout. The pace is a steady, calming pace so you won’t feel like you are left behind in this class and we will refine our Pilates practice to tap into a deeper connection. Fun Fact: The Magic Circle is also sometimes called the Pilates Ring and I’ve even heard it called a steering wheel(by non Pilates folks for this one). If you are new to Pilates this is a great class to get started with. It is slow, intentional and will expose you to some of the different exercises and positions in Pilates. Even if you are not new to Pilates, I have always found that stepping back and moving slow from time to time does wonders for my practice. Where was I cheating through the exercises, was I holding too much tension. All of this awareness follows me back to a faster pace class making my experience more beneficial. Grab a cushy mat, Pilates Ring and join me on the mat for a 30 Minute Pilates class. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also connect with me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trifectapilates/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrifectaPilates/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Pam Hanna (8 months ago)
I went searching for a pilates circle ring workout and so happy I found you. Will be back for more of your workouts. Lovely instructions and stretching. Thank you.
Trifecta Pilates (8 months ago)
Pam Hanna you’re welcome. I’m glad if you liked the class and thank you for choosing to move with me!🤗
m breaslaw (10 months ago)
Really enjoying your classes! Thank you Beth!
Trifecta Pilates (10 months ago)
m breaslaw I’m so happy you are connecting with the classes! 🤗

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