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Pilates Ring / Magic Circle Workout Part 3: Arms

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Want a specific arm workout with this wonderful piece of equipment? Here you go. Of course I've included abdominal and stability exercises for you. This is the first in a series of specific workouts for different parts of the body so watch out for adductors, glutes etc. The creators are not responsible for any injuries or issues caused by the participation in this workout. However please contact me in the comments section if you have any queries. Check out my Facebook: Kim Saha Physiotherapy and Pilates Please SUBSCRIBE too for notifications
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Text Comments (10)
Eve (10 months ago)
love it🙏you are brillant!
Kim Saha (10 months ago)
Eve Nee that’s too sweet 😘
Janet Gross (1 year ago)
I thought Kim was very relaxed which made me relaxed and her explanations were excellent. Will definitely watch this again!
Kim Saha (1 year ago)
Janet Gross thank you!! Your comment is much appreciated
Very fun, using some ideas in class tomorrow. Thank you
Kim Saha (2 years ago)
A Superior You yay thanks glad you liked it xxx
Charlotte jones (2 years ago)
Would you do a reformer workout one day? I have one and just keep doing the same moves on it 😀
Kim Saha (2 years ago)
Charlotte jones yes! I keep meaning to. I will try and film one in the next few weeks
Olga Gerbert (2 years ago)
Awesome, Kim! thank you so much! I added it to another workout and am shaking like a leaf while typing! LOL
Kim Saha (2 years ago)
You're welcome!... I've a feeling i was just the same after filming it! i have a plan in my head and sometimes it surprises me how hard it is when i do it.

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