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Healing Chinese ZEN music of Anxiety & Stress | To pacify the body & Mind | Relax Music

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Healing calming Chinese music of depression, nerves, fatigue, to treat nerves, stress relief, anxiety relief. Prevention of depression and neurosis by music. A musical antidepressant. Healing Chinese ZEN music of Anxiety & Stress | To pacify the body & Mind | Relax Music https://youtu.be/cyBBZGfUnMs
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VENOM Symbiote (8 hours ago)
Inner peace be water my friend❤🎶🏮
Zane Tuazon (21 hours ago)
I was just looking for music to heal my mind and help me sleep. Then I've come across the comments section and I'm thankful I did. For all of us who is going through something we cannot open up about, lets endure it a little more. Day will come when we are no longer chained and we will all be free from this pain. May God always be with all of us 😇
seba tegite (22 hours ago)
Just want to dive in 😍😍😍chinese music 🌼🌼💓
Gül Insan (1 day ago)
My heart flourishs like a blossom when hearing this music
CEO of heaven (1 day ago)
Verry nice pleasent soothing to help with my saddness and deppresion
Vel ethuil (1 day ago)
I love Chinese Japan Korea .... !!!!!
Yash Chovatiya (2 days ago)
Such beautiful healing music
huang jin (2 days ago)
china has lots of beautiful music, it is a so old country, many wonderful culture can show everyone!
laxmi pradhan (2 days ago)
wow...it's really amazing
Lyssbelle (2 days ago)
This really helps me with my creative writing <3
deepak mehta (2 days ago)
You have been so wasted, moved by most of the things that came across your path only to be pushed so far that you lost you way back to togetherness. And you're here, listening to this music, instrumental music, perhaps you don't even know what instruments it involves itself in and well, you don't care to know either. All you want to do is, go with music, deep deep until you get the saturation of peace for this moment and for next few moments. :) You made it, friend. You hugged peace and love for yourself. Smile, thanks for reading. What I felt listening to it. :)
umiomamoru (3 days ago)
rose cathrein (3 days ago)
this is absolutely amazing i just want to thank you for this may god bless you with all properities
Beautiful View (3 days ago)
Iam making all my wishes and dream come true 🤗
Спасибо, весьма неплохой релакс. Особенно с утра.
Brenda Aldana (4 days ago)
✨E💛n💛e💛r💛g💛y ✨
I listen to this every night! It is the best for sleeping too! I wish you to be happy and healthy! 🐼 🌸 💗 🌎 🌍 💕
priya k (5 days ago)
Hey its awesome place and i love this 💖💖💖
Luna Hyacuga (5 days ago)
Amazing 😉 love it 😍 exelant talent
Darren Irving (5 days ago)
Twinkle Roy (5 days ago)
May all my wishes dreams come true 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Yoga Rakshitha (5 days ago)
This music is soo peaceful and relaxing....I just listen to this music everyday..☺😃😍🔄
Aman Mishra (5 days ago)
Really Impressive Melodious and Calm Sound.Perfect for meditation👍😊
FUNKY KONG (5 days ago)
My form tutor playes this every time we read
Kim Mia (5 days ago)
It feel heavenly with earphones and keeping eyes closed in nature
Kim Mia (5 days ago)
🥀Have good day good future ...life has downfalls but don't worry about it.... everything will be good 🌸🏵️🦋
Aneel Shrestha (6 days ago)
Stay Blesssed all 🤘 Life is short for distracting our patterns towards the depressed. Stay happy forever 🤘
Senaid Sakonjic (6 days ago)
Absolutly beautiful💖
Alvin (6 days ago)
The world is corrupted, human are selfish and people bais in choosing the one they like most and judge the appearance. After listening to this, i feel peace. No one like me too. But i will stay strong
Ravenclaw Gaming (6 days ago)
My teacher always puts this music to ‘help us concentrate’ when in reality it pisses me off
Joan Igot (6 days ago)
Whos reading this whatever stress and deeprest we are and have too much problem just open ur heart to god coz he will never give this trial to our life if we cant handle just we need to be strong and have faith to god always smile and be happy it made ur day great god bless everyone i am also have too much strugle in life 😘❤️❤️thank for this beautiful music ❤️😘
Prideoffreedom (6 days ago)
Pewdiepie is King 🤴
Mikiyas Haile (7 days ago)
Ahmed AbuFaris (7 days ago)
NICE and soft music, i hope i can use some of it in my vlogs. greetigs ahmed, saudi arabia
Prabhudeba pati (7 days ago)
Elon Wong (7 days ago)
Feels nice!
Towsif Hassan (7 days ago)
Just remembering my best friend when I hear this
Triela Tohsaka (8 days ago)
This is amazing it relieved my stress and helped me fall asleep in the middle of the night.
chitturi krishna (8 days ago)
The mind is everything what you think you become thank you yoga good is gift
TE AMOWV R (8 days ago)
My wife is beautiful :)
LOGAN BOGGS (9 days ago)
Can I just die here forever?
This music is playing on my emotions - it is almost TOO beautiful <3 Tnx for uploading!
Beautiful View (9 days ago)
My favourite relaxing music I love it and I’m always listening to it 😍
Jean Lashley (9 days ago)
God bless you all👴
Jean Lashley (9 days ago)
Love you all and I felt 😢because some people don't no how to be nice
Derbal Hadjeri (9 days ago)
musique extra et romantique
Dharmin Shah (10 days ago)
nyc relaxation
mohadese tohidi (10 days ago)
You are not a drop in the ocean....you are an ocean in a drop Molana(persian poet)🌸😊🌸
Leon Nijboer (10 days ago)
Kijk veel beter dan die zingende knuffel hond op batterijen
Asger Lomholt (10 days ago)
This song is so lit from 0:17 if you set the speed to 2. Someone pls make a beat with this song
Lila Bhattarai (11 days ago)
this is medicine .....trust me...
Mihai Severin (11 days ago)
Ankesh Ankesh (11 days ago)
I wish you all live happy for life time.😊😊😊
Verna Blake (12 days ago)
i love this music it heals my soul nothing is better just good old chinese music love it
Ninjaboieshan King (12 days ago)
Good reliefs
Terrence Weaver (12 days ago)
Youre soul no matter who you are, what pain youre in youre life has a huge impact and i hope you have a grreat life!
Slapsack69 (13 days ago)
Arturo (13 days ago)
Stop reading comments. Close your eyes.
Daniel Cannon Cannon (13 days ago)
You're all great people!
Pranav Tewari (13 days ago)
I am listening it laying below the sky watching stars and I feel all my restlessness dissolving in the peace of this music. May God bless them all who are in pain and distress. Thank you so much for bringing this , Everything is gonna be alright, god is looking after you
Kristiana Sampe (14 days ago)
Relax song instrumental japan
Jose Botero (14 days ago)
makes me float ...
Beata Dąbek (15 days ago)
dzieki Mati od ...
Sylvia Andrews (15 days ago)
Jonas zumzum (14 days ago)
Sylvia Andrews hi
D'Anna Pope (15 days ago)
Wow this is the most positive comment section ever! I love it 💜💙❤️🖤🧡💛💚
Khadija Chadil (16 days ago)
Iam depressed , ithink of suicide every second but after listening this day after day i get some hope ..
yue chu (16 days ago)
cissythekuqe (16 days ago)
Currently listening to this with my teething 7.5 month old. We had a rough morning. Wishing all mamas a happy day!
FireFalcon 2780 (16 days ago)
I was listening to this while reading comments; honestly, from seeing how many dislikes this video had (7k), I thought people would have cruel and nasty things to say, but I was wrong! You all have said so many kind words to others and it has truly made my day! May the Lord bless you all!!!!
Cathal 37 (16 days ago)
MEditation is amazing
Zaaraa Ajmeri (16 days ago)
Cupcake Nasitima (17 days ago)
If you are native American like it plz cuz I am
Min Xing (17 days ago)
My stress is out!!!
Sasha Dau (17 days ago)
Min Xing
Louis Cabrera (18 days ago)
I came here with anxiety left with peace thank you all.
Louis Cabrera (8 days ago)
+Sasha Dau you are most welcomed
Sasha Dau (17 days ago)
Louis Cabrera thank you very much
Seyma Oflaz (18 days ago)
Can u fall asleep while listening
Rose Daniel (18 days ago)
God bless you all
Clair Patterson (18 days ago)
What beautiful comments, God bless you all
BTS Forever (19 days ago)
Yes you, you’re reading it now, i wish you all of the best things in the world because you deserve it ❤️ You are loved ❤️
The 7k who thumbed down are being weird let only positive energy surround every living soul including yours!
Christine Light (19 days ago)
Blessings and peace to all. May the Grace and Bliss of the Infinite flow through your life today and reveal how beloved you are.
VoLt_pfn gam1ng (19 days ago)
I want to go in China
R. MARIE (19 days ago)
Jaime Santos (19 days ago)
There are no signs as yet of end times.
Zlatev Ivan (19 days ago)
It’s very peaceful and relaxing and very enjoyable and very nice
Sam Dung (19 days ago)
Good old Chinese music.
A. S. (20 days ago)
Inshallah everyone can be happy everything will solve, give it time, you're worth it 💛✨
Ruth Anne Sapiera (20 days ago)
This is so good! Thank you! 🥰🥰
Marlena Kot (20 days ago)
cool !
moon sun (20 days ago)
Nice sound
james lujack (20 days ago)
next to tree planting/house plants this is my easiest thing to do to achieve 'purpose'..not to listen to music but to be calm...
Powerful ASMR (20 days ago)
I love this music, its so relaxing and it makes me very calm every time if i lisen at this I Love It😍
Your musics are really super
Inferno (20 days ago)
oh god these comments :3
Bailey Carter (21 days ago)
Never seen a comment section more kind than this..💗
Laurentiu Trifan (22 days ago)
The sound is lovely... for the first 10 - 15 minutes. When it start looping, it gets blunt.
Quatic Zakattack (22 days ago)
God bless all reading this 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cupcake Nasitima (17 days ago)
Thank you and God bless you to😁
moon ligh (22 days ago)
How everyone here can be so negative and kind and lovely like that!! U all just your words even the little words could make anyone read it smile u don't know how ur word can make someone's day u can give him hope and dream not everything we want can happen but at the least we still can dream all here is really good u made everyone read your comments loves u while he don't know u I hope everything well for everyone 💘
Couture & Shadeee (23 days ago)
Thank for the music it helps a lot and meditation!
Myles Link (23 days ago)
This music and the comment section are beautiful ❤️

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