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Mat Pilates Intermediate Advanced 50 minute Flow with Trainer Fiona

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Join Fiona for a traditional Intermediate Advanced Mat Pilates 50 minute flow. No props - just you and your mat and mind body focus. AHHHH..... lets get moving!
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Gra C (3 months ago)
Good workout but this is more of a general bodyweight routine, it isn't Pilates.
the start of all my classes are very fitness balance based and then I play... I blend into athletic flows💕 Some are more traditional Pilates - some are not. I am generally more progressive 👍 glad you enjoyed it. I do master train the traditional patterns😜
Graham C the start of all my classes are very fitness balance based and then I play... I blend into athletic flows💕 I am most definitely progressive in my style not traditional 👍 glad you enjoyed it.
G moulli (8 months ago)
Ur workouts are grt...but pls do smthing with the sound...try n do a voice over aftr shoot or a better recording pls
Ishimoi Ishimwa (6 months ago)
Personally I think the voice is ok, after all it's your presence, breathing and exercises that matter most. I understand it's low volume but you're giving us a gift so I don't expect you to have expensive recording equipment. Personally I am VERY grateful for you classes Fiona.
ganguly moulli thank you for your feedback. My instruction is free flow - it’s actually not rehearsed👍 To do the curing after would be much less natural and very rehearsed. I prefer to just flow. I’ll try to tweak it if possible. I do these for fun tbh. Keeps me moving and allows me to share my passion. 💕💕💕
yoga tara (9 months ago)
Great workout! Thank you
yoga tara you are very welcome 💕💕💕
Denise Willis (10 months ago)
I LOVE your videos!! I am a pilates instructor and you are VERY thorough and inspirational!
Denise Willis thanks Denise! Love what we do! I feels wonderful to inspire others to move 💕💕
Thank you so much! Greatly appreciated. I love what I do so hearing you enjoy it too is fabulous 💕💕💕💕

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