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Frenchie is Back | french style lookbook

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I don't live out of a suitcase anymore so I'm going to celebrate, Enjoy x Music: To be happy - joey pecoraro Just one last dream - Jimmy square Adventures - A Himitsu let's connect: my instagram: https://instagram.com/astrids_journey/ my blog: https://astridsjourney105983260.wordpress.com Hey guys, I'm Astrid and I'm a french travel and fashion vlogger! I'm currently studying international business and I also take part in a collectiv blog :D Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of my travels and fashion insight :) I make travel vlogs, lookbook, travel tips, stereotypes videos, Q&A videos, lookbooks, HAULS ... , enjoy
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Rita Gaston (14 days ago)
No shoes? All my looks work that way !
Jorge Loya (1 month ago)
I percieve great amount of beauty but very flat unmotivated environment. The young woman needs to be taken to the dance disco club. Shes very elegant but with a look that is for all purposes.
Amanda (3 months ago)
I looove the outfits!
Astrid's journey (3 months ago)
Thank you :)
P_ Soulful (3 months ago)
This was great ✨
Astrid's journey (3 months ago)
Thank you 😍
Csenge Forro (4 months ago)
What is the song of Look 3? In the video at 1.50
SimpleSweetStyling (6 months ago)
You are so pretty! I loved the lookbook! The skirt from the second outfit was so pretty and flattering on you.
Astrid's journey (6 months ago)
Thank you so much 😍
Trulys Wish (6 months ago)
I like 3 and 4
Trulys Wish (6 months ago)
Astrid's journey Np
Astrid's journey (6 months ago)
Thanks 😊
Bianca Rye (7 months ago)
I WANT THAT FIRST DRESS.Please tell me where I can get it!
Astrid's journey (7 months ago)
It was from pimkie but I'm not sure if it is still in stock 😅
mnicoldy (8 months ago)
what is the song on the 3rd look?
Charline (8 months ago)
Salut ! D’où vient la robe de la première tenue ?
Astrid's journey (8 months ago)
Coucou, elle vient de pimkie ☺️
Hautelesucre (8 months ago)
Wow ! You look amazing !
Astrid's journey (8 months ago)
Thank you 😅❤️
Rita Gaston (8 months ago)
Music is too energetic, nervous Is that bc you have no content
Rita Gaston (8 months ago)
Of all the music in the world. Wtf
Tima (2 months ago)
I personally loved the music! ❤️
Astrid's journey (8 months ago)
Sorry? 😅
Pratiksha Yadav (9 months ago)
Awesome loved all the looks!!!👍👌
Astrid's journey (9 months ago)
Thank you 😊
Susie Vu (9 months ago)
Astrid's journey (9 months ago)
Merci ❤️
Mana M (10 months ago)
Loved the lookbook❤
Astrid's journey (10 months ago)
Thank you ❤️
venice cospada (10 months ago)
where did you get those outfit
Astrid's journey (10 months ago)
Mostly H&M, mango, pimkie (à French store) and otherwise Thrift finds 😊
venice cospada (10 months ago)
all of them, thanks!
Astrid's journey (10 months ago)
Which one? :)
Winterfell El (1 year ago)
where's the shirt from at 2:54 ? i love it
angeldorkable (1 year ago)
Love your style. Do you have any outfits with thigh high holdups stockings? Thanks.
angeldorkable (1 year ago)
Bummer. Welps, if you ever pick up a pair, please style it. Thanks again.
Astrid's journey (1 year ago)
Unfortunately I don't own any 😕
Sabelle (1 year ago)
Where is that beautiful dress from at the very beginning?
Astrid's journey (1 year ago)
It's from pimkie 😊
itsjennyle (1 year ago)
great video ♡♡
Astrid's journey (1 year ago)
+itsjennyle thank you :)
Phil- du-77 (1 year ago)
I like the outfit with the tights 🙂
QUEEN MICH (1 year ago)
Love your videos 😍❤
Astrid's journey (1 year ago)
+QUEEN MICH thank you 😀❤️
Jasmine Kim (1 year ago)
omggg💕 pretty look
Astrid's journey (1 year ago)
+Jasmine Kim thank you 😊
Amazing video, you look so beautiful in all your looks specially in the last, the one with glasses.
Astrid's journey you're welcome, keep up the great work
Astrid's journey (1 year ago)
+Jorge Canales thank you, happy you liked the video 😊
Conrad Körner (1 year ago)
Video quality has improved a lot. Like the songs :) Thanks for sharing part of your life with us 😘
Astrid's journey (1 year ago)
+Conrad Körner hey Conrad, I'm glad you liked it :)
Nicola Marleen (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful lookbook! I love the song! Just amazing! Much love from my channel! xx Nicki
Astrid's journey (1 year ago)
+Morning Elegance thank you Nicki, I've seen your channel, I think we could work on something cool :)

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